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How to Use a Sap Catcher in Grounded (Easy Guide)

How to Use a Sap Catcher in Grounded (Easy Guide)

Sap is an immensely important resource in Grounded. Several crafting recipes use it, and it’s important to have a good stock of it. However, it takes a lot of effort to farm it on your own. This is where a Sap Catcher comes in handy in Grounded.

The device is poorly explained though, so in this guide, we’ll tell you how precisely you can use it to your benefit.

  • Collect the relevant materials for the Sap Catcher
  • Craft the Sap Catcher using the materials you gathered
  • Select a specific location where there exists a sap-producing stick or branch
  • Keep attempting to place the device till you find a valid position
  • Notice the Spout on top of the acorn. It will turn Blue.
  • Once this is set up the sap will begin to accumulate inside over time.

One of the main reasons why Grounded is such a compelling game is that it doesn’t hold your hand through endless tutorials.

Instead, it allows you, the player, and the Grounded community at large to come up with unique solutions to those problems. If you wish to learn how to use the Sap Catcher then we urge you to read on!

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How to use a Sap Catcher in Grounded?

Sap Catcher in Grounded
Sap Catcher in Grounded

We all know that having a massive and healthy batch of Sap is necessary. It is directly used in the creation of several facilities and daily use crafting recipes. The Sap Catcher is thus an automatic way for you to collect this sap as easily as possible.

Within this section, we’ll be explaining in detail precisely how to use the Sap Catcher. While providing you with the information you need to use it efficiently and effectively. Simply follow the major steps that we’ve given below.

Collect Relevant Materials

Before you can use a Sap Catcher, you need to make sure that you can craft a Sap Catcher. It is important to gather the necessary materials to build this useful tool, as soon as possible. If you wish to craft a Sap Catcher simply collect the following items:

  • 1 Acorn Top
  • 1 Ant Mandible

Although the total amount of materials needed to craft the Sap Catcher isn’t a lot, finding these items can be a challenge if you do not know where to look. Thankfully, I can give you a rundown of exactly where you need to look to get the items you need.

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Find the Materials

Acorns in Grounded
Acorns in Grounded

You can find Acorn Top in the Northern part of the Backyard. Simply travel through the area until you reach the Giant Oak Tree. At this point, you will find many Acorns and can extract the necessary item from them.

Now you need to smash one of the Acorns with a Hammer and gather the resulting parts from the disassembling. Because you only need 1 Acorn Top, you do not need to continue farming through this process. Even hammering one Acorn should provide you with all the items that you need.

The second item Ant Mandible can be obtained by killing Soldier Ants. These enemies can be quite tough to face, so you must be prepared for combat against these Soldier Ants. You can find Soldier Ants at the Western Grasslands Ant Hill. This is located to the West of the Mysterious Machine.

Red Soldier Ants in Grounded
Red Soldier Ants in Grounded

We recommend that you be careful of attacking when there are a group of ants patrolling the area. It can b hard to defend yourself against multiple assailants in Grounded.

Luring one away, or patiently waiting until one of them is alone is a good idea. Since Soldier ants are prone to defend each other if they witness you attacking even one of them.

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How to Craft and Use The Sap Catcher

Once you’ve obtained the necessary materials to construct the Sap Catcher, it’s time to craft it. To craft, it simply Opens your Crafting menu and Select the Sap Catcher. The Sap Catcher can be found in the Utilities section of the crafting menu.

You can now just craft the Sap Catcher and it will construct the device for you. Now you have the item for your use, and it’s time to understand what you need to know to use it as effectively as possible.

How to Use the Sap Catcher

Sap Location in Grounded
Sap Location in Grounded

The Sap Catcher doesn’t just work anywhere. You need to find specific locations on the map wherein the Sap Catcher can be used. These locations can be identified by the sap-producing sticks or branches in these locations.

Locate a suitable place where you can utilize the sap catcher and begin utilizing the Sap Catcher on them. It is important to note that the game will not tell you about these locations beforehand. However, you can notice through their look and description whether they are suitable for your needs or not.

Simply place the Sap Catcher on the scouted area and begin by pressing its activation button. You will know when you can press the activation button when the acorn top of the Sap Catcher turns blue. The Sap Catcher at this point will begin to accumulate sap inside of it over time. You will be notified when it is full.

That’s all you need to know regarding how to use the Sap Catcher in Grounded. The game does not make it easy to use items within the game, but you can figure it out through some experimentation. Grounded is a fantastic game for people that love exploration and paving their path themselves.

We hope this guide helps you make a more informed journey through the lands of Grounded.