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Can I Store Souls in Dark Souls 3?

Can I Store Souls in Dark Souls 3?

Saying Dark Souls 3 is hard is like saying ice is cold, it’s a fact that could not be denied or turned away from. The game is designed to keep you on your toes and approach each encounter with caution and strategy. It is a game that will always keep your blood pumping; only the most patient players will grasp the intention behind this particular playstyle.

With the difficulty being this game’s trademark, you are always under the threat of death, which can either come from a hard enemy or a surprise attack or trap you didn’t even see coming. And with this danger looming large over players’ heads, people wonder whether they can save or store the Souls they painstakingly acquired.


The sad answer to this question is official, you can’t save souls in any storage or inventory for future use. But there are some nuanced ways of “saving souls” that you can use, which we will discuss below.

Souls In Dark Souls 3

Souls in the Dark Souls franchise are your hybrid experience points and currency, which you get for killing everything from low-level enemies to menacing bosses; the level of souls you gain is respective to the enemy and progression.


These souls can then be traded in to level up all the stats or attributes like STR, DEX, etc. Another use for these souls is to buy items from the many NPC merchants you come across.

Now, these souls are an integral part of the gameplay loop of this genre, whereby the challenge of difficulty is always there, and each time you die you drop the souls you have on you in that particular spot.

So the extra panic that comes with a large souls account on hand and dropping them before finding the next bonfire to level up is the added layer of challenge players have to go through.

So it’s part of the game to lose a huge number of souls at some point in your journey to experience the brutality truly. Happened to the best of us, so you shouldn’t feel alone.


The ways through which you could potentially save the souls you have on you are as follows:

  • Ring of Sacrifice
  • Buying Items
  • Soul Items