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Can You Store Gear In Hogwarts Legacy?

Can You Store Gear In Hogwarts Legacy?

With Hogwarts Legacy being an RPG, you can expect to receive a lot of gear. While you go through your adventure in the Harry Potter universe, you will receive a lot of gear with varying stats and appearances. So you might question, “Can you store gear in Hogwarts Legacy?”

No, you cannot store gear in Hogwarts Legacy. You can increase Gear Slots and use the appearance of any gear you receive. But you cannot store gear.

Hogwarts Legacy is a vibrant game that’s filled with many intriguing systems and mechanics. Many of which work in tandem with one another. And can be confusing if this is the first time that you’re playing the game. Read on to learn more about Hogwarts Legacy’s gear system.

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Can you Store Gear in Hogwarts Legacy?

Gear Selection - Hogwarts Legacy
Gear Selection – Hogwarts Legacy

Unfortunately, you cannot store gear in Hogwarts Legacy. There is no particular spot in the overworld where you can store gear in Hogwarts Legacy. You will only be able to keep them in the limited Gear Inventory that you have in your Gear Menu.

This is further complicated by the fact that you also do not have any chests or wardrobes to store your gear either. That is once your Gear Inventory is full. Some believe this is a good thing, as it incentivizes you to eliminate redundant items. Since you cannot level gear up in Hogwarts Legacy, keeping old gear does not make sense.

Even though there is no way to store your gear. You can store the Appearance of a piece of gear permanently. This is good because you might like the look of a particular piece of gear. But you might not be interested in keeping the stats associated with that gear.

Another feature in Hogwarts Legacy allows you to increase Gear slots. Which can improve the total number of slots you have available on the menu. This does not mean you can use that as a substitute for storing your gear. But it functions well enough that you can alleviate some burden.

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How to Get More Gear Slots in Hogwarts Legacy?

Merlin Trials - Hogwarts Legacy
Merlin Trials – Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy the only way you’re going to have a sizeable number of Gear Slots. Is if you make the effort to complete certain in-game missions and events. Gear Slots are handy because you can store gear that you might not want to part with in it while you’re making changes to your character’s Loadout.

To get more Gear Slots in Hogwarts Legacy, all you need to do is complete the Merlin Trials. The Merlin trials are found pretty early in your journey within Hogwarts Legacy. You get introduced to these trials soon after your first visit to Hogsmeade while following the main quest line.

You will need to complete a certain number of simple puzzles and quizzes to receive the reward of expanded inventory space. One unlocked the Merlin Trials are marked with a round leaf icon on the map. Additionally, each of the trials will keep adding to your Challenges menu.

Through this system, you can get more Gear Slots to store some of your gear. Although this is not a complete solution to not being able to store your gear. It is a workable fix that can service many of you struggling early on.

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How to Sell Gear in Hogwarts Legacy?

Selling Items in the Shop - Hogwarts Legacy
Selling Items in the Shop – Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll find a lot of gear in Hogwarts Legacy. And although destroying the gear is one way to get rid of it. By far the most effective method is to sell it for a certain price. Go to your nearest store, and you can sell Epic or Legendary gear for quite a decent amount of Galleons.

To look for a good spot to sell your gear, navigate to any store with a Stack of Coins symbol. In these stores, you can exchange items that you’re carrying for money. You can then sell the gear that you do not want at such places. And reap the rewards that come from the smart investment of your resources.

You’ll also be keeping your gear storage clean.

Hogwarts Legacy does not provide any tangible method in the overworld to store gear. This does not mean there aren’t features and systems that can benefit you in that regard.

You can keep the appearance of the gear that you like, you can increase your total Gear Slots, and finally, you can sell unwanted or unused gear at the market shops. For more guides on Hogwarts Legacy keep reading GameVoyagers!