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Does Atomic Heart Have Denuvo?

Does Atomic Heart Have Denuvo?

The newly released Action FPS RPG shooter Atomic Heart has had a lot of buzz around it. Although received well. The player base has been iffy about whether Atomic Heart includes the anti-piracy software called Denuvo. We’ll be answering whether the game has it and what is it.

Yes, Atomic Heart has Denuvo. The developers of Atomic Heart confirmed through official announcements that the game will include anti-piracy software called Denuvo.

The inclusion of Denuvo has upset many gamers hoping to purchase the game. To understand more about this situation and what precisely Denuvo is we urge that you keep reading!

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Atomic Heart Does it Have Denuvo?

Mundfish Developer Regarding Denuvo in Atomic Heart
Mundfish Developer Regarding Denuvo in Atomic Heart

Developer Mundfish through various Q&As, tweets, and otherwise officially has confirmed that Atomic Heart does have Denuvo. This has come with a lot of disappointment from the general gaming audience. Most of you had been excited about Atomic Heart.

However, leading up to the game’s launch Developer Mundfish stated that the game will have Denuvo. This has come in light of a wave of recent triple-A games containing controversial software. Many other games such as Hogwarts Legacy and Dead Space Remake (2023) have similarly faced backlash. Which has been largely due to their inclusion of the Denuvo software.

Mundfish developers did claim that Denuvo is expected to cost performance. And that it might especially negatively impact the FPS counter. They are aiming to rectify the situation by including DLSS technology that can provide a strong FPS boost to offset any potential harm.

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The Early Development Build

Screenshot from BTAORAY GAMING Youtube Channel - Atomic Heart Denuvo
Screenshot from BTAORAY GAMING Youtube Channel

An early development build of the game has been circulating the internet. This version of the game does not have Denuvo. Many people have done extensive testing with the launch build and the Early Dev build and have surmised that Denuvo was poorly integrated at a very late stage in the development.

This has many of you gamers frustrated by the seeming lack of attention that the developers of Atomic Heart put into polishing their game and ruining their experience. Several Youtubers and figures in the gaming community thus have made videos and posts about the situation.

Why does the Gaming Community Dislike Denuvo?

Atomic Heart Denuvo
Denuvo by Ir.deto

Denuvo, as you might already know by this point is an anti-cheating and anti-piracy software. An Austrian company called Ir.deto developed Denuvo. There are several reasons why Denuvo is negatively perceived by the gaming community.

In short, these issues are a result of the perceived privacy risk that Denuvo’s anti-cheat software causes. The software manually checks the files that are locally stored on your PC or device. And it then verifies whether they were legitimately purchased or not.

This invasion of privacy of you, the end user, has thus been greatly detested. Additionally, Denuvo’s software causes massive strain on your CPU. This means that a game with Denuvo has greater difficulty generating assets and maintaining a stable FPS count. All of which negatively impact the experience of you the gamer.

I hope this article answered your question. And that it gave you a better understanding of the reasons why the gaming community, currently, does not like Denuvo.