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Does Bleed Scale With Arcane in Elden Ring?

Does Bleed Scale With Arcane in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has a ton of weapons to choose from, and by far, Bleed is one of the most fun weapons to choose from. Most enemies are weak to it, which drains the health of everything you fight. One question that a lot of people ask is if Bleed scales with Arcane in Elden Ring.

Yes, Bleed does scale with Arcane, depending on the weapon stats. Weapons with a lot of passive blood attacks scale with Arcane, so if you do have one, take advantage of that.


There are many Bleed weapons to choose from, so have fun finding one you enjoy using. We recently started a Wretch playthrough and got our hands on the Morning Star. It does insane damage, especially if you pair it with the Jump Talisman. Stuff with Passive Bleed does well against pretty much anything.

Does Bleed scale with Arcane?

Bleed does scale with Arcane, depending on what weapon requires it. If it is a weapon like the Morning Star Mace, it won’t scale with Arcane unless you have an Ash of War that gives it Arcane scaling. You must look at each weapon’s use and correctly place the correct attributes.

If you don’t, you will have attributes in places that won’t help you at all.


Bleed is a status effect that builds up through repeatedly hitting the target. Once the Hemorrhage meter is filled, the effect is triggered, and the target takes damage equal to a percentage of their Max HP.

There are a lot of weapons with Bleed stats, but you always want to look out for the passive Bleed weapons. It is nice to have a weapon with a Bleed skill, but those are the best if it does passive Bleed damage.

Is Arcane worth upgrading?

It is a bad idea if you are upgrading Arcane for armor. Your Attributes don’t affect your armor at all. If your weapon has some sort of Arcane scaling, it is a great option to level up. If the scaling in other sections is better, put more into other attributes. Arcane is also a great attribute to upgrade if you want higher Item Discovery.


It also helps against Holy damage. Vitality is also increased when you upgrade it, so you won’t easily get staggered by random enemies. This means you can get your attacks in without them being canceled out by the enemy’s attacks. If you think Arcane is not for your build, don’t upgrade it. Arcane is one of those attributes that aren’t necessary, but it is an important one for specific builds.

There are plenty of builds in the game, and maybe Bleed builds aren’t for you. That is perfectly fine. If you get into Arcane builds, you won’t regret it, especially since FromSoft is constantly updating and fixing stuff, which is good.