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Is Arcane Worth It in Elden Ring?

Is Arcane Worth It in Elden Ring?

Arcane is one of the best Attributes in the game and most people don’t really know how good it is. As you know, there are a ton of builds in Elden Ring and it can be confusing on which one is what you want to use. Experimentation is by far the best in this game because of all the reallocations and upgrade materials you get. One question that a lot of players have is if Arcane is worth it?

Yes, Arcane is totally worth upgrading since it gives you a higher Discovery level and it boosts Bleed damage. It also increases defense against Faith and Madness. It is a great Attribute to put levels into and it isn’t one you should skip over. It also increases Poise so you won’t get stunned as often as you normally would.

If you are using a giant weapon with Bleed damage, Arcane is a great option to upgrade because of all the bonuses it gives you. If you have a slow-hitting weapon, you will need that extra Poise to help get your attacks out without being pushed around. You can also have a pretty hefty set of armor on as well so you will never get your attacks canceled.

If you do have a Bleed build though, especially Rivers of Blood or Mohg’s Spear, Arcane is a no-brainer to upgrade. The more you have in it, the more Bleed damage you will do. Even if you don’t have Bleed weapons, this is also a good Attribute to invest in.

Is Arcane better for PVP or PVE?

It is a great option for both PVP and PVE. In PVP, it is a very OP build to go for because it drains someone’s health bar insanely fast with successive hits. It doesn’t seem like you are doing too much damage and then all of a sudden, you will take a huge chunk of health out of the enemy’s bar. This is the Bleed kicking in.

In PVE, it is basically the same. The more hits you get in, the higher your attack will be. It is especially good if you find the Talisman that increases attack damage with Blood loss in your vicinity. You can make some seriously overpowered builds with Arcane so don’t think for a second that it is bad. In a recent patch, they buffed Bleed so it is even better now.

If you don’t like Bleed weapons, like before, we said that it is good to increase because of the buffs in other areas that it gives you. It also gives you a higher item discovery so you can get rare weapons and materials a lot faster than you normally would.

No matter if you are playing PVP or PVE, then you won’t have much trouble at all if you use Arcane. Just make sure you know what you are doing when it comes to Bleed builds because you could be nerfing yourself with specific Attributes and Talismans. Always read what every item does and see if it will help your build at all.