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Stuck on a Loading Screen in Elden Ring: 2 Obvious Fixes

Stuck on a Loading Screen in Elden Ring: 2 Obvious Fixes

Elden Ring is obviously not perfect, and when it comes to glitches and crashes, it does have a few every once and a while. It happens on consoles and PC so if you get the game, don’t be angry when it happens. If a crash does happen, don’t worry. It won’t corrupt your files and it will drop you in the spot you were right before the crash happened.

There are really only 2 ways to fix the loading screens that are stuck. You can either wait it out or restart your game or device. It totally depends on what you are playing the game on, so we will go over what to do depending on what you are on exactly. Also, waiting for the game to load might not work some of the time so keep that in mind.

If you do run into crashes or infinite loading screens, it can be extremely annoying. It doesn’t happen very often so it shouldn’t be a constant issue for you when you want to just play the game. The entire time we played the game, it probably happened to us about 4-5 times in over 100 hours of playtime. It might be worse for other people so make sure to keep that in mind.

1. Wait a bit longer for the game to load

As we said before, you can always wait for the loading screen to finish. Depending on what you are playing the game on, it could be taking a bunch of extra time to load the game. When it does this, it can be frustrating, but it will eventually load for you. This is a big problem on the previous generation consoles because they don’t have the power to load newer games like this as well.

On PC, it all depends on what you have the game installed on. If you have an SSD and it is taking a long time to load, then you might have another issue. At that point, you probably want to follow the second way to fix your game. If you know that it won’t load all the way, just restart and you will be all good.

2. Restart your game or device

Depending on what device you are playing on, you will have to do things a little differently. If you are on a console, you could either just close the game and restart it, or you can always do a hard shut-off of your console. Obviously, hard shutting your console isn’t that great for it, but it will fix the issue. If you are on a PC, you don’t need to shut off your entire PC.

You can either go through Steam and shut the game off or you can open task manager and force close the game. It is not super good to do that, but it really is your only option. If you want to try and save your save file, then you might want to find the save folder and copy it. Once you force close the game, you won’t have to worry about your file getting corrupted.