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Complete V Rising Guide For Trading And Traders

Complete V Rising Guide For Trading And Traders

V Rising being a survival game will constantly push you towards collecting resources and using said resources to craft various types of gears and equipment for yourself or your growing castle. Much of your time will be spent on either defeating the many enemies that roam the land or collecting items to further enhance your power and influence in Vardoran.

The game does provide some merchants or traders who can be used to get your hands on some unique and essential items that can benefit your journey without the hassle of crafting them. This ease comes with nuances that you must first tackle to get access to this feature.

There are few things to consider before you can indulge in trading:

  • The currency used to trade with the merchants is Silver and staying true to the vampiric lore you are extremely weak to this material. If you are carrying enough silver you will end up hurting yourself and your health will start to deteriorate. In order to counter this, you need to first build up your Silver resistance which you can do in multiple ways, discussed in detail below.
  • Silver is a resource that you will have to look for while roaming the world. Silver farming locations and guides will also be discussed below.
  • Many of the traders roam the land and do not have a fixed position so we will pinpoint where they’re generally found.
  • You can not interact with these traders in your vampire form as they will become hostile when you approach them so the Human form is required to trade with them.

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Silver Resistance

V Rising Trader Guide For Silver Resistance Coins Trader Locations More 1 5 screenshot
Tailoring Bench

You will need Silver resistance or else the silver you are carrying is going to deal damage to you over time. Early on in the game while you are in Farbane Woods you need to have created a Tailoring Bench in your castle. Using this you can get your hands on Hunter’s Cloak which gives you +15 Silver Resistance allowing you to walk around with silver without taking any damage. There are other variants of this cape like Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak, Thousand-Stitch Cloak and Hermit’s Shawl.

image 31

Using the Alchemy Table you can also craft Silver Resistance Consumables, the first one is a brew which you can get in the Farbane Woods and it lasts for a shorter time while the Silver Resistance Potion lasts for duration hence better for extended Silver farming loops.

Combining both these methods will give you enough resistance to accumulate silver without much worry.

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Gathering Silver

V Rising Trader Guide For Silver Resistance Coins Trader Locations More 2 5 screenshot

Silver can be found in the entire region of V Rising the further you progress the more you will find it. This rare resource is most commonly found in the many chests strewn all over the map so be extra vigilant when you are pillaging a settlement. Increase the silver resistance beforehand so that you can bring back as much silver as you can without having to discard it.

If you happen to come across one of the traders earlier we suggest you to kill them as they also drop a nice amount of silver.

Human Form

Getting human form is the next step. For this you’re going to hunt Beatrice the Tailor, she can be found in the Dawnbreak Village but be careful when dealing with her as she doesn’t attack you but runs around alarming the entire village so it is recommended that you must first clear the village of other enemies before dealing with her. Not only does Beatrice give you the human form but also the cloak which we talked about earlier.

V Rising Trader Guide For Silver Resistance Coins Trader Locations More 3 4 screenshot

The human form can be found in your vampire’s power tab. Be careful when using this power during the daytime as it will make you extremely vulnerable as your movement speed will be limited, along with this casting any spells or skills will break the human form causing all the human enemies to become hostile towards you.

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Locating Traders

Now that you have collected some silver and have built up silver resistance along with the human form it is time to track down the traders. There are three in the game and below we will show their respective locations:

V Rising Trader Guide For Silver Resistance Coins Trader Locations More 3 55 screenshot

The first one is called Gavyn the Shady Dealer and this guy can be found roaming the entire Farbane Woods. Though he is found in random locations in the entire region he is likely to be spotted in the western part of the region, the area is marked above. He doesn’t need to be here always but if you can’t find him here then you can use your clan members to split up and locate him. Search the main roads of the region. The most effective way is for one member to carry the silver while others pinpoint him and call the rest.

V Rising Trader Guide For Silver Resistance Coins Trader Locations More 4 21 screenshot

He is guarded by some other enemies but you can slip through with the human form and you won’t get attacked and can simply trade with the dealer. This guy sells some pretty interesting cosmetic items like the Pilgrim’s Hat and Necromancer’s Mitre. The most important item is the Miner’s Mace and the Lumberjack’s Axe, both these weapons are perfect for mining/farming resources early on. This trader is also fantastic for getting different plant seeds and they are pretty cheap.

V Rising Trader Guide For Silver Resistance Coins Trader Locations More 5 23 screenshot

The next trader is Berk the Wandering Trader and this guy can be found all over the Dunley Farmlands. This too is a roaming trader which can be seen in the entire region but the most frequent location is marked above. He can be seen right above the Haunted Iron Mine or close to the Mosswick Village. Try your luck in these particular spots first then expand your search radius if he is not there.

V Rising Trader Guide For Silver Resistance Coins Trader Locations More 5 40 screenshot

He has some pretty interesting wares especially cosmetics like the Deer Head, Wolf Head, and Bear Head. He also sells many different gems as well as sunflower seeds. All the items Berk has to offer are a lot more expensive so it is recommended that you save up a good chunk of silver before going to trade with him.

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V Rising Trader Guide For Silver Resistance Coins Trader Locations More 6 4 screenshot edited

Lastly, we have Ottar the Merchant and this guy can be found in the Silverlight Hills. This is a stationary merchant so his shop location stays the same within the Brighthaven Slums, marked above.

1604030 20220529131445 1.png

He has a nice collection of gems that you can buy along with cosmetics items like Ashfolk Helmet and Mitre. He also sells Ghost Shroom Spores and Highland Lotus Seeds.

Dealing with the merchants is not easy as one would think as you have to first build up silver resistance to carry the currency while also being in human form to even initiate the trade. These small things are to be considered beforehand otherwise the trade will fall apart. Though once you have covered these bases you get access to some amazing items in the game.