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How To Move Structures in Palworld

How To Move Structures in Palworld

Did you build your base in the wrong place in Palworld? Want to move it to a new location? Or did you just end up placing a structure slightly skewed and it’s bothering you? Let’s see if there is a way you can move structures in Palworld and make your perfectly aligned dream base.


Bases and Structures in Palworld

Building Structures in Palworld

As soon as you are dropped onto the Palpagos Island in Palworld and a flurry of tutorial tasks is assigned to you to make a bunch of structures, you end up making a makeshift base on the Plateau of Beginnings like many of us.

Now that you have progressed further in the game and built up a massive industry, you are not satisfied with your choice of base location.

Either you ended up building it haphazardly with no proper layout, the area is too small to contain your expanding empire, or the surrounding area doesn’t have the right resources for your expansion, it is time to move things around.

Sadly, moving structures isn’t as easy as in Palworld unlike some of the other survival games out there. You can’t simply press a few buttons to pick up structures and items and place them wherever you want. It is a tedious job to undertake. How though? Let’s find out.

Moving Structures in Palworld

The building mechanics in Palworld are a bit barebones at this point. You can only either Build or Dismantle structures and items. There is no option to change the placement or orientation of an already-built structure. You must destroy the said structure and then build it again in your desired location. I know it’s annoying.

Dismantling Structures in Palworld

Fortunately, you don’t lose any of the crafting items used in making that structure. You are free to destroy and rebuild as you please without any penalties. Don’t like a building/structure somewhere and want to change its placement, simply walk up to it, dismantle it, and build it where you like.

This whole process is pretty simple too. Access the Build Mode, with the building wheel open, press the “C” key on a keyboard or “R3” on a controller to enter Disassembly Mode. Now walk up to any structure you want to dismantle and press the left click on the mouse. All of the items used to make it will drop to the ground. Pick it up and continue to make the same structure wherever you want. That’s it.

Dismantle Base Palworld

You can even dismantle your entire base and get all the items back in just a few steps. Open the map and hover over your Base. There will be an option to Dismantle the base, “V” key on the keyboard. Press it, and the whole base will crumble down, and all the crafting items will drop to the ground. This is insanely useful if you want to start from scratch, completely revamp your base, or move to a new location.

We know it will be extremely bothersome when you are trying to move your whole base or a complete makeover of your base but this is the only way for now. Hopefully, the developers will hear our concerns and add a better system in future updates that allow us to seamlessly move structures in Palworld.