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Does Elden Ring Autosave Your Game?

Does Elden Ring Autosave Your Game?

Regarding FromSoft games, they all generally work the same way. Saving your game is also a very important aspect of your playthrough because if something happens, like a crash or your PC shuts off, you want a system that lets you start the game right where you left off, no matter what happens.

Yes, Elden Ring does autosave your game. You can manually save it by going back to the menu, but whenever you rest at a Site of Grace, the autosave icon at the bottom of the screen shows up, and you are ready. Once you see that icon, your game is currently saved.


If they didn’t add an option for autosave, then most people would not even play it because it wouldn’t be up to par with the industry standard. We wish they add a quicksave button so you can save it just in case something happens. It is not a Bethesda game, but it would be nice to give us an extra option to do so if we want to.

The only option to save yourself is, like we said before. You can exit the menu, and it saves the game wherever you are. It is very easy to exit through the menu and go right back in, so if you are worried, make sure to make a save by just exiting so that you don’t lose anything.

Do you lose your progress if the game crashes?

If the game does crash, you will lose all your progress from the last Site of Grace you rested at or the boss you defeated. Yes, it is annoying, but you probably have more than an issue losing some of your Save with a crash. There have been instances of people losing their saves from a crash, so make sure your hardware is decent enough to play the game.


Always keep your game updated, and when you can, ensure there isn’t too much stuff downloaded on your system. The more space is taken up on your hard drives or SSDs, the more prone there might be to crashes or save corruption. As often as you can, try to rest at a ton of Sites of Grace or even exit the menu so that it will save.

Should I install Eldin Ring on an SSD or Hard Drive?

That is entirely up to you. An SSD will be much faster than a Hard Drive, but you shouldn’t have that much of an issue as long as your Hard Drive is fast. It just depends on how fast you want the game to load. It will also make loading into certain areas a lot faster as well. If you only have a Hard Drive, do not download the game on the same drive as your operating system.

It is recommended to install on an SSD because it is not the most optimized game in the world, but it doesn’t matter most of the time. If you have older hardware, you might have difficulty loading things in.