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Can You Cheese The First Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Can You Cheese The First Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Oh boy, this guy! Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is not easy to get into owing to its difficulty and the myriad of combat mechanics you must master. You try your best to understand the game initially, but as soon as Zhang Liang, the first boss, enters the arena, your morale will be tested to its limit.

To cheese the first boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, equip the Inner Breath spell and White Wooden Crudgel. Run behind the boss and light attack him until he starts blocking. Use the Spirit Attack and Martial Arts in quick succession to stun-lock him again.

Zhang Liang is a very hard boss to conquer especially if you are not a veteran of these types of games. He is also the teaser of what’s to come later in the game challenge-wise, hence his brutal difficulty spike is somewhat necessary for setting the tone. But what if you could cheese this fool? Give us your ear and soon you’ll be taking out Zhang Liang in a minute or two.

Cheesing Zhang Liang – Requirements

Before we get into what strategy to use when facing Zhang Liang, you need to have the following things in check before the fight. The whole cheesing strategy revolves around these prerequisites so pay heed, young warrior:

Inner breath
  • Inner Breath – Wizardry Spell: This status effect/spell will increase the accumulation of the Divine Beast Gauge for a certain period of time. It is a Wood Phase Spell and you need to be Wood Virtue level 4 or more for this spell. It costs 730 Spirit.
White Wooden Cudgel
  • White Wooden Cudgel: This simple-looking wood element staff is a must-have for this fight and the cheesing. The Martial Arts attack is also required. This weapon can be found in the same mission Village of Calamity as the boss. The drop is random so try farming the Leader beside the Battle Flag before this boss or other enemies in the mission. If you still couldn’t get it then start a new game.
  • Morale Level 25: To make things easier for yourself, ensure you are at least Morale Level 25. Again, you can reach this level by fighting or farming more enemies in the mission.
  • Deflection and Fatal Strike: This goes without saying I guess, you must have a good understanding of the block and deflection mechanic. Not only does this strategy requires it but the whole game depends on you learning this crucial skill. A perfect deflection will lead to Fatal Strike, which is also essential for cheesing.

Once you meet the aforementioned requirements, we can now move to the actual fighting or cheesing method.

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Cheesing The First Boss In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhang liang - First Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Of course, this being the first boss, Zhang Liang is supposed to be challenging to put you through the wringer and make you learn the core mechanics of the game.

But my god is this guy insane! He has become the bane of existence for many new players. However, with the strategy we are about to impart, you can dust him off your shoulder like the proverbial dandruff that he is (ooh big talk!).

Follow the cheesing strategy to the T and it will surely make this encounter downright trivial. the name of the game is to stun-lock him to oblivion. The whole strategy revolves around just a few button inputs and not any advanced maneuvers which anyone can employ.

Phase 1:

phase one zhang liang
  1. As soon as the fight begins run straight behind the big oaf.
  2. Once you’re behind him, start hitting him with Light Attack (Square for PS or X for Xbox) button over and over.
  3. Keep hitting him until he starts to block your attacks then hit him with a single Spirit attack (Triangle for PS or Y for Xbox), this will break his guard allowing you to continue to stun lock him.
  4. However, to correctly stun lock him you have to use the weapon’s Martial Art move right after your Spirit Attack (Holding R1/RB and pressing Spuare/X). This will ensure that he stays stuck in the stun lock.
  5. Repeat the process for the rest of phase one and he will quickly transition into the next phase.

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Phase 2:

Phase 2 zhang liang - First Boss Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
  1. You can make this phase last even shorter than phase one. What you must do as soon as the phase begins is activate the Inner Breath spell. Try to have it activated for the next step, if you run out of it mid-fight then try to use it again.
  2. Next, stay away from him and bait him into using his long-range critical attack move where he sends his tentacle arm toward you (seen in the picture above). You will have to keep your distance till he performs this specific attack, it is random so have some patience.
  3. Countering or Deflecting this attack just once will fill up your Divine Beast gauge completely. You can Fatal Attack after the deflection and end the phase instantly using the Divine Beast attack. Divine Beast is activated by pressing triangle and circle on PlayStation or Y and B on Xbox.
    • Please note, you don’t really have a Divine Beast before this fight so just keep an eye on the green lightning icon on the bottom right corner, and as soon as it fills up fire the Divine Beast to end the fight.

And that is it, using the Divine Beast is the last thing you need to do and Zhang Liang is gone for good.

For the amount of trouble, the first boss is he is surely easy to cheese in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Just a simple setup before the fight and executing the straightforward phase one and two strategies is all that is needed to bring him down. Good luck grasshoppers, if that is even needed anymore now that you are equipped with the mystical powers of cheese!