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Does Renown Carry Over? (Eternal And Seasons) Diablo 4

Does Renown Carry Over? (Eternal And Seasons) Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has been extremely successful ever since its launch, and it has no plans to slow down. With the new season update, a lot of new changes have been introduced to the game. The renown system has changed a bit as well. If you are wondering whether you get to keep all your grind or not and whether your renown will carry over to the next seasons of Diablo 4, then you are in the right place.

Not all of the renown you grind will be carried over to the next seasons in Diablo 4. The developers have announced that only the renown you earned from Alter of Lilth or Map exploration will be transferred from Eternal Realm to a seasonal character, and to reach the max renown limit, you will have to grind again.


Let’s take a detailed look at all the different changes coming to the renown system in Diablo 4 and whether your renown will carry over to the next season or not.

How Do Seasons Work In Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 Renown Carry Over

Just like all the previous titles in the Diablo franchise, Seasons are a means to introduce new content in the game, and Diablo 4’s story is no different.

Developers have intentions of releasing a new Battlepass as well as a new season every 3 months, which will be loaded with new content and rewards that players can earn through progression.

Do keep in mind that if you plan on participating in the new seasonal activities, which you should, you will be needing a new Seasonal Character in order to participate in Questline, Battlepass progression, or Season Journey.

We so far need to wait for an official Season Pass reveal, and it is expected that it will have up to 7 chapters with different objectives to complete, along with new targets known as Smoldering Ashes, which will grant you additional massive XP.

This Seasonal Character will be a fresh start from Level 1, but you will have all the bonuses you earned from Alter of Lilth or The World Map.

An additional perk will be that if you have already beaten the campaign, then you can entirely skip it on your seasonal character and speed things up.


Upon completing the season, these Characters will get added to your Character list and will be accessible to you anytime, and each season will have a new character.

Yes, you can entirely skip the seasonal characters though there is barely any reason why you should, as they offer exciting new content.

What Is Renown In Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 offers a reputation system in the game known as Renown which allows players to obtain certain in-game rewards throughout the journey.

Players have to take part in different activities, and, upon their progression, they get rewarded with renown.

How to Earn Renown And What Are Its Rewards?

In Diablo 4, Renown can be obtained by doing the following activities:

  • Strongholds – 100 Renown Points
  • Alter of Lilith – 10 Renown Points
  • Map Waypoints – 20 Renown Points
  • Discovering Areas – 5 Renown Points
  • Side Quests – 20 Renown Points
  • Side Dungeons – 30 Renown Points

Once you have obtained the desired amount of Renown, you can follow the tier list to see which rewards you want to unlock and boost your character’s overall abilities and performance.

Region Progress - Diablo 4.
Renown TiersTotal RenownCharacter BonusesRewards
Tier 1200+XP Bonus and +3000 Gold+1 Skill Point
Tier 2300+XP Bonus and +10000Gold+ 1 Potion Charge
Tier 3400+XP Bonus and +25000 Gold+1 Skill Point
Tier 4400+XP Bonus and +60000 Gold+1 Skill Point
Tier 5500+XP Bonus and +150000 Gold+4 Paragon Points
Renown Tier List

Does Progression For Renown Carry Over?

renown getting carried over to the seasonal character is not as simple as it seems. Unlike other Arpgs, Blizzard took a different approach which kept the fans a bit unhappy.

You need to understand that not all the renown that you currently own will be carried over to the new seasonal character.

You will only have a few renown options with a new seasonal character, which will only be available because you either completed Alter of Liliths or discovered the Map by exploration.

Renown earned from these activities will carry on, while the rest of the progression will be lost once you will move to a new character.

The developers have ensured us that we will be having a decent amount of renown while getting into the new season starting later in July and in the recent Campfire Chat, but how decent it will be, we still need to find out when the season gets released.

They also have plans to increase the XP you earn in Nightmare Dungeon, which can help you speed up the progression as well.


And Yes, there won’t be more monsters there, but a boosted XP that they planned to add, confirmed by Game Director Joey Shely.

What’s Next?

We have shared all the information with you on how renown will carry over in the new seasonal update in Diablo 4.

It is clear that you won’t be able to keep all your renown and the earned skilled points in the new character.

We are very hopeful that Blizzard will listen to their fans and will work on making this process smoother, as grinding renown does take a good while, and losing it like this can offend many players who are dedicated to the game.