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Is It Worth Opening Cases in CS:GO?

Is It Worth Opening Cases in CS:GO?

The announcement of Counter-Strike 2 has certainly ruffled the feathers in CS:GO. The game is seeing a massive surge, with 1.5 million players playing at any given time. Some are doing it for the fun and getting pumped up for the next game. However, many are in this to get that elusive skin from opening cases and make big bucks. So let’s find out whether opening cases is even worth it in CS:GO.

No, it is NOT worth it to open a bunch of cases in CS:GO. The odds are stacked heavily against you. There is an insanely low chance of finding the rarest and most profitable skin from any of the cases. You might as well just buy the skin you want from the marketplace rather than waste tons of money on cases in the hope of getting it through RNG.


Why is it not worth opening cases in CS:GO? Why it is highly unlikely you’ll ever gain a profit by opening cases? Let’s get answers to these burning questions.

Is Opening Cases Worth It in CS:GO?

CS:GO cases

Cases in CS:GO are seeing a massive influx of buyers ever since the sequel is announced. This is due to the fact that the current game skins will transfer over to the next installment, and according to some sources, they look exceptional in the new game engine.

There has always been a huge skin-trading economy attached to CS:GO, and it has gotten a new pulse owing to these developments.

This newfound interest from the players can be seen in the rising prices of the cases and the skins alike. Players are trying to find the best skins to either brag about it in the new game or make a profit later on by selling them at inflated prices.

Prices for rare skins have surged upwards of 200% ever since the announcements.

Now coming to the brass tacks, will you be able to get your hands on the finest cosmetics in CS:GO by opening cases? It is even worth it to participate in this case-opening trend?

To get a better understanding of what is happening, check out this video by Anomaly 3.

Let’s go over an example to make you truly understand that the odds are not in your favor and you will spend way more money to make a measly profit if you are lucky.


According to this website, the best Return on Investment (ROI) you can get on any case in the game is the Revolution Case. The ROI for this case is close to 60%. A single case costs you $1.98, and the key needed to open it is always $ 2.49, hence the total cost is around $4.5.

What is the Chance of Gaining a Profit with a CS:GO Case?

Opening Cases in CS:GO worth it

The average selling price of the skin in this case, you can get respective to the rarity and the probability are as follows (prices are extremely volatile these days, so expect these numbers to fluctuate drastically)

  • Mil-Spec – $0.27 – 79.92% chance
  • Restricted – $2.73 – 15.98% chance
  • Classified – $16.83 – 3.2% chance
  • Covert – $101.25 – 0.64% chance
  • Special – $335.18 – 0.26% chance

Looking at the selling prices above, you must be wondering if you are about to get rich if you get the Covert or Special Knife skin. Sadly the RNG gods are laughing at your naivety. The probabilities are what you should focus on.

You failed to see that 40% of the time, you will likely lose out on your investment, and that too if you open a bunch of cases. 95.9% of the time, you’ll end up with skin that will put a hole in your wallet.

There is just a 4% chance you’ll get a profitable skin. So gaining a profit this way is next to impossible.

How to get the Skin you want in CS:GO?

CS:GO marketplace

You will be spending a lot of money just to get the measley chance of making money back. There are instances online where payers are opening 200+ cases in CSGO with no profit in sight. What a waste!


You can, however, check out the official Steam Community Market Place to get the skin you want or any of the other markets online. We won’t link any third-party websites here since these websites can turn out to be shady as they have been in the past. So check them out of your own volition.

Buying the skin directly will save you a lot of trouble and especially the money you’ll be investing in opening random crates. Most often than not, you are better off buying the skin than indulging in this whole predatory gambling mechanics.

You can wait for the trend of opening cases in CSGO to die out and for the cases to get cheaper. Although it is rare, this will never be worth it or, better yet, profitable, so we advise you to buy the thing you want directly.

This haphazard situation will most likely continue till the sequel is released, and even then, expect it to stay this chaotic. Protect your wallets, people; they are out to get you!