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Can you transfer your Warframe account from PS4 to PC?

Can you transfer your Warframe account from PS4 to PC?

For many players, PS4 was the first platform they experienced Warframe on. It was one of the best and most full-featured free-to-play games on the console and fans simply devoured it. Fast forward to now and many of these fans have moved on to PC and are wondering whether they can transfer their Warframe account from PS4 to PC.

No, as of right now, you cannot transfer your Warframe account from PS4 to PC. PC to PS4 account migration was available for a short while recently but that was more of a test run and is not available anymore.

Account Migration

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As gamers, we dread the feeling of moving from one platform to another out of fear of losing our game progression/saves. Recently, more and more companies are supporting cross-saving functionality that helps curb our switching platform apprehensions.

This feature is highly dependent on the developers and the technicalities of the game so it is not a widespread adoption throughout the industry.

Warframe, being on multiple platforms and PS4 being one of its core fan platforms, would surely benefit from account migration or a cross-save feature.

Is it even possible to do it Warframe? Can you migrate your Warframe account from PS4 to PC specifically? Let us see what Digital Extremes have in store for us.

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Warframe PS4 to PC Account Migration

Warframe PS4 to PC Account Migration

Before we dive into this topic you need to know this first. Warframe does not support PS4 to PC account migration. Meaning, you are stuck playing on the PS4 for the time being and won’t be able to continue your save/account on the PC.

For a limited time only, Warframe did allow PC players to migrate their accounts to the PS4. This is not available anymore so don’t get your hopes up. It was a permanent solution meaning you can not reverse it. You could only do it once and not again. And it was only one-way migration i.e. PC to PS4 and not the other way around.

How to Migrate a Warframe Account from PC to PS4?

The Account migration process will be available on the user account page at
Before you can migrate your account, you need to ensure you have two things:

  • An existing PC Warframe account
  • A PSN account.

The steps to Migrate your PC account to PS4 are as follows:

  • Login to
  • Visit the Account Management page found here:
  • Click “Account Migration”
  • Enter your password to confirm the one-time migration.
  • Follow the PSN login steps and proceed with the migration.

This Account Migration process was only available from Monday, July 21 at 2 PM EDT until Friday, August 1 at 2 PM EDT. Sorry in case you missed it.

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Digital Extremes’ Announcement for Account Migration

Following are some of the things mentioned by Digital Extremes regarding this small PC-to-PS4 account migration window. Do keep in mind these points are only pertaining to this particular migration, any future migration plans may not have the same terms applied:

  • All existing PS4 account progress will be overwritten by your PC account.
  • All Platinum and goods (i.e. Prime Access, PS4 Renown Pack, Mod Packs, Obsidian Braton Skin) purchased on the PS4 PSN Store will be added to your new migrated account at the base rank.
  • Any items purchased in-game with Platinum on PS4 will be overwritten and the Platinum returned to your new migrated account; items purchased with credits will be overwritten by your PC account.
  • No Platinum purchased on the PC version of Warframe will be transferred to the PS4 copy.
  • No Clan information from the PC is copied; all existing PS4 Clan information remains untouched.
  • Any items on PC that are not currently available on PS4 will appear when the PS4 is updated.
  • If you have an existing PS4 account, your Friends List will not be overwritten, but your PC Friends List will not copy over.

Items that will not Migrate

  • Braton Vandal
  • Excalibur Prime
  • IAHGames Braton Skin
  • Lato Prime
  • Lato Vandal
  • Nvidia Braton Skin
  • Phased AKVasto Skin
  • Phased Ankyros Skin
  • Phased Asa Syandana
  • Phased Vauban Warframe Skin
  • Phased Vauban Warframe Helmet
  • Phased Tigris Skin Rubedo Plated Drakgoon Skin
  • Rubedo Plated Galatine Skin
  • Rubedo Plated Rhino Skin
  • Rubedo Plated Rhino Helmet
  • Rubedo Plated Twin Vipers Skin
  • Rubedo Plated Viper Skin
  • Rubedo Plated Yamako Syandana
  • Phased Vasto Skin
  • Skana Prime
  • Snipetron
  • Snipetron Vandal

Fans’ Questions

Some fans asked, “Can I play both my PC and PS4 versions of my account?” to which Digital Extremes replied:

Yes, but progress on one is not saved to the other (If you get a rare mod on PS4, it will not be on your PC account. No changes will transfer over after migration has occurred.

Digital Extremes Forum

Can I re-join my PC Clan after migration?

No, PC users and PS4 users cannot be in the same clan.

Digital Extremes Forum

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Latest Digital Extremes / Warframe Update about Account Migration

Cross-Platform playing

The following are two questions answered by Digital Extremes regarding the absence of Account Migration, Cross-Save, and Cross-Platform playing:

Q: Can I move my Playstation / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch account to PC? Can I move my PC account to Playstation / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch?

A: Warframe accounts can’t be transferred between platforms. There are technical barriers that prevent us from being able to move accounts between the console and the PC. In the past, we offered account migration between PC and PS4. We later did the same for PC to Xbox One and PC to Nintendo Switch. In those cases, we were able to work with different companies to make account migration available for a limited time in celebration of Warframe’s launch on new platforms, but account migration is not available regularly.

Digital Extremes Forum

We don’t have plans to make account migration available again in the future, but you are welcome to start another account! We don’t have any problem with players having accounts on multiple platforms.

Q: Why doesn’t Warframe offer cross-platform play?

As of 2022 update: We’re working on Cross-Play & Cross-Save! No ETA at this time. We continue to appreciate your patience and feedback as we develop this feature for players to connect across platforms. Cross Platform Play will be our first direction in getting all Tenno to play together, and we will announce details around Cross-Save in a future announcement.

Digital Extremes Forum


Sadly at this moment, you can not transfer your Warframe account from PC to PS4. If you were lucky enough to capitalize on the PS4 to PC transfer window then good for you but for the rest of us we just have to wait for the proper release of this feature.

In Tennocon 2021, it was announced that Digital Extreme is working on Cross-Platform and Cross-Save functionality but nothing has been announced ever since then regarding this.

However, Cross-Platform play is beginning to roll out on some platforms so we can assume that Cross-Save isn’t that far away.

Although, Warframe is prone to delays on major updates so we can not say for sure when this feature of Cross-Save and Account Migration will be applied. We just have to stay calm and play the waiting game.