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Do Chests Respawn In Hogwarts Legacy?

Do Chests Respawn In Hogwarts Legacy?

The world of Hogwarts Legacy is littered with chests. It can be quite exciting to find one for the first time. However, you may have wondered whether the chests in Hogwarts Legacy can respawn over time or not. In this article, I’ll answer that and give you a little more information about this mechanic.

No, chests do not respawn in Hogwarts Legacy. Chests have fixed locations and remain open once you’ve opened them in-game.

Hogwarts Legacy is full of intricate systems and mechanics for you to engage with. With the game being open-world, it allows a lot of freedom for how you want to play. If you want to learn more about the mechanics and systems of Hogwarts Legacy. Then I recommend you keep reading!

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Do Chests Respawn in Hogwarts Legacy?

Chests in Hogwarts Legacy
Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

Unfortunately, no. Chests in Hogwarts Legacy do not respawn. As you traverse through the world of Hogwarts Legacy it is almost certain that you find chests. These are full of useful items, resources, and money. So finding these chests can be quite a neat reward.

However, once you’ve opened a chest it will remain open. And it will not provide any benefits, additional resources, or even money if you try interacting with it again.

All of the chests in Hogwarts Legacy have particular fixed locations. These chests do not respawn after they’ve been opened.

The good thing about this system: you cannot miss a chest through the course of your playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy. If you did not open a particular chest at one point in the game, you can always return later to open it. This means you always have access to the rewards of a chest, even if you can only access it once.

Types of Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

There are a variety of different types of chests in Hogwarts Legacy. There are several large, ornate, chests in the open world. And there are smaller, more compact, chests in Hogwarts Legacy as well. The game is full of special nooks and crannies, and chests serve as rewards for being a curious explorer.

In this section, we’ll be discussing all the different types of chests within the game. Although none of them can be opened twice. But knowing additional information about them can be useful on your wizarding journey.

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Small Chests

Small Chests - Hogwarts Legacy
Small Chests – Hogwarts Legacy

The type of chests that you will see quite a lot of within the game world are Small Chests. They are most abundantly found in the game world, and provide for the most part fairly minimum rewards. You will find that your early game is full of encounters with such chests.

This particular type of chest normally holds common or gold gear.

Large Chests

Large Chests - Hogwarts Legacy
Large Chests – Hogwarts Legacy

The other type of common chest in the world of Hogwarts Legacy are Large Chest. These are less commonly found but are still quite abundantly found in comparison to the rare chests found in the world. It’s always a happy moment when you come across a Large Chest.

A Large Chest will usually carry a Better Piece of equipment than can be found in Small Chests. So the quality of the gear that is provided by Large Chests will be sublime.

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Legendary Chests

Legendary Chests - Hogwarts Legacy
Legendary Chests – Hogwarts Legacy

You will find that Legendary Chests are quite sparsely found in Hogwarts Legacy. They are rarer than Large Chests, and as a result, will have more witches and wizards looking for them in their world. They look like Large Chests but have intricate details on them.

These types of chests will always grant you Legendary Gear. So it can be exceptionally momentous to run into a Legendary Chest, and be able to open them for its upgrade quality.

Collection Chests

Collection Chests
Collection Chests – Hogwarts Legacy

Another type of chest that you will commonly find is the Collection Chest. These chests are small and will be made of wood. They are usually quite simple and easy to spot while playing in the open world. So I suggest keeping your eyes peeled for them.

The reason is that these chests hold within them various important collectibles. These include wand handles and Conjuration spells.

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Disillusionment Chests

Disillusionment Chest
Disillusionment Chest – Hogwarts Legacy

Often known as the Chests with eyeballs, the Disillusionment Chests have to be one of the rarest forms of chests in Hogwarts Legacy. Not only do they function as normal chests, but they have an associated game mechanic. This makes interacting with these types of chests quite enjoyable, especially in the early game. The chest grants you 500 gold.

To open this type of chest you need to ensure that you open the chest without being seen by the eyeball of the chest. It can be quite frustrating to have to wait over and over again. But some people like the challenge of their exploration

Disillusionment Chest Bug

A well-known bug regarding the Disillusionment chests was that even after you opened them once, you could interact with them again to receive 500 additional gold. This has since been patched and removed from the game. As sad as that is to hear.

Chests cannot respawn in Hogwarts Legacy. But there are such a wide variety of chests in the game and with such a high volume of them available. That you really will never feel like you need more. Till next time, gamers. See ya.