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Can You Skip The Campaign in Diablo 4?

Can You Skip The Campaign in Diablo 4?

If you’re considering starting another character in Diablo 4, you might dread playing through the entire campaign again. Luckily Diablo 4 doesn’t force you to do everything all over again. In this article, we’ll discuss whether, on subsequent playthroughs, you can skip Diablo 4’s campaign.

Yes, if you’ve completed Diablo 4’s campaign on another character, you can skip playing through it on new characters. The difficulty you complete the campaign the first time does not matter. And you can access the skip campaign feature in the character creation menu.


If you still don’t know if or how you can skip the campaign in Diablo 4 then check out the rest of this article! We’ll discuss everything you need to know about skipping the campaign in Diablo 4.

Can Alt Characters Skip the Campaign in Diablo 4?

Skip Campaign for New Character - Diablo 4

Yes, Diablo 4 offers you the option to skip the story campaign, providing a convenient feature for those of you who wish to start a fresh character without replaying the entire campaign. Diablo 4 offers this feature for free, acknowledging its status as a live service title.

The only caveat that you need to keep in mind is that you cannot skip the campaign if you haven’t completed it at least once on any difficulty. This means you cannot skip the campaign or the main story your first time playing through the game, but you can skip the campaign on subsequent playthroughs.


By choosing to skip the campaign, you can bypass the introductory mission and begin your journey directly in Kyovashad. From there, you can engage in various activities designed to facilitate faster leveling. It’s worth noting that certain items are shared across all characters on your account, providing additional benefits.

How To Skip Diablo 4’s Campaign For a New Character?

Gameplay Option - Diablo 4

To access the campaign skip option, you need to complete the entire campaign at least once. The difficulty level does not matter; completion itself is the key requirement. Once this is achieved, the option to skip the campaign can be found in the character creation menu.

Still, looking for clearer instructions? Follow these steps:

  • First, you must complete all acts and beat the final boss with at least one character.
  • From the Title screen select Create a New Character
  • On the Finalize tab, you’ll be notified of the option to skip the campaign for this character.
  • Select the box to skip the campaign.
  • Select Start Game

There you have it guys! You will now be able to start your new journey, with a new character, in Diablo 4. Your character will start at Level 1 in Kyovashad

Shared Features Between Diablo 4 Characters

Shared Features - Diablo 4

The first notable feature to be accessible to all your characters, whether new or old is that of shared items. With this, your newly created characters, who have skipped the campaign, will have the ability to access the stash items.

This means that any valuable or essential items stored in the stash can be conveniently accessed regardless of the character that you’re playing. Additionally, bonuses obtained from collecting the Altar of Liliths are also shared across the account. This translates to extra skill points being available when starting a new character.


The convenience extends to currency as well. Gold, Murmuring Obols, and crafting materials are shared account-wide, ensuring that you won’t run out of these essential resources when starting a new character.

Furthermore, skipping the campaign allows immediate access to mounts without the need to progress to Act 4, where mounts are traditionally unlocked in the game.

Diablo 4 presents you with the option to skip the campaign, enabling them to dive straight into the action. Armed with this knowledge, the only thing left to do is set off on your new adventure and raise some hell!