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Do Apsects Unlock For All Characters in Diablo 4?

Do Apsects Unlock For All Characters in Diablo 4?

Unlocking all of the Aspects of Diablo 4 can be quite tiresome. You’ll have to go through some dungeons numerous times to get the rarer ones. So you’ll have to repeat this grind for your other characters in Diablo 4? In this article, I’ll tell you whether Aspects unlock for all your characters or not.

Yes, Aspects unlock for all of your characters! Aspects you obtain from Dungeon completion or through extracting Legendaries will be added to your Codex of Power and can be utilized in future characters you create as well. Just make sure that the character is in the Eternal Realm.


Check out the rest of this guide if you’re looking for more information on Aspects in Diablo 4. We’ll go over what you can expect from the future characters you will create.

Unlocking Aspects in Diablo 4

Aspects in the Codex of Power - Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is the first in the franchise to attempt to lower the bar of entry for new players. One way that Diablo 4 has done this is by making sure that Aspects unlock for all of your characters. This means that if you’re starting the game on another character, you will not be expected to collect all Aspects again.

This is fantastic for new and returning players of Diablo 4 because re-running dungeons to farm your preferred Aspects can be tedious. By eliminating the grind for each character, you can get to your desired end-game build faster, and enjoy the content Diablo 4 sets out sooner. Win-Win.


However, it is important to note that so far we have been told that Aspects will reset for Seasonal play. While characters on the Eternal Realm can share Aspects. Any new character you make during the latest Diablo 4 season must unlock the desired Aspects all over again.

This is a massive announcement in the Diablo 4 community and has sparked much debate. Particularly in regards to the game artificially increasing replayability by forcing you to farm Aspects again. Blizzard is looking into the matter and future patches might change this fact.

How to Imprint Aspects in Diablo 4?

Imprinting Aspects - Diablo 4

To begin the process of imprinting an Aspect in Diablo 4, visit any major city and locate the Occultist. Interact with the Occultist to access the Occultist’s Menu, where you can proceed with the Aspect imprinting.

  • Next, navigate to your inventory and select the gear you wish to enhance with an Aspect.
  • Choose an Aspect from either your Codex of Power or the items in your inventory.
  • Click on the “Imprint Aspect” button at the bottom of the menu to apply the selected Aspect to your gear.

Please note that imprinting an Aspect requires both gold and Veiled Crystals. Obtain Veiled Crystals by salvaging rare weapons and armor. Ensure your gear is upgraded with powerful Aspects to unleash their true potential in the battles that await you in Diablo 4.

How to Extract Aspects in Diablo 4?

Extracting Aspects from Occultist - Diablo 4

To initiate the process of Aspect Extraction in Diablo 4, visit the Occultist located in any major city. Interact with the Occultist to access the Occultist’s Menu and begin the extraction.

  • In the left-hand menu, open the second tab.
  • Locate the Legendary item in your inventory from which you wish to extract an Aspect.
  • Preview the resulting item to confirm that the desired Aspect will be obtained.
  • At the bottom of the menu, click on the “Extract Aspect” button.

Please note that extracting an Aspect from an item will result in its destruction. Unlike the imprinting process, Aspect extraction only requires gold as a cost. Remember to have a suitable replacement item available for the one you will extract from.

The right Aspect can make or break your build in Diablo 4. It’s a good thing that on the Eternal Realm Aspects are shared between all characters. However, you will have to farm them again once seasonal gameplay starts in Diablo 4.