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Do You Have To Buy Legends In Apex Legends?

Do You Have To Buy Legends In Apex Legends?

Apex Legends separates itself from the herd of battle royale titles by its clever usage of the Legends. These Legends are essentially characters with unique abilities that aid them during a match either in the form of dealing damage or helping them out in terms of movement, amongst other special benefits. The proper use of a Legend can make or break your game, and good team composition that works together perfectly are a shoe-in for the winner position.

Apex Legends does provide players with amazing Legends from the get-go for free like Bloodhound but with new seasons and updates, more and more Legends are continuously being added to the roster that are unlocked using the Legend Tokens currency, which you accumulate while playing the game or the premium currency Apex Coins which you have to buy with real money.

As for the question of whether you have to buy Legends in Apex Legends, the answer is not necessarily. You can easily just play with the Legends that are already unlocked from the start or if you are willing to grind for Legend Tokens then you can simply buy the Legends without having to spend a single dime.

Buying / Unlocking Legends In Apex Legends

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Each new addition to the Legend roster brings with it a new character that has a unique set of abilities that can potentially change up the way Apex Legends is played at large. With the already unlocked set of Legends from the start, you do have enough material on your plate to experience the various types of playstyles of Apex Legends but sooner or later you will want to explore newer horizons that comes with the locked Legends.

Whether you have enough Legend Tokens in your bank or you are willing to spend real money to unlock them is entirely up to you.


Apex Coins is the fastest method of unlocking the Legends and is the premium currency that you have to dish out real money for and can be bought from the in-game store. Each legend costs 750 Apex Coins, meaning just shy of $10, to unlock, so choose wisely.

apex legends legend tokens buy mirage 11zon

Legend Tokens, on the other hand, is a free currency that you get from leveling up. With each new level, the player receives 600 Legend Tokens and a locked Legend costs 12,000 Legend Tokens to unlock. This method of unlocking a Legend is somewhat more tedious than Apex Coins but considering it is free, makes the grind worthwhile.

This specific currency is only used to buy either Legends or particular skins from the store, so if you can stop yourself from buying the occasional “cool” new skin you can very easily gather enough Legend Tokens to get yourself a shiny new Legend.

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Which Legend To Unlock First In Apex Legends?

With the grind for Legend Tokens or real money for Apex Coins on the line, your decision on which Legend to unlock first in Apex Legends becomes even more crucial. We will help you in making this choice by directing you to the Legend that adds most to the overall experience and one that pays off spending your hard-earned money. The list below will be from the worst to the best Legend to unlock first in Apex Legends:


image 102

Rampart is not good enough when it comes to being one of the first Legends to unlock as she generally promotes a more passive or campy type of playstyle. While she can be used aggressively, many newer players won’t be able to understand the best way to do this. Her passive enhances machine guns through increased mag size and reload, her tactical amp walls boost some damage and can be used to strategically block off enemies, and her ultimate is a mini-gun that she can use to shred players if they are not actively engaging you. Rampart is not worth unlocking early on.


image 106

Wattson’s premiere ability is the tactile fences that she can use to block off areas of the maps, and doors, or just hold people at bay very strategically, this is not a very satisfying way to play Apex Legends and does require a lot of work to function effectively. Her ultimate pylon though is the best part of her kit where it can be used for a ton of different things from healing your squad, blocking projectiles, and even just providing some cover.

She does have a pretty well-thought-out and coordinated kit compared to some of the other Legends unfortunately the way Wattson is played is against the core movement and high-paced action type of play that Apex does have to offer.


image 95

Crypto isn’t the greatest but he does have quite an interesting type of playstyle and everything has to do with his tactical drone which is both the biggest thing going for him and against him. Crypto’s passive is tied to his drone which is scanning enemies and his ultimate is an EMP that does 50 shield damage to all enemies in range.

Crypto can be a really good legend to pick up if you are slightly unconfident as a player who wants to support the team with some scanning and some general information gathering. That being said as a new player you should be focusing on fighting not just sitting in the drone. Crypto will take a lot to get used to and he has a pretty high skill ceiling and floor to use effectively.

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image 104

Seer is pretty solid in a lot of ways but at the moment the already unlocked legend of Bloodhound is a bit better. Seer is truly the ultimate Legend when it comes to tracking and locating enemies as his passive can locate enemies through walls with that heartbeat sensor, his Exhibit ultimate can also be a pretty big clutch maker as scanning and seeing enemies’ health bars is a great way to help you make more informed plays, also canceling enemies abilities, heals or even revives is pretty crazy and finally Seer’s ultimate is good for general awareness of the battlefield.

Even as good as Seer is, Bloodhound is a better recon Legend as he can get more information with less effort.

Mad Maggie

image 99

Mad Maggie is a pretty good Legend but she isn’t quite there in terms of meta. A Legend like Bangalore is pretty much an equal pick to her and if not a little bit better overall. Maggie’s passive of increased movement with shotguns is super clutch though as shotguns are extremely viable in the meta also being able to briefly scan enemies through walls is nice but the scan time is negligible for any real use.

As for her tactical drill, it can be wild at endgames to help get enemies out of cover and when there is not much cover around, you can make a massive play. Mad Maggie’s abilities are all pretty solid and if you do want an aggressive Legend who isn’t necessarily meta then she is a good enough pick.


image 94

Caustic is not as good as he was previously but can be a good pick nonetheless. Caustic’s passive is seeing enemies in gas, his tactical is the gas trap which he can use to block doors, and stop advancing enemies, and his ultimate is the gas grenade which you can use to make plays or again slow down enemies. Out of the more defensive Legends in the game, Caustic is going to be the best pick.

He is a hybrid in nature between aggressive, defensive, and some support. He will not be as big of a playmaker due to his size as well. Caustic is a methodical Legend that is effective at lots of different playstyles.

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image 103

Revenant too is not as good as he once was but he is a unique Legend that kind of has a lot of advantages. When it comes to fighting Revenant’s passive is higher climbing and faster crab walking, his tactile prevents ability usage for 15 seconds, and his ultimate is a death totem that players can use to make a free push.

Revenant’s real power comes from his passive higher climbing as he can open an entirely different way of thinking and engagement play. Revenant’s death totem is not what it once was but being able to make a free push is quite useful.


image 92

Ash has been a pretty solid pick. A passive to locate where players have died means you can better direct the flow of matches and the capability to ping death boxes is good too, her tactical snare holds a player in place meaning you can make advancements on them or use the snare as an opportunity to separate players.

Her ultimate is a one-way portal that can help to gain height, escape from danger, or breach into a building through a window. Ash has a great kit and anyone can enjoy using her. Compared to some of the other Legends recently added she is pretty great in terms of fun and aggressiveness.


image 100

Mirage is the worst in terms of general power but he is a lot of fun to not recommend. There is some value in Mirage for a newer player and it mostly comes down to learning how to have an open mind and approach fights creatively.

Mirage is the master of deception with a passive of invisible reviving teammates, a tactical clone that he can send out to gather information or confuse players, and an ultimate that is incredible at confusing enemies. He isn’t for everyone though and he is weak compared to the meta. Mirage is a bit lower in terms of power as any experienced player can easily pick out the decoys.

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image 97

One of the best movement Legends in Apex, Horizon, is a force to be reckoned with. She is the go-to pick for those looking to be slippery and to take on multiple enemies at once. Her passive jets give her better in-air movement, the tactical lift is a great multi-purpose ability to gain height, transport the squad or hop into it and get a heal-off while trying to evade enemy fire, and though the black hole for an ultimate is weak but it’s still solid at catching some enemies off guard and creating some separation.

Her skill ceiling may be a bit high but she is the most underrated movement Legend on the roster.


image 98

Loba is a great Legend who may not be a top-tier meta but she still has a ton of usefulness, especially for new players. She can track purple and gold loot through walls which helps massively during the early game not only to gain loot but to help you survive this crucial portion of a match, her tactical is a teleportation bracelet amazing for maneuverability, and her ultimate is the black market which she can place on the ground to pick up any loot in its radius.

Loba’s black market helps excel her in the squad as looting in Apex can be tedious, it is also insane at the end game when armor swapping and getting ammo or grenades is crucial. A great Legend for both team support and movement potential.


image 101

Octane’s abilities are simple which means you can focus on Apex Legends’ most important part gun skill. That being said Octane’s abilities are still good, his passive is a health regen, his tactical is a stim to give you a huge speed boost, and his ultimate is a launchpad to help transport your squad around, and jump onto enemies or just use it for a tough rotation. He is just a blast to play with from jumping on enemy teams to making huge highlight plays. He has a very free-flowing natural and rewarding type of play.

One big thing to be aware of though as a newer Octane player is to not overextend in fights and try to play slightly more reservedly. Octane stim can easily make him get separated from his squad and is something you do not want to have to happen.

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image 96

Fuse is too good to not recommend for a new player. Fuse helps enhance one of Apex’s fundamentals of grenade usage. Fuse’s passive lets him throw grenades further and he can hold two per inventory slot, his tactical is a mini grenade which is good at forcing movement, preventing enemies from pushing, and dealing massive damage to those that are not moving outside, Fuse’s ultimate is a mortar that he will send out laying a ring of fire trap and scan anyone inside of it and if enemies do walk into the fire they will take massive damage along with burn damage.

Fuse is such an easy Legend to use and he will help new players learn all about grenade usage which is very important at higher levels in Apex.


image 105

Valkyrie is an amazing Legend and an easy first recommendation. Her passive is a jet pack which she can use to fly around, she can also target and scan enemies when she is dropping from the drop ship or a redeploy, and she can also scan beacons which is all just incredible. Her missile swarm tactile is also god tier and her ultimate of the “movable jump tower” means she and the squad can either push anyone they want or escape when needing to rotate.

Valkyrie has the complete package of abilities that are all just stellar and anyone can succeed with them. She does require a little bit more skill to use effectively than a Legend like Octane or Fuse but the amount of usefulness she brings to the entire team is just too good.

As you progress through higher levels the progress bar to the next level gets bigger hence you will be getting fewer Legend Tokens than before so it is important to know which Legend you will be opting for initially as you will be stuck with your choice for some time. And if you are willing to spend real money in Apex Coins then it’s even more crucial that your money isn’t wasted on a character that you will barely use. Now with our help, the struggle for choosing the right Legend will be a tad easier.