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Can You Trade Pals in Palworld?

Can You Trade Pals in Palworld?

With 137 Pals in Palworld, it can be a daunting task for new players to scour the Palpagos Islands to catch’em all. Better to divide this task among your friends and help each other fill up their Paledex. So is there even a way to trade Pals with your friends and other players in Palworld? The answer will make your life simpler.

Trading Pals in Palworld

Trading Pals in Palworld

While venturing the Palpagos Island in Palworld, you’ll come across Merchants from whom you can buy and sell different types of Pals among other things.

That is a very straightforward way of trading Pals but we trainers are not satisfied by this. We need to capture them with our own hands.

With a huge map and a ton of Pals unique to each biome, this gotta catch’em all mindset will consume you. This is where trading Pals with your friends comes in extremely handy.

Palworld doesn’t have a robust trading mechanic in place but players have found a workaround that allows them to trade their collections with other players. The developers have hinted at a proper trading method in the future so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for that to arrive. In the meantime, we’ll just trade the old janky way.

There are two ways you can trade Pals with other players and friends in this game:

  • Dropping Pals for Friends
  • Using the Guild system and Palbox to Trade

Dropping Pals

Dropping Pals in Palworld

This is the easiest way of trading Pals with other players. They don’t have to be your friend or part of your guild to trade Pals. You can use this method to trade with any random player you meet in the game. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Meet up with a friend or other player in Palworld.
  2. Open the menus by pressing P on the keyboard or the Menu button on the controller.
  3. Head to your Pal Party tab.
  4. Choose the Pal you want to trade and press the Right Stick on the controller or the R button on the keyboard. The game will flash a warning that you are about to drop the Pal, accept it and it will throw the Pal in a Pal Sphere on the ground.
  5. Your friend can now collect the Pal Sphere and the Pal will be theirs to keep.
  6. The other player can do the same for you to gift you a Pal.

Just as a warning, since the traded Pal wasn’t captured personally, they won’t be able to learn new moves and upgrade like personally captured Pals can be. This limits traded Pals’ usability making them less likely to stay relevant in later stages of the game.

Guild and Palbox Trading Method

Guild and Palbox Trading in Palworld

For this trading technique to work, you and the other player need to be in the same Guild and have your personal Palboxes. This method works best when playing with friends since stranger players might be hesitant to join.

By default, every player has their own Guild. When you meet another player/friend, you can either invite them to your guild or they can ask you to join your guild and vice-versa. Either you join their guild or let them join yours.

Next, visit your Palbox and go into the Palbox Management menu. From here, place the Pal you wish to trade in the Palbox or as a worker in your base. Once done, exit the Palbox menus.

Now, let your friend access the Palbox, take out the aforementioned Pal, and put it in their party. Viola, you just traded. He can do the same for you using their Palbox. The same warning goes for this method too. Traded Pals won’t be upgraded like normally captured Pals.