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How to Get Hunt: Showdown to Work on The Steam Deck

How to Get Hunt: Showdown to Work on The Steam Deck

Hunt: Showdown, after a long overdrawn period, is now finally playable on the Steam Deck, but you’ll still have to install some apps to get it up and running, and surprisingly, it runs pretty smoothly due to some great optimization by the devs. Check out our Hunt Showdown Steam Deck Settings!


Install Easy Anti-Cheat Runtime from the Steam Store. Enable FSR and set the TDP to 12W. Change the resolution to 980×600 and aim for an FPS Limit of 45FPS. Turn all the settings to low. Hunt: Showdown will now run on around 40-45 FPS.

Hunt: Showdown Steam Deck Performance

Hunt Showdown Steam Deck

Hunt Showdown runs surprisingly well on the Steam Deck, though with the eye candy turned down substantially. You’ll need to play the game on the lowest settings. Still, it looks beautiful on the Steam Deck’s small screen.

You can expect a solid 45 FPS on the Steam Deck at a TDP of 12W with a resolution of 980×600. And if you’re a Steam Deck enthusiast, you’ll be fine with this as 40 FPS is the new 60 on the handheld.

Hunt Showdown Anti-Cheat

The game now uses an Anti-Cheat feature that needs to be worked around, considering Anti-Cheat doesn’t work on the Steam Deck. Your best bet is to install Easy Anti Cheat Runtime from the Steam Store and install it. Afterward, Hunt: Showdown will run perfectly on the handheld.

Hunt: Showdown In-game Settings

Global Graphics QualityCustom
Object QualityLow
Texture QualityLow
Anti AliasingSMAA ITX
Lighting QualityLow
Shadow QualityLow
Effect QualityLow
Post Process QualityLow
Particle QualityLow
Depth of FieldOff
Motion BlurOff
Use 2 Pass Scene RenderingOn
Use 2 Pass Lighting On
Toggle GPU TessellationOff
Surace Format OptimizationOff

Hunt: Showdown Steam Deck Settings

FPS Limit45FPS
Refresh Rate45Hz


And that pretty much sums up all the Steam Deck Settings for Hunt: Showdown. You can expect to play it perfectly with a solid 40-45 FPS and no hiccups as you defeat the bosses and get away with the bounty.