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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Hunt: Showdown

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is a very interesting and unique game that has you exploring a world full of disease-ridden creatures. What makes this game fun is the fact that it can be played with your friends and it is not just a PvP game. There are many objectives to complete, but we will go more into detail in this article for you if you are new to the game.

We have 8 different tips that a new player should try to follow, and they are to be patient, prioritize players over bosses, use audio to your advantage, never stop moving, be sparing with your ammo, don’t peak the same spot twice, think of dying as a learning experience, and always take the essentials with you into each match.

Following most of these is extremely important since the tips might save you from dying to everything. If you are new to the game or have been a player for a while, every one of these tips will help you in some capacity. Yes, they don’t always help, but if you abide by them most of the time, you should have a pretty fun time playing.

What is Hunt: Showdown?

If you are new to the game or you are looking into getting it, the game is very similar to Escape from Tarkov. You have to buy a hunter where you can fully customize the hunter’s loadout. You can equip two weapons either small, medium, or large. You can also equip a melee weapon, plus any throwables you want.

As you play, you actually level up that specific hunter and if you can extract successfully, then you can buy perks for that hunter depending on the hunter’s level. Once you customize your hunter, you go into a match. In each match, you will be pitted against a bunch of other teams to try and find the bosses in the area and defeat them.

Keep in mind that the other teams aren’t friendly and there are enemies literally everywhere. It is up to you to find the three clues for each boss and pinpoint the exact location. There actually isn’t one single winner. As long as you can extract successfully with the items you have collected and the kills you have racked up, your hunter will level up and you will be rewarded.

It can be a bit confusing at first, but once you get the just of the game, it can be extremely fun. It is a very hardcore game since you can die very easily. Plus, after you reach level 11 on your account, then once a hunter dies, they are actually dead forever. Take the time to learn how to play before reaching that goal.

Tips for new players

The tips that we are showing you don’t just help out new players. They can be used for players with one hour or thousands of hours in the game. It is not easy even if you know what you are doing so try to be as cautious as possible and try to abide by these tips as much as you can. You will thank us later.

If you aren’t used to these types of games, then this is a great game to start with. We would also recommend that you get at least another friend to play it with since you can do some serious damage to other players if your team is coordinated. It is also possible to play the game entirely solo if you wanted to do that.

Here are 8 important tips for players that are new to Hunt: Showdown –

1. Be patient

The most important thing you can do in this game is to be patient. What we mean by this is to take your time with everything you do in this game. If you are hiding out from some people, don’t rush out and try to take them on unless you are confident that you will win. You never know what weapons the enemy will have.

If you find the boss, you don’t have to fight it right away. You could always wait until another team defeats it and you can go in and take the reward for yourself. You can play any way you want. You just need to make sure that you take your time and don’t make any moves that you will regret once you make them.

2. Prioritize other players over the bosses

Prioritizing other players over the bosses goes hand in hand with being patient. If you are looking for a boss and you hear shots in the distance, go towards the shots so you can take out the team firing them. It will help you out by rewarding you and it is one less team you will need to worry about. Taking them out will give you time to defeat the boss.

If you start to defeat the boss you found, chances are, there will be another team nearby that will hear the fighting and will wait for you to be done. This will happen either way, but you will have to go through the banishing process which will attract pretty much every team to your location. Make sure you defeat as many players as possible so you don’t have to worry as much.

3. Use the audio to your advantage

Audio is by far the most helpful tool you can use in these types of games. Not only does it help you determine if there are enemies around the corner, but it can also help you hear the footsteps of people around you. It doesn’t matter if you have a terrible headset or an insanely nice headset, having that sound is extremely important.

Even having earbuds can help you do better against most enemies. We would highly recommend not using speakers unless you have an insanely nice surround sound system. If you have a headset, make sure to go into the sound settings to make sure all your audio settings are good. You are going to need it.

4. Never stop moving

One major complaint with the game is the fact that you die extremely fast, especially if a person knows what they are doing. Yes, there are always going to be those sweaty tryhards that seem impossible to beat, but most of the time, it will be your fault if you die. To avoid death early on, stay on the move so it is harder to hit you.

Most players will be waiting for you to stop because it is much easier to hit a still target than a moving target. When you are running away from a fight, make sure to zig-zag, but always keep the pattern different. People can get used to how you play and use that to their advantage. Just keep moving and it will be harder to hit you.

5. Be sparing with your ammo

Ammo is another extremely important thing you need to have with you. Every time you go into a match, you need to make sure beforehand that you have enough ammo when you join. If you don’t you might be stuck with just a melee weapon until you can find a resupply box. Even if you do take in ammo, you will need to use as little as you can.

The game doesn’t really let you take that much with you, so you need to be very sparing with it. Only use your sidearm for regular enemies and use your primary for the other players or bosses. Otherwise, you will run out extremely quickly and you will be vulnerable to anything that is out in the world.

6. Don’t peak the same spot twice

If you are in a building and you get shot at from a window, don’t peak the same window because you will die if you do it again. Most people will be looking at the same spot they saw you because most players will just pop their heads out of the same spot just to get shot again. Headshots are super deadly in this game so if they know you are going to look again, it could mean game over for your hunter.

Try to find a different spot or even go out the back of the building and try to fight them on their turf. If you don’t they might block you in and make it easy for them to eliminate you and your whole team. Also, sticking together with your team is also important since you can help each other when you need it.

7. Think of dying as a learning experience

Dying in this game is going to happen to you. No matter how good you are, there are going to be people or bosses that overpower you. It sucks, but you will lose your hunters no matter your skill level. So, if you are getting frustrated, just think of every death as a way to learn from your mistakes. Yes, some deaths aren’t your fault, but it will be more enjoyable if you don’t take them seriously.

Playing with a friend will help a lot since you can get revived. Unless someone burns your body, you can be revived by any teammate as long as they have enough health to do so. If you are playing solo, it can get really annoying since you don’t have second chances when it comes to your hunters dying.

8. Always take the essentials with you

To be a successful hunter, you will have to take a few things every time you go into a match. You will want to take first aid kits, a knife, and molotovs with you. Anything you add after those three items will be up to you, but you should always carry those three things with you at all times. The melee weapon will help with quiet kills.

The first aid will keep you alive during gunfights and the molotovs will help you deal damage to bosses or other players. Obviously, you should always take two weapons with you as well, no matter what they are. Take advantage of every slot that you get since everything you bring in counts against all the odds you are going up against.

Are the Premium weapons worth it?

If you enjoy the game enough and want to have the extra bling, then yes, the Premium weapons are worth it. If you don’t really care about the look of your weapon, then it might not be a good investment. The Premium weapons are just regular weapons with some insanely cool skins for them. Both the Premium and non-premium weapons do exactly the same thing.

There are also the Legendary hunters that you can buy as well. These work exactly the same as the Premium weapons since using a Legendary hunter does not really give you any advantages. You can purchase them with real money, but keep in mind that their inventories come with absolutely nothing.

It sucks, but if you want to look cool, then getting either the Legendary hunters or Premium weapons is probably a good investment for you. There are a ton of things to buy in the game and we would recommend that you play the game a bit more before making a purchase like that to see if you are going to stick around.

Is Hunt: Showdown a difficult game?

Is Hunt: Showdown a difficult game? Yes and no. It totally depends on how your matches go and how the other players in the match are. You could spawn right next to a boss with another team, or you can go through an entire match without seeing a single person. It is very hit or miss whether or not your match is going to be a difficult one.

This is why you have to be prepared for anything. Always take the minimal number of items in with you, but enough to where you have a chance against other players. If you do this, losing won’t feel as bad since you aren’t losing a ton of items when you die. All-in-all, the game itself is in the middle when it comes to difficulty.

If you enjoy Escape from Tarkov, then you might really enjoy this game. The gameplay loop is extremely similar and is totally worth your time since you can find Hunt: Showdown on sale a lot more than Escape from Tarkov. If you are interested in the game, don’t hesitate to give it a try.