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How To Beat The Storm King in Demon’s Souls

How To Beat The Storm King in Demon’s Souls

Ever seen an Angleshark out of the water and flying in the air? In Demon’s Souls, you will fight one and we are calling it the Storm King. This flying monstrosity and its minions put up a good fight and will likely overwhelm you if you jump in unprepared.


To make sure these slimy creatures do not obliterate you, we are going to arm you with the right knowledge so you can bring the Storm King Down for good.

Fighting Storm King

Storm Beasts flying alongside Storm King

The Storm King and his minions – Storm Beasts, are not the most powerful of the bosses in Demon’s Souls. They will use their sheer number to overwhelm you.

For this battle, you have to rely completely on range attacks and nothing else will work. The Storm Beasts do come close to the ground but not close enough to be struck with a melee weapon. You will need ranged attacks if you want to defeat this boss.

Storm King is not a complex boss by any means but the overall fight might seem like a challenge without proper knowledge so here are a few facts you should keep in mind:

  • You will need to deal with all of the Storm Beasts before you can move on towards the Storm King.
  • The Storm Beasts have weak sight and react to sound so equipping the Thief’s Ring will significantly lower your chances of getting attacked if they are at a distance.
  • Standing next to a tall rock will keep you safe from all of the attacks coming at you.
  • When they are flying high in the air, no attack will reach them so you have to wait for them to drop down to a certain height.


The Storm King and the Storm Beasts have a similar moveset and have only a singular attack in their arsenal which is as follows:

  • Stinger: They will shoot magic crystals at you from the air that can deal damage and knock you down. Storm Beasts fire a single crystal while the Storm King shoots multiple at the same time.
    • Reaction: Hide behind a rock or some obstacle. You can also dodge the roll to avoid them.


Dealing with the Storm King requires some form of ranged attack and there is no other way to do it. If you are already using ranged spells then as soon as you are past the fog gate, start running, find a rock behind which you can stand, and be safe from all the flying attacks.

Storm Beasts flying around

Standing in an open field will kill you in no time so it is better to either stay mobile or find a safe spot. Once you are safe from the falling crystals, start dealing with the Storm Beasts first.

They are weak and will take a maximum of two hits depending on the magic spell that you are using. Keep moving around and deal with them one by one. As soon as you are down to the last one, get ready because the Storm King is going to come down to fight you himself.

Once it is close enough, use as many attacks as you can during that window and deal damage. After raining down magic crystals on you, the Storm King will again rise high in the air.

Chasing after is not going to help so it is best to stay in one spot and wait for it to turn around and come close again. Within a couple of tries, the Storm King will cease to exist.

Notification for the Stormbreaker Sword

If you are running around with a sword, Demon’s Souls has got you covered. Just past the Fog Gate, towards the end of the field on the right side, is a special sword called the Storm Breaker.

This is what you will be using to slay the Storm Beasts and King. You will find the sword near the ledge. It shoots out concentrated blasts of air that deal damage. Equip it and press the button for the heavy attack, it will consume stamina, and fire the blast of air.

This is your weapon of mass destruction for this battle. Once you have the Storm Breaker, the rest of the strategy remains the same.

How to Cheese Storm King in Demon’s Souls

For this particular strat to work, you will need the Storm Breaker. There is a spot on the map where you can stand and cheese the Storm King. There is a giant A-shaped rock right next to the spot where you found the Storm Breaker.

Special Spot to cheese Storm King marked with an arrow

If you stand close to it, none of the attacks will hit you but the Storm Breakers attack will hit the enemies. The Storm Beast will gather around you and you can take them out one by one.

Rinse and repeat for Storm King. That’s how you can defeat this boss without any hassle.

Rewards For Defeating Storm King

Storm King Attacking

Defeating the Storm King in Demon’s Souls will net you the following rewards:

  • x1 Storm Demon’s Soul
  • x40400 Souls
  • +45% White World Tendency