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Can You Reset Your Paragon Board in Diablo 4?

Can You Reset Your Paragon Board in Diablo 4?

The Paragon Board gets unlocked once you reach level 50 in Diablo 4. It helps you upgrade your character to take on higher-level enemies and grind new rewards.

Yes, you can reset your Paragon board in Diablo 4, but it’s more complex than just resetting all the points. You have to reset every point individually, and each reset will have its cost, so make sure you invest smartly in your build.


Investing into the Paragon board can be confusing sometimes, but can you reset your Paragon Board in Diablo 4 or not reutilize your points? Let’s find out!

What Is a Paragon Board In Diablo 4?

Paragon Board In Diablo 4

The latest addition to Diablo 4 is the Paragon Board, which allows players to customize their characters beyond their skill levels. The Paragon Board becomes available at level 50 and lets players choose their desired methods until they reach level 100.

Each paragon level grants 5 tiles that can be unlocked with paragon XP (earned after level 50). Each class has a different Paragon Board with a Paragon Starting Node, which can be in the middle or at one end of the board.

Players can use the points they get 3 times per level from level 50-100 to unlock one tile at a time from this node. The nodes also act as sockets, and as the name suggests, they can be connected or disconnected on the board to use various abilities.

How To Use Paragon Board?

You can earn Paragon Points and spend them on different nodes on the board. The nodes have different types and effects:

How to Use a Paragon Board in Diablo 4
Nodes And SocketsColorsDescriptions
Normal nodesGreyGives a small boost to a basic stat.
Magic nodesBlueThey give special attributes for advanced build customizations, and also activate a secondary attribute depending on their location on a board.
Rare nodes YellowIt Gives two boosts similar to Magic nodes, and a third extra boost if your character has a certain stat level.
Legendary nodesGoldThey are unique for each board (except the starter one), and provide powerful benefits for the specific build of that board.
Board Attachment GatesSilverThey increase all attributes by +5% and let you access another Paragon Board of your choice.
Glyph socketsRedThey give special attributes for advanced build customizations and also activate a secondary attribute depending on their location on a board.
Paragon Board Nodes and Sockets.

How To Unlock And Optimize All Paragon Boards?

The character Level bar on the UI changes when you reach Level 50: it becomes blue and has four segments with a dot at each one of them. The whole bar shows how close you are to the next level, but the dots show when you get a Paragon Point to use on your Paragon Board.

You can get one Paragon Point every 25% of a level, up to Level 100. That means you can get 200 Paragon Points in total. You can also get 20 more Paragon Points by doing Stage 5 Renown activities, so the maximum is 220.

To access more Paragon Boards for your classes, you must buy enough nodes to reach a Board Attachment Gate. Then you can unlock another Paragon Board for your class by using a point on that node.

Paragon Board - Diablo 4

You don’t have to unlock all eight Paragon Boards for your classes, though. It’s better to choose a few that match your build and use your Paragon Points wisely on them.

Since you can’t get more Paragon Points for each character, it’s smarter to pick four to six boards and get the best nodes for your build from them instead of trying to unlock every board. Later you can customize them by swapping the points in between to see which combination works for your unique build.

Once you unlock the boards, you can use the Board Attachment Gate Feature to either attach or detach a board.


How To Reset Paragon Board?

Your Paragon Board is a crucial tool for customizing your character in Diablo 4, especially after you reach Level 50 and unlock more options. However, you may realize that some of your choices of upgrades are not ideal for the build you want, or when you started, you weren’t sure what works best for the build.

If that’s the case, then you need to reset your Paragon Board to correct your past decisions. Resetting the board has a price that varies depending on what your current level is and is certainly an expensive process.

But it also allows you to optimize your build and unleash your character’s full potential.

Resetting The Paragon Board

Unlike Skill Points, you cannot reset your entire Paragon Board simultaneously. Instead, you have to reset each node separately.

This becomes easier after Level 51 but also more expensive as you spend more points after reaching higher levels. You should know that gold is the currency for resetting nodes.

You can earn more gold by completing harder challenges, dungeons, or side quests, but you should also invest wisely to save money. Blizzard kept the cost quite variable, so you might be getting charged 4000+ gold after reaching higher than Level 65 so you can do the math for all the nodes and their cost.

We suggest that you examine each node carefully and do enough research on your preferred builds. If you make a mistake, start by resetting one node at a time to adjust your character’s board.

Although there is no quick way to reset a Paragon Board, the benefit is that you can choose which nodes to reset instead of resetting the whole board altogether.

This saves you time and resources, as you can refund only one point when necessary, and you will also get familiar with the sockets and their combinations.

To save yourself from this much hassle, understand the nodes on your Paragon Board. Seek advice from other players under community forums and check resourceful guides to increase your Renown.


If you are uncertain, take your time to research before spending your points as in Diablo 4 every build is unique, and you can’t just copy-paste someone else’s build it might not work for you.

Summing It Up

Now you know how you can reset your Paragon Board in Diablo 4, the process is pretty basic yet expensive, so make sure you spend wisely after all the research, and you should be able to get your desired build in no time.