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Do Strongholds Reset in Diablo 4?

Do Strongholds Reset in Diablo 4?

Similar to many other ARPGs, Diablo 4 lets you reset dungeons, boss fights, and maps full of enemies. With how great Stronghold rewards are, you are probably wondering if they reset as well. In this article, I’ll answer whether Strongholds reset in Diablo 4.

No, Strongholds do not reset in Diablo 4. Strongholds can only be completed once on each character, and will only provide their rewards once. However, Strongholds such as Kor Dragan have timed invasion events that occur after their initial completion.


If you’re still looking for more information on Strongholds then check out the rest of this article. We’ll be discussing whether Strongholds reset, how to play through Strongholds again, and the Stronghold reset bug that was recently fixed by Blizzard.

Can You Reset Strongholds in Diablo 4?

Stronghold = Diablo 4

Strongholds in Diablo 4 do not reset on the character you have already cleared them on. This means that if your character has cleared a Stronghold once then you will not be able to go through it again, defeat enemies again, or receive the rewards again. You can only do them once.

Most ARPGs have content that you can continuously replay, and Diablo 4 is no stranger to this mechanic. Most things in Diablo 4, including World bosses, dungeons, Elites, and even main campaign bosses do reset. However, Strongholds in Diablo 4 do not reset similarly.


It’s within your interest to seek out these Strongholds and complete them as soon as possible. All of the Strongholds within Diablo 4 reward you with 100 Renown points. Which are incredibly valuable in Diablo 4. Other than that you can encounter a slew of random items including a significant chance to encounter Legendaries.

After knowing this, you might be tempted to find a way to reset Strongholds. While there is no method to reset Strongholds by yourself, there are a few multiplayer options you can try.

How to Play Through Strongholds Again?

Stronghold Party Completion - Diablo 4

Under normal circumstances, Strongholds in Diablo 4 do not reset once players have cleared them. However, an intriguing aspect of multiplayer will allow us to bypass this restriction and playthrough Strongholds more than once.

If you’re partied with someone who hasn’t cleared a specific Stronghold, and they are the leader of the party, you can enter and clear through that Stronghold again. This means that to clear Strongholds over and over all you need to do is find a new player willing to let you tag along with them on their first clear.

Simply party up and make the first-timer the leader. This is all you need to do to play through Strongholds again in Diablo 4.

Stronghold Bug Explained

Stronghold Reset Bug - Diablo 4

After the release of Diablo 4, there was a common bug that many of you might have experienced, wherein Strongholds would reset after a random amount of time. This is probably the cause of a lot of confusion among the community regarding whether Strongholds reset or not.

If this bug occurred to you then the game server considered your Stronghold’s incomplete. Additionally, you lost access to the assorted dungeons that would unlock from those Strongholds upon completion. Even if you cleared Strongholds again through this method you would not gain additional renown.


In some rare instances, you might also lose access to the strongholds themselves. This means you cannot enter these locations and cannot subsequently reclear them. This was quite frustrating as it would mean you would lose permanent access to dungeons.

There you have it guys! Strongholds don’t reset in Diablo 4. But you can still do them again if you’ve got someone new doing them for the first time.

There still hasn’t been an official patch for the Stronghold bug, but we hope Blizzard releases a solution soon. Check out our other guides for more information on Diablo 4.