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Best Steam Deck Settings for Cities: Skylines

Best Steam Deck Settings for Cities: Skylines

If you’re really in the mood to play Cities: Skylines on the Steam Deck, chances are you might be disappointed to know that the game doesn’t work properly, but with a few workarounds, you’re sure to boot into the game. So, let’s get right into the optimized Steam Deck settings and make sure that Cities: Skylines runs optimally as you raise roads and build your dream city.


Here are Steam Deck Settings for Cities: Skylines. Set all visual settings to low or none. Set the resolution to 980×600. Change the TDP to 13W. Limit the FPS to 24. Disable all DLC content.

Cities Skylines – Steam Deck Performance

Cities Skylines Steam Deck Settings

Cities Skylines will initially run on a solid 30 FPS when you first boot into the game, but at the cost of eye candy. But to play it on the Steam Deck, you’ll have to get used to jaggies. When done with building a full city, you can expect the FPS to drop to the low 20s.

Make sure to disable any DLC content from the get-go. Otherwise, the game might crash at any time.

Steam Deck Controls

Valve has rated Cities: Skylines partially playable because the game requires mouse and keyboard support from the get-go. But don’t worry you can change the layout by going into community layouts and picking what works for you.

In-Game Visual Settings

Before you even load into Cities: Skylines, change the visual settings in the main menu. This is because Cities: Skylines might try to boot using your PC Steam Settings, which will crash the game. 


Sadly, you can’t use the patch loader to use FPS Booster as you’d normally do to get some extra juice out of the game.

Settings Value
Aspect RatioDefault
Display ModeFull-Screen
Color Correction OverrideNone
Depth of Field TypeDisabled
Film GrainNone
Shadows QualityDisabled
Texture QualityLow
Level of DetailLow
Shadows DistanceVery Short
Anisotropic FilteringEnabled

Cities Skylines – Steam Deck Settings 

Cities: Skylines is notorious for being a ram hog and a CPU hog. So, crank up the TDP in the Quick Access Menu and limit your Refresh Rate to a Cinematic 24 Hz.

TDP13 Watts
FPS Limit24 FPS
Refresh Rate24 Hz


It’s not a fun experience playing Cities Skylines on the Steam Deck, but you can get some city-building in with a bit of fiddling. Just make sure you’re used to those lovely jaggies. Did you know that you can even build an underground Metro in Cities: Skylines as well? Check out our linked guide to find out more.