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Ultimate Guide to all the items in Phasmophobia

Ultimate Guide to all the items in Phasmophobia

There is currently no better survival horror game on the market than Phasmophobia. It’s rich with atmosphere, dread, and a genuine sense of helplessness. If you want to survive in Phasmophobia, you’ll need to know how to use all of the items available to you. In this guide, we’ll cover them all and more!

Phasmophobia has 24 unique items within the game. Each has a different usage and specific applications that vary depending on your in-game circumstances. You’re vastly dependent on these items because Phasmophobia is a co-op horror game.

If you’re looking for a detailed guide on how to use every single item in the game. Then look no further than this guide. So if you’re seeking to learn how each of these items works, then keep reading the article!

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All Items in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia was a one-man project that quickly developed into a must-have horror title. The game certainly does not hold its punches. It demands that you engage with its systems and know when and how to use all of the ghost-hunting equipment that it provides you.

There are a total of 25 different items within Phasmophobia. Each of them can be used to either identify, crucify or stop a ghost that might seem to threaten Phasmophobia. Even at the beginning of the game, many of you will be provided with some equipment.

Some of the articles you obtain at the start of the game, stay relevant till the end game. However, there are times when you might want to know about a specific item. So you can use this guide as a quick resource regarding each of the items in the game and how you can utilize them.

1) Candle

Candles - Phasmaphobia
Candles – Phasmaphobia

The candle is one of the first items you will obtain in Phasmaphobia. You can purchase it from the item shop for as low as $15. And if you were just going off of the general description, then it’s a great way to light up a dark room. However, it has other, far better applications as well.

If you wish to use a candle then you will need a Lighter to do so. And as a light source, it is far less consistent than something like a Flashlight. However, when ghosts start hunting or getting active in a particular area, it can make your flashlight flicker. This makes flashlights far less reliable.

A candle on the other hand is not affected by an active or hunting ghost. It will not begin to flicker or be snubbed out. It’s a better option than always being alone with yourself. Especially given how simple it is to light and how portable it will be.

To light a candle:

  • Right Click to turn on the Lighter
  • Then Press F to light the Candle

2) Crucifix

Crucifix - Phasmaphobia
Crucifix – Phasmaphobia

The Crucifix is another item that can be purchased from the shop. You can buy a maximum of 2 from the shop for the price of $30. The general description of the Crucifix tells you everything you need to know, it protects you from ghosts by stopping them from entering their physical form to attack you.

If you wish to use a Crucifix, then all you need to do is make sure to place it near the ghost trying to hunt you. Place the Crucifix in a haunted room to prevent the ghost from entering its hunting phase. One Crucifix might suffice for smaller rooms, but for larger ones, you’ll need multiple.

You will find the most success using a Crucifix on a Banshee.

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3) EMF Reader

EMF Reader - Phasmaphobia
EMF Reader – Phasmaphobia

You can purchase an EMF Reader from the Item Shop for $45. There are two EMF readers available in the shop for you to purchase. In terms of its official description, EMF Reader stands for Electro Magnetic Field Reader. And is a handheld device that can be used to detect the fluctuations of electromagnetic fields left behind by paranormal activity.

The EMF reader is a great tool to use if you wish to detect or find out about a specific type of Ghost nearby. When the levels of the reader fluctuate, it means there is more Ghost activity near you. However, regardless of how much a reader beeps, it is only at EMF Level 5 that you have conclusive proof of a Ghost.

The type of Ghost can be identified through the EMF reader as well. If you receive an EMF Level 5 reading then that means that the ghost you are hunting is either a Goryo, Jinn, Myling, Obake, Oni, Raiju, Shade, Spirit, The Twins, or a Wraith.

4) Flashlight

Flashlight - Phasmaphobia
Flashlight – Phasmaphobia

The Flashlight can be purchased from the Item Shop for $30. In its official description, it is described as a basic hunting tool that can be utilized for illumination. And we tend to agree that in terms of providing vision, it is the best tool that you can utilize.

You should necessarily always have a flashlight with you while you go on hunts. Since many locations will be hidden or eclipsed in dark. The flashlight is also a rudimentary Ghost detector as when it begins to flicker or fade it means that a Gost is being active nearby or is hunting.

5) Ghost Writing Book

Ghost Writing Book - Phasmaphobia
Ghost Writing Book – Phasmaphobia

The Ghost Writing Book is an item you can purchase from the Item Shop for $40. In terms of its official description, it is also known as Automatic Writing. This is because it allows certain Ghosts to use it to write on it, and communicate with you.

You can either hold the Ghost Writing Book in your hand, or you can alternatively drop the book. This will encourage the Ghost to write inside of it. You should know, however, that only certain types of Ghosts will write inside of it. Additionally, if the activity of the Ghost is higher then there is a better chance that they’ll write in the Ghost Writing book.

6) Glowstick

Glowstick - Phasmaphobia
Glowstick – Phasmaphobia

You can purchase a Glowstick from the Item Shop for $20. It is relatively simple to figure out what a Glowstick does. The official description highlights that it can be used to aid in navigation. This is especially true for large locations or areas with UV Light. Simply hold the Glowstick, and break it to begin using it.

Certain ghosts can leave behind fingerprints after they interact with items in the game. You can use the Glowstick to unveil these fingerprints and gain a greater understanding of the situation.

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7) Head Mounted Camera

Head Mounted Camera - Phasmaphobia
Head Mounted Camera – Phasmaphobia

The Head Mounted Camera is a far more expensive item in comparison to the others. It can be purchased from the Item Shop for $60. It will help teams track each other. And is important for you to use it so you can see Ghost Orbs.

You can either set up Video Cameras in suspected rooms or use a head-mounted camera while traversing an area with no light. In the dark and on the feed of the camera, you will be able to see Ghost Orbs floating about, which can be used as evidence to determine the type of Ghost young are facing.

It is also a benefit that a Head-Mounted Camera does not take up an inventory slot.

8) Lighter

Lighter - Phasmaphobia
Lighter – Phasmaphobia

You can purchase the Lighter from the Item shop for $10. It can be used for a variety of things, but most importantly is used to light Candles and Smudge Sticks. If you have used up your candles, and don’t have a flashlight, the lighter can be a makeshift form of extra light as well.

However, its main purpose is to light Smudge Sticks and Candles as discussed in those sections.

9) Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor - Phasmaphobia
Motion Sensor – Phasmaphobia

The Motion Sensor is one of the most expensive items that can be purchased from the Item Shop. It can be bought for $100. The motion sensor can detect very subtle or nimble shifts and changes in the atmosphere. This information is usually linked live to your truck.

The Motion Sensor can be a great tool to identify which room the Ghost is hiding within. To use a Motion Censor, simply place it into a room you suspect. If a Ghost passes by or on it, you will be alerted within the truck.

10) Parabolic Microphone

Parabolic Microphone - Phasmaphobia
Parabolic Microphone – Phasmaphobia

The Parabolic Microphone can be purchased from the Item Shop for $50. It can detect sound through the walls of a building and can even detect it from a large distance. It is essentially the portable version of a commonly used Sound Sensor.

You use a Parabolic Microphone to identify Ghosts through walls and from a great distance away. Its portability makes it far more versatile in comparison to other sensors and devices of a similar effect.

11) Photo Camera

Photo Camera - Phasmaphobia
Photo Camera – Phasmaphobia

The Photo Camera can be purchased from the Item Shop for $40. This particular type of camera available in the shop has been finely tuned to take photos of the paranormal. This means that if you’re seeking to find evidence of paranormal activity or ghosts, then it will be the perfect item to utilize.

The Photo Camera can be an excellent item to help you gain some money in the game. You can purchase more equipment by using the money you get from taking pictures of paranormal activities and unfortunate events on a job.

12) Salt

Salt - Phasmaphobia
Salt – Phasmaphobia

You can purchase Salt from the Item Shop for $15. It is a very toxic substance to certain types of Ghosts and can reveal the footsteps of certain ghosts under a UV Light like a Glowstick.

To use Salt in Phantasmaphobia you can sprinkle it on the ground. If a Ghost walks through, it will leave behind footprints that you can see under a UV Light or a Glowstick. The only type of Ghost that does not leave footprints is Wraiths.

Salt can also be a great defensive tool. This is because certain Ghosts will stop attacking you if they walk into the Salt.

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13) Sanity Pills

Sanity Pills - Phasmophobia Items
Sanity Pills – Phasmaphobia

You can purchase Sanity Pills from the Item Shop for $45. They will increase the level of your Sanity and can be extremely vital for certain locations in the game. I won’t tell you which ones those are so that you do not get spoiled from experiencing those moments yourself.

Your Sanity can drop if you or your teammate are attacked by an Active Ghost or if a Ghost has entered the hunting phase. You can at that point take these pulls to raise your Sanity level, and it will make it far less likely that the Ghost will attack you. On higher difficulties of the game, this item becomes vital.

14) Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks - Phasmophobia Items
Smudge Sticks – Phasmaphobia

You can purchase Smudge Sticks from the Item Shop for $15. You can burn the Smudge Sticks when you’re near a Ghost to prevent it from attacking for a time. A lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to use a Smudge Stick.

To use a Smudge Stick, simply light it up. The smudge stick, once lit, will temporarily cleanse a type of paranormal activity. This is exceptionally useful if you’re trying to complete certain objectives or need a break from the constant fear of a ghost hunting you or being active.

To light a Smudge Stick you will need to use a Lighter. And you can do this by following these instructions:

  • Hold the Lighter in your character’s hand, Right-Click
  • Then Press F while switching to the Smudge Stick.

This should light the Smudge Stick and you should be able to use it now.

15) Sound Sensor

Sound Sensor - Phasmophobia Items
Sound Sensor – Phasmaphobia

A sound sensor can be purchased from the Item Shop for $80. The sound sensor is a sensor that can listen to the quietest sounds and vibrations in the air. And thus it is a great tool to use if you wish to figure out some evidence to prove a ghost or track its movements.

To use the sound sensor all you have to do is place the device around a location of your choice. Turn it on and it will begin identifying what room a Ghost might be haunting in, based on the sounds that are created. These notifications should be received by you in your truck.

16) Spirit Box

Spirit box - Phasmophobia Items
Spirit box – Phasmaphobia

The Spirit Box can be purchased from the Item Shop for $50. The Spirit Box is a unique electronic device that can record voice phenomena. It can thus capture paranormal frequencies that will allow you and your character to better communicate with and understand spirits.

You must be within 3 meters of a ghost or in the same room as the ghost to use a spirit box. You must turn the lights off as well. After that, you should be able to begin conversing with the ghost and asking pertinent questions. These questions range from Difficulty, Location, Age, and Personal information.

There is a 50% chance that the Ghost will be shy and not be able to respond. However, keep in mind that not all ghosts are likely to respond. Nonetheless, this can be a great way to increase your total amount of evidence.

17) Strong Flashlight

Strong Flashlight - Phasmophobia Items
Strong Flashlight – Phasmaphobia

The strong Flashlight is considerably more expensive than the regular flashlight that can be purchased. In the Item Shop, the item can be bought for $50. It is an upgraded edition of the regular flashlight. And it is designed to help you navigate through large, open areas when the light goes out.

Essentially, you can use this stronger flashlight in the same way that you would a regular flashlight. It still has very similar drawbacks to the original. But can illuminate further and for longer. Thus it works best during long stretches of the game.

18) Thermometer

Thermometer - Phasmaphobia
Thermometer – Phasmaphobia

You can purchase the Thermometer from the Item shop for $30. Its major use is that it will help you discover the location of a Ghost quicker. This is because it can assess the temperature of a room. In a room full of Ghosts it would be considerably colder in comparison.

All ghosts can make the temperature in a location drop. Certain ghosts, on the other hand, can freeze temperatures. As low as 0°C or 32°F. You can track this temperature shift on your Thermometer. This is why you need to purchase and utilize the Thermometer to increase evidence.

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19) Tripod

Tripod - Phasmophobia Items
Tripod – Phasmaphobia

The Tripod can be bought from the Item Shop for $25. In general, you would be using a Tripod to set up various Video Cameras. These are the sort of cameras that we discussed earlier. With a Tripod you get a better shot of an area. It can provide better height and a different angle as well.

Tripods in conjunction with a Video Camera can be used to capture some Ghost Orbs.

20) UV Flashlight

UV Flashlight - Phasmophobia Items
UV Flashlight – Phasmaphobia

The UV Flashlight can be bought from the Item Shop for $35. These UV flashlights can detect paranormal prints, no matter how subtle they are. It is one of the most vital ghost-tracking tools in your arsenal. Using this item is simple as well.

When a certain Ghost interacts with an item, location, or space then they leave behind their paranormal fingerprints. These can be seen or tracked using a UV Flashlight or a Glowstick. Through both of these items, you will be able to see the paranormal fingerprints and gather more evidence.

21) Video Cameras

Video Camera - Phasmophobia Items
Video Camera – Phasmaphobia

Video Cameras can be purchased from the Item Shop as well. They cost $50 to purchase. These cameras aren’t like the regular cameras we are used to, but rather are finely tuned to take videos of the paranormal. The camera has a live feed and will be displayed at your base when exploring.

You can see Ghost Orbs through the Camera’s video feed while you’re camped in the truck. Simply switch on the night vision after having placed the camera in a room or after using a Head Mounted Camera. You can place the camera on the ground as well.

How to Operate a Video Camera?

  • Left Click to rotate the Video Camera
  • Right Click to Turn the Camera on.
  • Press F to place the Camera on the ground
  • Green Light signifies that the camera is recording
  • Red Light means the Camera is turned off.

If you wish to view the footage from your Video Camera then you will have to either go back to the Truck yourself. Or you will have to coordinate with someone, a team member, who is in the truck to view it instead. If you click on the Keyboard it will activate the Night Vision. Clicking the Mouse will let you cycle through all available cameras that you have placed.

22) Ouiji Board

Ouiji Board - Phasmophobia Items
Ouiji Board – Phasmaphobia

The Ouija board is one of the few items that cannot be purchased. Rather, it is found in one of the locations that you visit within the game. The Ouija Board allows you to communicate with the Ghost, but it also drains your character’s sanity.

Click on the Ouija Board, if it begins to glow that means that the Ghost is listening. You can ask the Ghost questions. If the Ghost recognizes the question then there is a 67% chance that it will respond. The Planchette on the board will thus move and the Ghost will spell out the answer. So read carefully.

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23) Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll - Phasmophobia Items
Voodoo Doll – Phasmaphobia

The Voodoo Doll is another item that cannot be purchased. It can be found in the following locations: Grafton Farmhouse, Willow Street House, Bleasdale Farmhouse, and Maple Lodge Campsite. If you find and photograph the Voodoo Doll then you can earn a small amount of money at the end of the investigation.

Ensure that you take a photo each time you see a new Voodoo Doll to earn money.

24) Bones

Bones - Phasmophobia Items
Bones – Phasmaphobia

The last item you will find in the game, and another item that you cannot purchase, are bones. During each investigation, you will randomly find a human bone that has spawned somewhere on the map. If you find this bone, you can take a picture of it, thus completing an optional objective. Additionally, it earns you more reward money at the end of the investigation.

This was the ultimate guide to using all the items in Phasmophobia. Let me know if I missed an item, or if there is more information you would like to know about using a specific item. Till next time! Ciao.