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How To Beat The Covetous Demon in Dark Souls 2

How To Beat The Covetous Demon in Dark Souls 2

The Covetous Demon is one of the easiest bosses in all of Dark Souls 2. This boss has a few tricks up his sleeve. The arena has a clever feature that can make this fight a breeze. Without further adieu, let’s find out how you can quickly end this lump of flesh of a boss and go on your merry way in Dark Souls 2.


Fighting Covetous Demon in Dark Souls 2

Covetous Demon in Dark Souls 2

The Covetous Demon is a blob of a boss. This Jabba the Hutt impersonator drags himself on the ground and has some of the laziest moveset out of all the bosses in DS2.

He has a standard claw swipe here and a tail slams there attack pattern. However, his unique rolling attack can squish you if you are not ready. On the flip side, his attacks are so telegraphed that anyone would judge you for taking a hit from him.

The arena also has jars hanging from the ceiling that have enemies inside. Use to distract the boss and kill him quickly.

To avoid his only dangerous attack, it’s crucial to stay away from his mouth at all times. If you’re in front of the demon, he may pick you up in his mouth and remove all your items, which can be disastrous.

Equipping items mid-fight can be difficult, so it’s best to use ranged combat or the Undead Laborers as distractions whenever possible. Remember to prioritize staying away from the demon’s mouth to stay safe.

Here are some tips and tricks to consider when facing Covetous Demon in Darks Souls 2:

  • The boss is weak to multiple damage types:
    • Thrust damage
    • Magic damage
    • Fire damage
    • Bleed
  • The jars hanging from the ceiling in the arena hold Undead Labourers. You can break the jar and release the enemy, forcing the boss to turn their attention to them. While he eats the poor thing, you can continue to put in free hits. In short, use the enemies in the jar to distract the boss.
  • His armpits are the safest zones to attack from. Just be careful of the rolling attack.

Boss Strategy

Covetous Demon boss strategy

When facing Covetous Demon, it’s best to take a strategic approach to defeat it. You can start by baiting it into attacking you from the front, allowing you to move to either its sides or to his tail and begin attacking it.

However, you need to be careful not to stay too long near its tail, as it will start smashing the ground with it, causing significant damage to you. Similarly, you’ll need to avoid staying at its sides for too long, as it’s likely to roll over you, flattening you in the process.

If you position yourself close to its armpit, it will not roll over as often as it would if you stayed at its sides. Additionally, it will try to attack you as if you were in front of it, but you won’t get damaged. However, if you are heavily equipped, it’s not advisable to use this tactic, as you’ll need to roll quickly to avoid its rolling attack, which may be challenging.

Having a thrusting weapon will trivialize this fight.

Thrusting swords are particularly effective against this enemy, and they can kill it within seconds, especially when combined with the Old Leo Ring. This combination can make the boss fight into little more than a formality.


These are all of Covetous Demon’s attacks in Dark Souls 2 and how you must react to them:

SwipePulls his arm back and performs a wide swipe in front after a bit of delay Block it with a shield or only begin rolling when he goes for the swipe.
RollWhen you are at his side, he will raise his body to a side and then roll over you after a bit of delay. He can chain this attack twice if you remain close.
He can also try to crush you when he is rolled over on his sides.
As soon as you see him raise his body you have plenty of time to bail so run away.
Tail SlamWhen you stay on his tail for a longer period, he will raise his tail up and slam it into the ground behind him. The attack is highly telegraphed so run away as soon as you see him lift his tail.
Body SlamRaises his body upwards and slams it in front.You will see it coming a mile away so get out when he goes up.
Jump AttackReadies his body and performs a short jump toward you in an attempt to crush you. Dodge to the side or backward to get of out range of the jump.
Puke Rarely fires puke balls at you from his mouth. The ball’s landing range is pretty short so outrun it.
Chomp (Grab Attack)Opens his mouth wide and tries to bite you. If he is successful, he will chomp on you dealing massive damage all the while all of your equipment will get unequipped. You will have to re-equip all of it. Dodging this attack is of utmost importance to avoid the post annoyance.
If your equipment gets unequipped, it’s best to just re-equip your sword and a shield since it’s easy to dodge him later on.

Rewards for Defeating Covetous Demon

Rewards for Defeating Covetous Demon

The Covetous Demon will drop the following rewards when killed in Dark Souls 2:

  • Covetous Demon Soul
  • 13,000 Souls

In our opinion, The Covetous Demon is one of the easiest bosses in all of Dark Souls 2. Before giving this boss guide a read, you should have attempted to kill him on your own since he is that easy. But oh well, now you know even better ways to dispose of him quickly.