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12 Best Ships In Starfield And Where to Find Them

12 Best Ships In Starfield And Where to Find Them

Your spaceship is your extension in Starfield. You need it to scour the galaxy, fight confrontational ships, carry your loot, and bring your companions along so things don’t get lonely. You can always build your ship with the ship customization mechanic, but if you are looking for ones that are already available in the game then we have you covered right here with the best ships in Starfield.

Ships in Starfield come in three varieties or Classes. Class A are smaller more dexterous ships, not made more hauling cargo but mostly exploring and combat. Class C are the biggest ships in the game and have varying capabilities depending on their layout, but they have the most open upgrade paths. The Class B ships lie somewhere in the middle. You will need upgraded Piloting skills to fly Class B and C ships.


This detailed guide will list out some of the best ships in Starfield and explain what makes each spaceship special.

12. Razorleaf

The Razorleaf

Class: A

The signature ship of a masked vigilante, Mantis, in the world of Starfield. Consider this as Batman’s Batwing. It has a reactor power of 18, two crew slots, and shielded cargo space for smuggling with 160 of your total 420 cargo space being shielded. It also comes with laser, missile, and particle beam weapons already installed.

While it doesn’t have the most cargo space, it is a fast nimble ship. It is one of the fastest ways to acquire particle beam weaponry early on. One fun fact about this ship is that in space combat some enemies will flee as they’re afraid of going up against the legendary Mantis.

How to get it: You have to complete the Mantis side quest. You must first get your hands on a Secret Outpost! slate. The slate can be found on random spacer enemies or on the Nova Galactic Staryard.

Once you have the slate, it will point you to the Mantis’s secret lair on Denebola I-B in the Denebola system. The area is overrun with enemies so come prepared.

After fighting your way through the hostiles and completing a series of puzzles, at the end, you will receive the Razorleaf along with the Mantis’s hero suit.

11. Nimitz


Class: C

If you are into spacefaring and exploration then the Nimitz is for you.

It has a high fuel capacity for extended journeys and reasonable mass for maneuverability. Designed for those who want to roam the cosmos exploring distant sectors and navigating tricky spots with ease.

While it may not have the highest attack power or cargo capacity, it excels in long-distance travel and agile maneuvering in uncharted territories.

How to get it: This ship can be purchased from the Spaceport over on New Atlantis, planet Jemison of the Alpha Centauri System. It is worth 242,475 Credits.

10. Stronghold


Class: C

The Stronghold is a versatile all-rounder ship with a balanced set of features. It offers good fuel capacity for long voyages, and most importantly it has the highest combination of hull strength and shields in the game.

Combine that with a good attack capability, this ship is one of the most reliable companions for your adventures. The only downside to this one is that it’s a bit slow.

How to get it: You can buy this ginormous ship from the Ship Services Technician in Akila City, planet Akila, in the Cheyenne system. It has a value of 400,125 Credits.

9. Galileo III

Galileo III

Class: A

If you are looking to buy a Class A ship then Galileo is a good choice. It’s a much better offensive ship than your default ship.

The large sort of skeletal frame of the ship is easy to upgrade over time. It also has a good crew size, a decent jump range, and a nice set of weaponry. As with other A-Class ships, this one lacks cargo hauling capacity. But since this has a nice foundational frame for upgrades, you can always slap on more cargo modules.

How to get it: It can be purchased early on in New Atlantis for a low low price of 132,850 Credits.

8. Shieldbreaker


Class: B

The Shieldbreaker has a great cargo size for a B-class ship at around 2000. Another well-rounded ship for the win. Even the design of the ship is very friendly to future upgrades. You can easily replace parts that you don’t like or want to add something new with its intuitive layout.

What’s really unique about the ship is its pulse turrets. It has these three turrets that are high quality and fire automatically in combat. You don’t have to fire them manually. Give them the power they need and watch as they shred enemies.

How to get it: The Ship Technician on New Atlantis will sell this ship for 280,000 Credits. Keep in mind the ship vendors have random inventory so you might have to visit other spaceports to buy this spaceship.

7. Aegis


Class: B

The Aegis is one of the best Class B ships you can get in the beginning that has amazing firepower. It has powerful lasers, ballistics weaponry that shoots projectiles like a shotgun, and missiles to boot. For a Class B ship, it has good crew space, solid shields, and hull protection. Even the jump distance isn’t too shabby.

The ship is further elevated for its strong platform of upgradability. You can add more powerful weapons, and more engines for better maneuverability. Even adding modules for workshops or anything you prefer is a godsend. For the price you have to pay for this ship, you’ll be getting quite a bang for your buck.

How to get it: Can be purchased from the Deimos Staryard, orbiting Mars in the Sol system. It’s worth 207,150 Credits.

6. Narwhal


Class: C

One of the most unique-looking ships in all of Starfield. It has some excellent weapons on board with mastery in lasers and ballistics.

The shields and hull provide great defensive capabilities. The cargo space is pretty solid too. The jump distance is decent too with a nice reactor to provide the juice to the whole machine.

The crew capacity is on the lower side though. And you can never go wrong by adding a couple of more engines to give this giant ship even more horsepower.

How to get it: To buy this ship you need to first visit the Ryujin Industries building in Neon City, on planet Volii in the Volii system. Use the elevator in the building to reach the Taiyo Astroneering floor. Visit their showroom and look at their inventory to buy this ship for a hefty price of 432,620 Credits.

5. Star Eagle

Star Eagle

Class: A

The Star Eagle can quickly replace any ship you held dearly previously. It is a ship with 29 reactor power, 5 crew slots, EM, laser, and missile weaponry already installed.

Not to mention the much-appreciated 2500 cargo capacity. It is a relatively smaller ship which bodes well for mobility. You will be keeping enemies in check with its combat capabilities. And you can even feed your deep-seated hoarding needs.

The only thing we recommend editing on this ship is to replace the missiles with ballistics cannons and shorten the wingspan to reduce the hitbox. You might want to change the ugly color as well!

How to get it: It is the final reward for the Freestar Rangers faction questline. Visit Akila City on Planet Akila, help solve the bank robbery, and enroll yourself in the faction. Complete the entire questline as soon as possible to receive this incredible ship.

4. Kepler R

Kepler R -Starfield Best Ships

Class: C

This ship, unlike the others, does require a bit more time and level investment in order to unlock it and even to pilot. However, it is the best way of getting what would otherwise be a very expensive ship to buy or to build.

If you opted for the higher budget ship, it’ll be a massive Class C Starship with more cargo space than you know what to do with. If you go for the smaller more reasonable budget in the initial stage of the quest, you’ll instead be given a Class B ship.

How to get it: Rewarded in the Over-Designed side quest. After completing the “All that money can buy” main quest, talk to Walter Stroud. He will ask for your help in finishing the prototype ship design his company is working on.

To get the best version of the ship, you will have to pass at least one persuasion check so stock up on Hippolyta and/or wine to increase your chances. The design team you meet in the quest will ask for your advice on the ship’s parts so choose the ones that would sound the best. Also, persuade Jules to allot the biggest budget to the ship.

Go through the quest and at the end Walter will give you the ship for free. It can be claimed at the New Atlantis Starport.

3. Dragonfire II

Dragonfire II -Starfield Best Ships

Class: C

The Dragonfire II is a well-rounded ship. An extremely high fuel capacity for extended exploration and it also has good attack power.

It’s got reasonable mass, it’s fuel efficient, and it’s a generous cargo hold as well which is great for pirating. Its biggest downside is it doesn’t have the slowest engines, but it doesn’t have the fastest either.

However, the shields on it are great, and since you’ve got a really high attack power then you can deal with enemies quickly with your superior firepower without worrying about getting hit directly.

How to get it: You can buy this ship from the Ship Services Technician over on the planet Ixyll II in the Ixyll system. The price of the ship is 360,000 Credits.

2. Abyss Trekker

Abyss Trekker -Starfield Best Ships

Class: C

The Abyss Trekker is a real powerhouse with a whopping 296 attack power overall. With all of its weapons combined, it’s built to excel in combat allowing you to take on the toughest foes. While it may not have the largest cargo hold or the most fuel-efficient engines, it’s all about hanging hard and fast In the heat of battle. It is also light so is very maneuverable.

How to get it: The ship can be purchased from the Ship Technician on the planet Porrima II in the Porrima system. This ship costs 358,209 Credits.

1. Silent Runner

Silent Runner -Starfield Best Ships

Class: C

One of the best cargo ships you can get your hands on in Starfield. The Silent Runner is like a tank in space. It features super tough armor with a hull strength of 1164 and a shield of 975 making it one of the most defensive ships.

You’ll need all that defense for the massive 7000 cargo hold to lug all your valuables through space. It has the highest cargo capacity compared to moist ships in Starfield. Perfect for surviving the brutal attacks of any hostile ship attempting to steal your precious loot.

The only thing lacking is that it doesn’t have good attack stats. However, it does make up for it with its defensive capabilities and engines. Looking to start a freight business then look no further than this behemoth.

How to get it: You can buy this ship from the Hopetech HQ in HopeTown on planet Polvo in the Valo system. It costs 390, 150 Credits.

These are some of the best ships in Starfield. Every ship has its particular niche so use them to their strengths. Some of them have to be bought while the unique ones are rewarded for your actions. Expand your fleet with the finest there is in Starfield and never settle for less. You deserve only the best!