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Do Elden Ring Merchants Restock?

Do Elden Ring Merchants Restock?

Elden Ring is full of all types of NPCs. By far the most important are the Merchants. Not only do they sell you the important items you need on your journey, but they also allow you to get items for the future as well. One big question that most people have when they buy something from them is if they restock their items.

No, Merchants do not restock their items after you purchase them. This might be a little annoying, but if you think about it, there are a ton of Merchants in the game and they all have an insane amount of stuff they sell. Some do lack, but other Merchants make up for them. It is up to you to find each Merchant and save up your Runes.

There are many types of Merchants and they all play a very important role. You are the only reason they are there. In a later patch of the game, they made it so that if you find an NPC, they will show up on the map for you. This makes finding them a million times easier. If you are having trouble locating a Merchant, you probably haven’t found them yet.

Do Merchants restock?

As we said before, Merchants don’t restock any items that you buy. The only exception to this rule is the Twin Maiden Husks. It really isn’t restocking, but it is close. Once you find a Bell Bearing, their shop gets updated with the items from that specific Bell Bearing. It is technically restocking, but that is the only way a shop will get updated in the game.

It can be annoying, but if you look at it in the long run, there is plenty of stuff to just find out in the world. You don’t need to be able to buy every single good item from these Merchants. It would make exploration obsolete and we are glad that shops don’t restock.

Think about it, you might be able to buy 2-3 specific items from the shops, but you can find 5-10 of that item in a specific area. The Merchants are only there to help you get started in each area. They aren’t there to get you everything when you need it. Keep that in mind if you do get annoyed at the Merchants.

How many merchants are in Elden Ring?

There are over 33 different Merchants in the game. We have split up the Merchants into specific categories. The first category is the regular Merchants. These are the Merchants you can pretty much find everywhere. They generally look the same and sell some of the same items. They are going to be your main source for shops.

The second category is the special Merchants. These are the NPCs that are more well-known in the world. They sell more than the basic items. They sell Incantations, Sorceries, weapons, armor, and much more. They also have side quests that go along with each of them. These are the NPCs you will be going to to help get better build items.

Here are all the regular Merchants in the game and some important items they sell:

  • Merchant Kale (Church of Elleh) – He is the first Merchant you will see in the game and will sell you important starting items, including the item you need to craft items on the go. t is called the Crafting Kit.
  • Isolated Merchant (Weeping Peninsula) – He is a Merchant that is out of the way, but it is worth finding. He sells the Zweihander, Stonesword Keys, and even some early upgrade materials.
  • Nomadic Merchant (West Limgrave) – He is a Merchant that is also pretty close to the spawn area. He doesn’t sell that great of items. He sells some crafting materials, basic weapons, and a small number of upgrade materials.
  • Nomadic Merchant (East Limgrave) – He is a Merchant that also has basic stock. He sells crafting items, a few Multiplayer items, and some decent weapons. He also sells some decent arrows and crossbow bolts if you have any of those weapons as well.
  • Nomadic Merchant (North Limgrave) – He is a Merchant that will sell you some basic crafting materials and upgrade materials. He will also sell information on the Flaming Chariots that are close to the area.
  • Nomadic Merchant (West Liurnia of the Lakes) – He is an important Merchant because he sells a bunch of upgrade materials. He also sells you anything you need to complete an Astrologer’s build. He has the staff and armor set.
  • Nomadic Merchant (North Liurnia of the Lakes) – He is a good Merchant because he sells a bunch of Rune Arcs. Other than that, he doesn’t really have anything else of value besides some upgrade materials.
  • Nomadic Merchant (Soifra River) – He is a little bit more difficult to find than other Merchants, but it is worth finding him. He sells Stonesword Keys and a Larval Tear. He also sells a bunch of arrows for bow users.
  • Nomadic Merchant (Castle Morne Rampart) – He is a Merchant that sells a bunch of upgrade materials. He also sells Stonesowrd Keys and crafting materials. He is a pretty important Merchant if you can find him.
  • Nomadic Merchant (South Caelid) – He is a Merchant that can be found in Caelid. He sells Stonesword Keys and any items that you get when starting as the Champion class.
  • Nomadic Merchant (Caelid Highway North) – He is the most useless Merchant in the game unless you only want terrible crafting materials. He literally only sells useless crafting materials.
  • Nomadic Merchant (Mt. Gelmir) – He sells any items that you get when you start as the Confessor class. He also sells Stonesword Keys and arrows if you are interested in any of those.
  • Hermit Merchant (Ainsel River) – He sells any of the items that you would get if you started as the Prisoner class. He also sells really good stuff including Perfume Bottles and Lost Ashes of War.
  • Isolated Merchant (Ray Lucaria) – He sells any items that you get when you start as the Warrior class. He also sells Stonesword Keys and crafting materials.
  • Patches (Murkwater Cave) – He sells items that boost discoveries of items and even boost the number of Runes you get from defeating enemies. He also sells the Parrying Dagger as well as some other very important items.
  • Pidia, Carian Servant (Caria Manor) – This Merchant is good because they sell an Ash of War, Celestial Dew, and even a Larval Tear. You shouldn’t miss this Merchant.
  • Imprisoned Merchant (Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum) – He sells a Stonesword Key and a Rune Arc. Other than that, this Merchant doesn’t have anything else that is good.
  • Hermit Merchant (Leyndell, Royal Capital) – He sells the Prophet items and he also sells a few Rune Arcs. There are also some rare crafting items that he sells as well.
  • Hermit Merchant (Mountaintops East) – He sells Stonesword Keys and Rune Arcs. He also sells the items that you get for starting with the Vagabond class.
  • Isolated Merchant (Dragonbarrow) – He sells some basic crafting materials and the Land of Reeds armor set. He also sells Lost Ashes of War and the Beast Repellent Torch.
  • Nomadic Merchant (West Altus Plateau) – He doesn’t sell that great of items. He does sell a few Stonesword Keys though.

Here are all the special Merchants in the game and what they do:

  • Sorceress Sellen – She can be found in Limgrave, inside Waypoint Ruins which is far east from Elden Ring’s starting point. You can learn Sorceries from her.
  • Thops – He is a student at the Academy of Raya Lucaria. He teaches you some low-end sorceries in exchange for a small donation in Runes.
  • Miriel, Pastor of Vows – He is the Church of Vow’s steward, a huge Turtle wearing a miter. They first interact with you when arriving at the Church of Vows. He welcomes you and offers to share their knowledge of Sorceries and Incantations.
  • D, Hunter of the Dead – He is a hunter of the undead who can be found where the Tibia Mariner boss is located, and later at the Roundtable Hold. He sells you some Incantations.
  • Corhyn – Holy practitioner that teaches practical faith-based Incantations in exchange for Runes.
  • Boc the Seamster – Demi-human that becomes a garments adjuster as the story progresses. Provides cosmetic changes for Armor.
  • Gurranq Beast Clergyman – Massive and deformed creature that supplies Incantations and Ashes of War.
  • Twin Maiden Husks – The main Merchant at the Roundtable Hold that allows you to upgrade the stock by giving them Bell Bearings from around the game world.
  • Roderika – Spirit Tuner who can upgrade Spirit Ashes. First located at the Stormhill Shack, and moves to the Roundtable Hold after giving the Chrysalids’ Memento.
  • Enia – One of the many Palm Readers, located at the Roundtable Hold. She can turn your boss’s Remembrances into items for you.
  • Sorcerer Rogier – A polite and very friendly sorcerer that also acts as a merchant by selling Ashes of War.
  • Smithing Master IjI – A giant that offers blacksmithing services.
  • Blacksmith Hewg – Prisoner that buys merchandise, sells Ashes of War, and strengthens armament.