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Why Doesn’t Elden Ring Have Crossplay?

Why Doesn’t Elden Ring Have Crossplay?

If you have been a fan of any FromSoft game, you will know that there has never been any sort of crossplay with any of its games. If they do add a crossplay mode, then great, but there is a lot of time needed to get it implemented into any game. A game this big is not an easy game to implement crossplay either.

Elden Ring doesn’t have crossplay because FromSoft doesn’t want to deal with Sony and Xbox’s teams about any sort of crossplay. It is way more expensive and it is a hassle to get it working properly. Yes, most other games have it, but with Elden Ring, FromSoft didn’t want to go through the time and money needed for it.

To be perfectly honest, the game does not need it. The PVP and co-op players are not super angry about it, but it just doesn’t need a crossplay mode. We are perfectly fine that they haven’t implemented it at all, and if you are angry, get over it. If they do add a crossplay mode, that would be great, but for now, there is no crossplay mode available.

Why doesn’t FromSoft add crossplay to Elden Ring?

Another big reason FromSoft won’t add a crossplay mode is the fact that they made Multiplayer harder to get into. You might want to play with your buddy on the console, but the thing is, older generation consoles and even the new ones aren’t as powerful as a PC is. Obviously, the game is locked at 60 FPS, and we don’t really know why FromSoft did this.

Every single game FromSoft released has had a locked framerate, but even then, crossplay is still not implemented. No one really knows the exact reason behind their decisions, but it does help to see that they haven’t been lazy with this game at all. There have been some optimization issues on PC, but those have been resolved in the recent patches.

Multiplayer isn’t the main focus of the game so why would they go through the hassle of implementing crossplay when their main focus is on the core gameplay. It is not the hardest thing to do in the world, but we appreciate that they spent more time on the actual game than implementing a mechanic that only 5% of players would actually use.

Would crossplay work in Elden Ring?

As we said before, it might work, but it is not a necessary thing to have in a game. There are honestly soo many consoles and PCs that it is extremely difficult to optimize everything together. Yes, you might think it is a basic thing that most games have today, but you just need to chill out and let the developer do whatever they want to do.

Gamers are the most nit-picky people on the planet so it is not an unusual thing to see people getting angry at this. Just play the game and enjoy your time in the world that FromSoft has made. If you are caught up in what they haven’t implemented, then you aren’t looking at the bright side of things.