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Do Elden Ring Bosses Scale With the Player?

Do Elden Ring Bosses Scale With the Player?

Elden RIng has some serious bosses in the game; if you aren’t prepared for them, you will have a hard time. If you are struggling, you can leave the boss and return later That is the best part of this game. One question that many new players to the genre have is if the bosses scale to your level.

Elden Ring bosses don’t scale with the player as long as they are not playing Multiplayer. The bosses will have the same health regardless of your level, so you don’t have to worry about fighting insanely hard bosses.


This FromSoft game is by far the most welcoming to new players because you don’t have to fight a boss at that moment. You can walk away for a bit, level up, and then come back for a rematch. It gives the player room to grow, and it doesn’t force any annoying fight on you until very late game.

Do Elden Ring bosses scale in Multiplayer?

Yes, bosses do scale in Multiplayer. Every single person you bring in increases the boss’s health dramatically. This is to make the game more challenging and not to make the game extremely easy. If you could summon a person and the boss’s health was the same, you would quickly defeat it.

The boss’s health scales with the number of players, but it still doesn’t scale by the player’s levels, so if you bring in a Level 200 player to fight Margit, the boss won’t be scaled up to his level. You don’t have to worry about that.

If you do play with a friend, make sure you understand how the Multiplayer works so you can compensate for each boss you fight. Most people who play with friends want to play casually, so if you play with other people, try to do more than just fight bosses because they can get pretty hard with the more people that join.

Is Multiplayer harder than playing Solo?

As we said before, it can be harder depending on what class you chose and how many people you brought in. The more people you have, the harder the boss will be, but its aggression will be dispersed among everyone there. The difficulty is made harder how you play, so make sure always to be ready for anything.


It can also get a little crazy with a ton of people, especially if you are fighting a boss with a lot of Area of Effect attacks, so try to take turns wailing at the boss’s health bar.

You don’t want the boss to do an AoE attack, and you all die because everyone is nearby. If you play solo, though, all the boss’s aggression is on you, making the game difficult.