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How To Destroy The Hives in Atomic Heart?

How To Destroy The Hives in Atomic Heart?

As easy as Atomic Heart seems on the surface when the game first starts, it takes things a step further in terms of difficulty when you finally leave the Vavilov Complex and enter its open world. That’s where the game steps up the ante. Pchelas, respawning enemies, and Dandelion cameras are incredibly annoying so how do you destroy hives in Atomic Heart?

To destroy Hives in Atomic Heart, unlock the Overload Relay Feature by completing Side Quests. Head to the nearest Volan and Overload the Hawk Security System. This will disable Dandelion Cameras, reducing the number of Pchela Hives honing in on your location.

If by hives, you mean Pchela hives in Atomic Heart, then there’s not much you can do until later in the game. But let’s take a look at the basics of enemy respawning, Dandelion cameras, and what you should expect.

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Dandelion Cameras

Destroy Hives in Atomic Heart

Dandelion Cameras are pretty much a no-go. Take a stealthy approach when navigating around these cameras as they can automatically trigger an Alarm Level 1. This will cause enemies in the vicinity to converge on you. And if you’ve already played the game, you know enemies in pairs of twos and fours, and they are pretty difficult to beat.

So, it’s best to either use Shok to temporarily disable them or destroy them. But then comes the problem of Pchela hives that come in a whole assortment of colors. Pick your poison. Blue for stabbing, Yellow for laser beams, and Reds with their very own portable Dandelion Cameras.

Pchela Hives in Atomic Heart

Destroy Hives in Atomic Heart

Now, Pchela Hives spawn infinitely. They converge on a destroyed Dandelion Camera and being repairing it, particularly the blue ones. Zap it with an Electro or Shok to distract it. But beware of its stinger! Blue Pcehlas even go so far as to repair any enemies that you’ve decimated in your tracks.

If you’ve played the first few hours, you know where this is going. Enemies and Dandelion Cameras will respawn infinitely. So, the best course of action is to avoid them altogether. Use Shok to move around Dandelion Cameras.

How to Destroy Hives in Atomic Heart

Destroying Pchela hives is easy. Just use shock and electro without wasting any ammo and you’re good to go. But if you want to reduce Pchela hives honing in on your location, there is a way to reduce them and prevent them from repairing dandelion cameras. And that’s by taking out the root of your problems. The Dandelion Camera itself.

Head over to the floating balloons in the vicinity known as the Volan if you can’t spot it. Activate the scanner and it’ll show a white trail of the wiring leading to the Volan.

In the Volan, you’ll find the Hawk Security System that has a Relay Overload Function. It requires a few sidequests to be completed before you can finally unlock it.

Now, you can roam around a section of the Open World operated by the Volan and the Hawk Security System. Dandelion Cameras will be deactivated.

That means no more Hives are honing in on your location, that is if you run into enemies and destroy them. But considering Dandelion Cameras will be out of commission(at least for a while), you won’t be running into swarms of enemies any time soon.


Atomic Heart can indeed get pretty frustrating considering how annoying and challenging the enemies the trio of Pchela Hives, Dandelion Cameras, and enemies can be. But after overloading the Hawk Security System, things will be easier. At least we can hope so!