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Does NG+ Start Immediately in Elden Ring?

Does NG+ Start Immediately in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a FromSoft game, so with that comes everything that previous titles have had. Yes, it is a different game, but it still has those Dark Souls moments that make it very close to the series. A lot of the animations and enemies were inspired by the previous game’s enemies or even unused assets they brought back.

With Elden Ring, the NG+ option has returned. NG+ does not start immediately. You have a choice to start it right away or go back to the world and explore for a bit longer. Just make sure to not choose to go into it right away. You have the option to do so at the Roundtable whenever you want to.

If you are going to start NG+, you will definitely need to be prepared and explore as much as possible, or else you are in for a pretty hard challenge. NG+ not only makes the enemies harder, but it also gives them more Poise damage that they can deal to you.

Should you start NG+ right away?

It is entirely up to you if you want to start it right away. NG+ in Elden Ring is actually called Journey 2. Every time you beat the game it becomes Journey 3 and so on. As we said before, the game gets harder by giving the enemies more health. They also receive damage boosts that deal more with you. The plus to this is that you gain more Runes from each enemy.

It is a very difficult thing to think about if you want to make the game harder, but if you don’t want to deal with that, you can always create a new character. You do get to keep your map and places that you have been, but all the Sites of Grace are removed from the map. You have to go through the map again and activate them all again.

If you are going to start Journey 2, we would recommend you explore and defeat as many bosses as possible. Try to fill up your inventory with a ton of items and just be prepared for the upcoming playthrough. It won’t be that difficult if you are prepared.

If you do start Journey 2 right away, just be prepared to use whatever you have at the time. You will have everything you unlocked and acquired, so if you accidentally start it, you won’t miss out on stuff in your inventory. Just make sure to be careful what you do after beating the game.