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Master Smith Hammer Location in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Master Smith Hammer Location in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

It is an understatement to say that there is an abundance of loot in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The game will literally rain gear for you to get your grubby little hands on. This can get frustrating if you are only running into mediocre equipment. However, some items in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are quite unique like the Master Smith Hammer. Let us find out how can you get the giant hammer in the game.

Master Smith Hammer, initially, can only be bought from Zuo Ci, a merchant you will come across during the mission called In Search of the Immortal Wizard. There is no special location from where you can get this weapon. You need to first purchase the weapon for 7,000 Accolades.

After buying it, it will be added to the loot pool and henceforth will randomly drop from killing enemies.

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Master Smith Hammer

master smith hammer

This unassuming giant hammer doesn’t boast the best of stats in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Nevertheless, it has one of the best and exclusive special effects in the game i.e. it increases the Equipment Drop Rate. In terms of general stats, there is nothing special about this weapon. It has a very particular and effective purpose.

Having the Master Smith Hammer in hand and mowing down enemies will ensure that your chances of being constantly rewarded loot from fallen foes increase. If you are looking to farm a particular item or just generally want to fill your inventory to sell items to make a quick buck, get this weapon ASAP.

Combine this weapon with other luck-based and increased drop-rate stat articles to craft yourself the best grinding build in the game. On top of that, kill enemies with higher Morale and you will be swimming in the best loot in the game in no time.

Please note that you need to have this weapon in hand for its effect to be active. Having it in the offhand/sheathed won’t activate the effect.

Now that we know the benefits of this weapon, how can you get it is the most important question. Considering it is not random loot, there is only one specific way you can get it.

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How to get Master Smith Hammer in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Zuo Ci

The only way of acquiring Master Smith Weapon is through Zuo Ci. You need to buy this weapon from this merchant exclusively at first for 7,000 Accolades.

Once you have bought the weapon, it will then be part of your loot table and only then it will drop randomly from enemies. Zuo Ci will become available in the Hidden Village once you have completed the In Search of the Immortal Wizard mission.

In addition to selling this amazing weapon, he also deals in a ton of useful gear. The four useful options he provides the player include:

  • Reset Parameters – Respec your character at any time and reallocate Virtue Points to change and experiment with different builds.
  • Accolade Rewards – Shop where you can sell and buy different items like armor and weapons.
  • Character Creation – Change the appearance of your character.
  • Interact – Talk to him and learn about the lore of the land and more.

There is nothing special about the Master Smith Hammer in terms of raw stats and gameplay, however, its exclusive bonus effect raises its overall value. Buy it the first moment you unlock Zuo Ci since every subsequent drop of this weapon at later missions will have better stats and levels. Do not cheap out and get it, you will thank us.