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How to Make Supreme Plating in Grounded (Easy Guide)

How to Make Supreme Plating in Grounded (Easy Guide)

As a survival game, Grounded has a similar structure of progressively upgrading your gear to face the many challenges out there in the backyard. Supreme Plating is the highest-level material required to craft the best and most sturdy armor in Grounded.

There are two recipes for making Supreme Plating in Grounded; one is the Finite Recipe and the other is the Main Recipe. Using the Finite Recipe, you just need 1 Supreme Marble Shard to make Supreme Plating using the Workbench. Using the Main Recipe, you need 1 Sap and 1 Ladybird Shell to make Supreme Plating using the Workbench.

Supreme Plating

Supreme Plating

Supreme Plating is the final (at present) Tier 3 Material Resource that is required to upgrade your armor to the highest level i.e. levels 8 to 9. The description of the items states “Supreme material used to upgrade armors to near perfection“.

There are two different recipes for crafting Supreme Plating and both are craftable using the Workbench:

  • Finite Recipe: Finite means that the resources required for this recipe are only available in the world in a certain quantity. The resources won’t respawn hence the amount of Supreme Plating you can craft using this will be limited. The resource is called Supreme Marble Shard.
  • Main Recipe: This recipe crafts the Supreme Plating using resources that are generally always available, you just have to find them. They respawn and are readily available in the game. The resources are called Sap and Ladybird Shell.

Let us delve into the details of both these recipes.

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Crafting Supreme Plating – Finite Recipe

Before we can begin crafting Supreme Plating using the Finite Recipe, we need to first unlock it. It is unlocked by getting your hands on the Stump Auxiliary Chip and handing it over to BURG.L after that buy the Advanced Smithing: Mighty Jewel upgrade for 2,500 Raw Science.

Stump Auxiliary Chip & Advanced Smithing: Mighty Jewel Upgrade

Stump Auxiliary Chip

The Stump Auxiliary Chip is found in the Stump Lab Outpost. The Stump Lab Outpost is an optional mini-lab located underneath the Stump in the Upper Grasslands. It is accessed via a sideways hallway sticking up from the ground in the middle of the stump. The location of the lab is marked on the map below.

Stump Lab Outpost.

The entrance to the lab/sideways hallway only opens after pressing a button in an outpost in the Koi Pond, which is locked until the player has killed the Assistant Manager boss and used its keycard.

This outpost is turned over on its side so the whole thing is in complete disarray with roots growing through it. Owing to its unique design, the entire lab is essentially a parkour puzzle that does get complicated to maneuver through.

With careful platforming and navigating through the maze-like structure, you will find the Stump Auxiliary Chip within this lab. With the chip in hand, you will unlock the Advanced Smithing: Mighty Jewel upgrade in BURG.L’s Science Shop which costs 2,500 Raw Science and unlocks:

  • Mighty Jewel
  • Supreme Plating (Finite Recipe)
  • Supreme Whetstone (Finite Recipe)

Supreme Marble Shard & Crafting Supreme Plating

Now that we have the Finite Recipe for crafting Supreme Plating which requires Supreme Marble Shards, let us see where you can get your hands on this resource.

Supreme Marble Shard

The Supreme Marble Shard is a Tier 3 Natural Resource that can only be obtained by Supreme Marble nodes found in the world. You need to have a Black Ox Hammer to harvest it. These nodes and subsequently the resource itself are finite/limited and will not respawn once you have harvested them. It is found in the following locations:

  • Abomination Totem Cave
  • Black Anthill Lab
  • Clover Cave
  • Fire Anthill
  • Haze
  • Moldorc Highlands
  • Sandbox
  • Salt Burrow
  • Undershed
  • Upper Grasslands

When you have collected the resource then take it to the Workbench to craft 1 piece of Supreme Plating in exchange for 1 Supreme Marble Shard.

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Crafting Supreme Plating – Main Recipe

The Main Recipe or in other terms renewable recipe for Supreme Plating in Grounded is acquired very late in the game. You can only unlock it by defeating Director Schmector and retrieving the Ominent Data Disk dropped by him.

Director Schmector & Ominent Data Disk

Director Schmector (Supreme Plating Grounded)

Director Schmector is a secret optional boss that is found in the Mysterious Lab below Castle Moldorc. He is essentially the final and one of the hardest non-repeatable bosses of the game. If you want to unlock the good ending of the game then defeating him is a must. Be fully prepared before facing him as he is not an easy foe to conquer.

Upon defeat, he will drop the Ominent Data Disk along with 1,000 Raw Science. This endgame data disk unlocks when interacting with BURG.L, the following items:

  • O.R.C. Disruption Bomb
  • Sour Battle-axe
  • Supreme Whetstone
  • Supreme Plating (Main Recipe)

Supreme Plating Main Recipe

With the Main Recipe for crafting Supreme Plating in your possession, you can now use some easy-to-acquire and unlimited materials to create this resource in Grounded. All you need is; 1 Sap, 1 Ladybird Shell, and a Workbench to create 1 piece of Supreme Plating.


Sap (Supreme Plating Grounded)
  • Sap is a common natural resource and crafting material.
  • Source: Sap Clump
  • Location:
    • Eastern Flooded Zone
    • Grasslands
    • Haze
    • Hedge
    • Hedge Lab
    • Moldorc Highlands
    • Koi Pond
    • Oak Hill
    • Oak Lab
    • Sandbox
    • Undershed
    • Upper Grasslands
    • Woodpile

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Ladybird Shell

Ladybird Shell (Supreme Plating Grounded)
  • A resource occasionally dropped by killing Ladybirds.
  • Tier 3 Natural Resource
  • Location:
    • Moldorc Highlands
    • Shed Surroundings
    • Upper Grasslands

Initially, you will have to make do with the Finite Recipe for the Supreme Plating in Grounded. As the Main Recipe is hidden behind the final boss of the game, it is more of an end-game item and hence should be progressively worked towards. Once you have the Main Recipe unlocked then crafting the Supreme Plating will become quite an easy task but in the meanwhile, you will have to choose which armors to upgrade with the finite resources.