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How To Get The Quad Bow Of The Forest In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (Legendary Weapon Quest Guide)

How To Get The Quad Bow Of The Forest In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (Legendary Weapon Quest Guide)

The Borderland franchise is known for its amazing loot and the plethora of guns it hosts. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands being part of the same universe enjoys the same kind of armament treatment albeit with a medieval and fantasy coat of paint.

The Quad Bow Of The Forest Legendary weapon is added as a world drop weapon so there is no specific location to acquire it. You can come across it as a random drop from activities that reward Legendary weapons or chests strewn about the Wonderlands.

You will be swimming in a sea of weapons from the very start of the game and every now and then will come across Legendary weapons. With the already huge number of weapons confusing you, you will get even more bogged down with the decision of which one to carry. So we will discuss here the Quad Bow Of The Forest a Legendary Weapon in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands so that you could make the decision easily.

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Quad Bow Of The Forest

quad bow 3 1024x527 1

This weapon has been recently added to the mix of world drop weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Though it looks like a slow-firing crossbow worry not as it is part of the Assault Rifle category and is manufactured by Dahlia.

There is no particular way you could get your hands on this Quad Bow and your best bet is to use the Assault Rifle bunny in the Chaos Chamber. Just feed it over and over again and sift through the regurgitated Assault Rifles, keep repeating this until you find one of these.

quad bow 1

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This weapon will not spawn in an elemental variety and will always be Kinetic and has a Quad damage perk on each variant. The uniqueness of this weapon stems from its firing pattern. It has two firing modes:

  • Horizontal: Fires in a 4 bolt horizontal pattern. This firing mode is perfect for a group of enemies as the spread is quite high in between the bolts.
  • Vertical: Fires in a 4 bolt vertical pattern. This pattern is more suited toward single targets where bolts will fire in a vertical line and get stuck to one target.

Along with the above firing patterns it will spawn with a combination of two from four different firing modes:

  • Semi-Auto
  • Full Auto
  • Four-Round Burst
  • Three-Round Burst

The Quad bow has two different magazine sizes 24 and 12. With the weapon consuming 2 ammo per shot, the 12 magazine variant will run out quite early and will constantly annoy especially considering the bolts stuck bonus will run out in 6 seconds and you won’t utilize it properly. The bursts variants will also deplete the magazine very swiftly.

As it is a crossbow it will have one of the following perks along with the usual lists of passives:

  • Cross-bolts deal 2% increased damage for each cross-bolt stuck in the target.
  • Cross-bolts deal 2% increased Melee damage for each cross-bolt stuck in the target.

With so many cross-bolts fired and stuck in the enemy at any given time these perk damage bonuses are easy to stack and taken advantage of by dealing insane damage to the target, do keep in mind the stuck bolts will disappear after 6 seconds.

Players have managed to get two types of variants of this gun, the Chaotic and Volatile. With the Volatile being more damaging and having lesser magazine size, though it has the better perk dealing overall damage increase rather than just the melee damage boost of Chaotic.

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This weapon is only great in situations where you are able to pull off more critical hits. While dealing normal damage it takes some time to even down a normal enemy. Its damage potential relies heavily on the stuck bolt bonus which already doesn’t last that long and the melee variant requires you to switch weapons mid-battle.

Even the overall damage variant has better potential if you first stuck as many bolts as you can on the enemy, especially bosses, and then move to a better firearm that already has amazing damage to piggyback on the bolt bonus. Builds like Spore Wardens where you are dealing automatic damage with your companion can also take advantage of this perk.

This Quad Bow Of The Forest Legendary weapon though sounds attractive in reality there are far better weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands to use. For specific use cases and build types, this weapon is viable but in the overall scenario, it is best left to the side. The synergy that is needed all the time to dispose off hordes of enemies quickly in this game is not present within this weapon.