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Does Resilience Matter in Destiny 2? (PVP, PVE)

Does Resilience Matter in Destiny 2? (PVP, PVE)

Destiny 2 is still kicking with it a dominant and active player base. Bungie hasn’t skimped out on Destiny 2 a bit and continues to roll out updates, patches, and content additions even today. Some hidden changes can easily be missed in the patch notes.

These changes have been discovered now and one of them is the Resilience Stat rework. Albeit pretty subpar previously, the Resilience stat can now transform weak players into powerful tanks.

To be fair, the Resilience Stat in Destiny 2 is pretty much OP now, so it does matter a lot but Damage Resistance doesn’t apply in PVE situations.

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Destiny 2 Resilience Stat Buff

Before recent updates, the Resilience stat was pretty much worthless to invest in. If it made a difference, players would observe noticeable boosts in the Titan Class allowing users to barricade faster.

Otherwise, it offered no extra survivability or protection whatsoever. But recently, the Solar 3.0 update rolled out by Bungie along with Season of the Haunted proved Resilience to be the most sought stat in the game.

Destiny 2 May, 24 Patch Notes

Does Resilience Matter in Destiny 2? (PVP, PVE)

Among a plethora of changes listed, the Update 4.1.0 Patch Notes stated that Resilience now grants players with increased flinch resistance in PVP and PVE scenarios and increase damage resistance against PVE combatants.

What no one expected was how much bump users would get in Damage Resistance from the Resilience Stat. If you max out the Resilience Stat to a hundred, expect a 40 percent mitigation in Damage from AI enemies.

One thing to note here is that the damage resistance doesn’t apply when facing off against other players, but flinch does.

Damage Resistance Offered by Resilience

Before you hop into investing in the Resilience stat, players should note that Resilience doesn’t stack damage resistance linearly as one would assume. Rather, it offers the most dramatic bump in damage resistance at the top of the Resilience curve.

ResilienceDamage Resistance Percentage

In circumstances that would otherwise pose life-threatening, you’ll survive all sorts of scenarios owing to the Resilience stat. It’s a welcome change considering the old Protective Light mod now has been nerfed and doesn’t provide the Damage Resistance that it formerly used to.

How to Max Out Resilience and Damage Resistance in Builds

If you want to gear up on resistance and use the most optimal Armor builds that offer supreme Damage Resistance, we suggest the D2 Armor Picker.

It allows you to pursue armors with stats that you’re trying to get your hands on. Then, you get suggestions for the right set of armor pieces and mods to use. 

Destiny 2 Chest Mods Nerf

To combat the newfound bumps in Resilience, Bungie has decidedly nerfed the Damage Resistance previously offered by Chest Mods. Chest Mods now offer 15 Percent Damage Resistance in contrast to the previous 25 Percent for a Single Mod.

Although the Resilience Stat offers players a realm of new-found Damage Resistance, you’ll have to painstakingly work for it in contrast to equipping a few cheap mods and calling it a day.

The Damage Resistance buff in correlation to the Resilience Stat proves to be extremely OP, owing to the all-time active passive Damage Resistance. It wouldn’t be surprising if Resilience gets a small nerf later down the line but till then, stay tuned for future updates on GameVoyagers!