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When Do Mutants Spawn in Sons of the Forest?

When Do Mutants Spawn in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest, much like its predecessor, has a slew of grotesque monstrosities known as Mutants that will haunt your dreams. They are different from your typical cannibals as those are usually humans who went a little too far in satisfying their hunger. Mutants are abominations and a true walking representation of body horror come to life.

These mutants are not as frequently encountered as the cannibals on the surface of the island but what makes them spawn?

Mutants at first only spawn in the cave systems of Sons of the Forest. They generally start spawning in the open world when you start exploring the many caves. When you remove the planks that close off these mutant-infested caverns, you essentially allow the mutants to come out of them and start roaming the surface.

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Mutants in Sons of the Forest

mutants in Sons of the Forest

There are two types of enemies that you will come in contact with in Sons of the Forest; Cannibals and Mutants. Cannibals are the local inhabitants, mostly human-esque, that just want to feed on any new person stupid enough to wander onto this dreaded island.

Mutants are a separate story altogether. Although they are similar to their surface-dwelling brethren i.e. Cannibals in terms of human-based diet, they are vastly different in looks and behavior. These are some of the most gruesome things out there. With weird body growth and appendages to downright nightmare-fuel designs, you are sure to be startled by their first appearance.

The Cannibals and Mutants are at odds too. You will see them fighting each other in Cannibal villages on the island. The AI of the mutants are quite erratic as well, they don’t function as the cannibals do.

These freaks tend to live in the many caves dotted all over the map. At first, you won’t see any of them on the surface but as time passes by, you will start witnessing them taking a stroll on the island’s surface. What makes them spawn on the island though?

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When Do Mutants Spawn In Sons Of The Forest?

Caves entrance - Mutants in Sons of the Forest

As mentioned above, mutants do not live on the island and are only present in caves. However, they will start appearing/spawning on the island once you start exploring the caves.

Whenever you reach a cave’s entrance, you will notice that a bunch of planks barricades them. You have to remove these wooden boards to get inside. In doing so, you allow the mutants that live inside to start spewing out in the world.

When you break this barrier, it is accompanied by an audio cue which might indicate that you have dug your own grave and that the island has gotten a little bit more dangerous. The more caves you start exploring and breaking into, the more mutants will start to appear on the island.

The mutant population inside the cave will start to dwindle, which you can see upon a second visit. This is because they will start pouring onto the surface. They will start to freely roam the island, start fighting the cannibals if they wander into their settlements, or attack your home base.

There are currently eight types of creepy mutants in Sons of the Forest: blind mutants, fingers, twins, mutant babies, John 2.0, sluggy, demon, and titan.

This mutant spawning behavior is generally the case however, some players have detected them even before they have opened up any cave.

Since the game is in early access, you can expect the system to be finicky at times but that also means that the developers can change this mutant spawning and cave opening connection at any time. But as of right now, this is the only way that mutants will start spawning in Sons of the Forest.