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Does Your House Matter In Hogwarts Legacy?

Does Your House Matter In Hogwarts Legacy?

Being sorted into your Hogwarts house is one of the most profound fantasies of the Harry Potter universe. Naturally, you might wonder if the choice of House matters in Portkey Studios’ Hogwarts Legacy. In this article, we’ll be assessing this decision and telling you all the differences between the Houses.

Your choice of House does not matter in Hogwarts Legacy. Whether you’re Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw does not affect the gameplay at all. It merely alters the aesthetic of your uniform and Common Room.

Hogwarts Legacy is touted as one of the first true wizarding games in a long time. It has several interesting systems and mechanics that are ripped straight from the pages of the Harry Potter franchise. If you want to learn more about the world of Hogwarts Legacy and its houses, you can do so here. Then keep reading!

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Does My House Choice Matter in Hogwarts Legacy?

Promotional Trailer Image - Hogwarts Legacy
Promotional Trailer Image – Hogwarts Legacy

Unfortunately, no. Regardless of whether you choose to be a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, your choice of House does not impact your gameplay experience. The only thing that changes is your House specific Hogwarts uniform. As well as the look, design, and architecture of the Common Room you’re staying at in-game.

After the opening section of Hogwarts Legacy. You arrive at the famous school for witchcraft and wizardry itself, Hogwarts. Although your character begins as a 5th-year student, they are a transfer student, and thus have yet to be conducted through the Sorting Ceremony.

You are asked a variety of questions that ultimately lead to the Sorting Hat recommending a Hogwarts House. You may, however, choose to ignore this suggestion. And you can select a house of your liking as well. Nonetheless, this choice is completely yours to make.

However, after making the choice, you will realize that it was mostly shallow. You will meet the same key characters, in the same order, despite the change in which House you picked at the start of the game. Your choice of House also does not have any effect on which spells you have access to. Nor does it impact the ending of the game.

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What is the Difference Between Hogwarts Legacy Houses?

Gryffindor Common Room - Hogwarts Legacy
Gryffindor Common Room – Hogwarts Legacy

There aren’t many differences between Houses in Hogwarts Legacy. One of the key differences that you might immediately notice is the Common Room that will be assigned to your character. This Common Room will be themed after the House you select and will have appropriate colors.

Additionally, you will also notice that the colors of your robes in-game also reflect which House you belong to. If you’re Gryffindor, you’ll notice they have the signature color red; if you’re Slytherin, they will be green; if you’re Hufflepuff, they will be yellow; and if you’re Ravenclaw, they will be blue and bronze.

To be completely fair to the game, your choice of House does play a minor role in character interactions. The game has a variety of “Companion” Non-Playable Characters, or NPCs, that you will interact with throughout your adventure. If you and your Companion character have the same house, you can interact with them in your Common Room.

However, regardless of whether you share a Common Room with your Companions or not, you will still be able to interact with every Companion outside of the Common Rooms. And will only be missing out on certain specific interactions that uniquely exist in the Common Room for that particular Companion.

How to Choose Your House in Hogwarts Legacy?

orting Hat Ceremony - Hogwarts Legacy
Sorting Hat Ceremony – Hogwarts Legacy

There are several ways to choose your House in Hogwarts Legacy. This section will go over all of the different ways you can accomplish this. You can decide which one you prefer and find it most convenient to select your own Hogwarts Legacy House.

Wizarding World Website Quiz

If you’re a devoted fan of Harry Potter, then you might already know about the online quiz that’s available for anyone. To access this method, you will need to connect or link your Harry Potter Fan Club account and your Warner Bros. Games account together.

This will allow you to shift information from the quiz to the game. And the game will be able to recognize which House you got as a result of the quiz. Once you’ve linked those two accounts together, you need to take the sorting quiz on the Fan Club site by clicking the Get Sorted Now button.

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Sorting Hat Ceremony

If you’re not willing to go through the hassle of connecting your Wizarding World account to your Warner Bros. Games account. Then you might just be better off simply taking the small quiz they have within Hogwarts Legacy’s campaign.

Early into Hogwarts Legacy’s campaign you will be inducted into Hogwarts and will get to participate in the Sorting Hat Ceremony. During this event in-game the Sorting Hat will provide you with several prompts, such as the following:

“You come here with preferences and preconceptions—certain expectations.”

“Hmm. I wonder. Hmm. I detect something in you. A certain sense of—hmm—what is it?”

The answer you provide to the first question does not matter. The first question intends to start the player off by role-playing your character. The second question, however, will determine your house. Your choice and which House you receive are provided below:

Loyalty Hufflepuff

Sadly, your choice of House does not matter in Hogwarts Legacy. Nonetheless, you get treated to one of the most fleshed-out and realized explorations into the world of Harry Potter and a wizardry game, unlike we’ve ever seen before.