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Can You Have Multiple Romances in Fallout 4?

Can You Have Multiple Romances in Fallout 4?

The world of Fallout 4 is a dark and dreary place. Living here alone can be quite taxing on the Lone Survivor so it’s always good to have a companion by your side who loves you. If you feel bogged down to one romantic partner and want to sow your seeds like a wild stallion with multiple romances in Fallout 4 then we have your loving nature covered right here.

Luckily for you, you CAN have multiple romances in Fallout 4 at any time with little to no repercussions. You can be romantic/be in a relationship with all of your companions at the same time.

Multiple Romances in Fallout 4


Fallout 4 gives the player the option to take their friendship with their companions to another level by creating a romantic bond with them.

With certain companions, you can build a strong affinity that can later blossom into a full-fledged romantic relationship if you play your cards right. The companions with whom you can get romantically involved are:

  • Cait
  • Curie
  • Paladin Danse
  • John Hancock
  • MacCready
  • Piper
  • Preston Garvey
  • Porter Gauge (Nuka World DLC)

Usually, when an RPG gives you these multiple romantic options, there is a caveat attached to it where you can flirt around but ultimately you have to choose one for the long run or risk losing a relationship due to jealousy.

No such issue exists in Fallout 4 though. You can freely flirt and make bed buddies out of all your companions without risking your current love interest due to this infidelity.

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All you have to do is build enough affinity level with any of the upper-mentioned companions. Every companion has certain likes and dislikes so stick to actions that they like and in no time your relationship will hit a new threshold. At this point, you will be given flirtatious dialogue options which you can choose to eventually turn your friendship into love.


You can do this with all of your companions and have multiple relationships at a time. No romantically involved companion will leave you if they find out about your other love interest. Their affinity level might be decreased if you flirt with other people but they won’t ditch you altogether.

Considering Multiple Romances

A companion will not dislike or hate that you romance another companion. There is essentially no repercussion for romancing all of your companions. Companions might make comments about being jealous or keeping an eye on you. There is no real downside and it’s simply playful dialogue. Don’t go attempting to romance NPCs in the game in front of that current companion.

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As said before, some romanced companions will dislike you if you flirt with someone else in front of them. The reaction depends on their personality so let’s see below how they react if you do this act:

  • Cait (Hates it)
  • Curie (Hates it)
  • Paladin Danse (Hates it)
  • John Hancock (Hates it)
  • MacCready (Hates it)
  • Piper (Hates it)
  • Preston Garvey (Doesn’t React)
  • Porter Gage (Nuka World DLC) (Doesn’t React)

With this very important issue addressed and informed to you, you can safely carry on your polygamous actions in Fallout 4 without the fear of running into your wife on a date with someone else. Funniness aside, this open approach to multiple romances gives the player the freedom to make choices rather than being stuck or potentially losing relationships, unlike other RPGs.