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Can You Disable PvP in Elden Ring?

Can You Disable PvP in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a game that allows you to play with friends, against random people in PVP, or alone at your own pace. There are many ways to play, but by far, one of the most confusing aspects of the game is the PVP. People ask if it is possible to turn it off or even stop it in certain situations. There is one simple answer for you.

No, you can’t disable PVP if you are playing with a friend or a random person. It is extremely annoying, but most people will just play solo. If you do play solo, players can’t invade you. Only when you join another player’s world do you get invaded. It is not possible to turn it off.


You can turn the game to offline mode, but at this point, you don’t need to disable PVP because you can’t join a friend when you are offline. The whole point of people invading you is to defeat you; if you have another player there, it will allow other random people to invade and try to defeat you.

Can you disable NPC invasions?

NPC invasions are a main part of the game. You can’t disable NPC invasions. You can run past them, but you will miss out on all the loot they drop or the area they guard. In the area, they invade you will most likely have a special item or Site of Grace that can only be acquired once you defeat them, so it is what it is.

It is sometimes annoying, but if you look back at the other FromSoft games, at least you don’t get invaded by random people while playing solo. You can put down a sign to get invaded, but they won’t actively invade you unless you have another person in your world with you. Even offline, you will get invaded by NPCs, so get used to it while you can.

Is it hard to play co-op?

That depends on the players that are playing. It is hard because the bosses scale their health, and you can be invaded. Thankfully, you can’t get invaded when fighting a boss, but it gets very annoying when you want to explore the world with a friend. You should explore on your own, though. You also don’t get access to Torrent when you summon someone.


It is also very hard because if the owner of the world dies, the summoned player will get sent back to their world. It works the same the other way as well. It is not the worst thing in the world, but it is annoying enough sometimes to make players angry.

The players are also scaled down to the lowest-leveled character in the game, so it is harder. The person that was summoned in also only gets 5 Flasks. It doesn’t make the game any easier because of everything the game nerfs when playing co-op. Just make sure you are ready for any player invasions when exploring with a friend.