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Best 5 Weapons In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (Post-Hotfix)

Best 5 Weapons In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (Post-Hotfix)

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands just received a major Hotfix that has provided some much-needed Buffs and Nerfs to the host of weapons available in this game. These changes are considered important when you realize that many powerful builds in the game depend only on a few particular weapons. Which reduced the overall weapons diversity in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Before the Hotfix, the dominating weapon types were the Sub Machine Guns and the Pistols. And although they haven’t received a major Nerf. Nevertheless, they are being out-shined by some of the other lesser-used weapons in the game now. Currently, after gaining up to a 40% damage buff, the Shotgun and Assault Rifle weapon types have ascended the weapon’s tier list.

Now we know how difficult it is to find your favorite weapons. Especially, if you had not previously spent time collecting them before the Hotfix launched. Do not worry though, because along with providing you with a list of the six best weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, we will also explain to you how and where to get them.

With that being said the Best Weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands after the Hotfix are as follows:

  • Rogue Imp
  • Circuitous Gyre
  • Cross-Blade
  • Last Rites
  • Red Hellion
  • Reign of Arrows

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Rogue Imp

image 255

After receiving a whopping 43% damage buff from the recent Hotfix, the Rogue Imp is a weapon you simply cannot miss out on. It comes exclusively in the Fire element, being one of only a few Legendary weapons that actually do so. It has a pretty interesting special ability which is that whenever you reload this weapon it releases two impish Rakks that home into your enemies, and collide with them to do massive damage. It is a particularly amazing weapon for anyone looking to construct a Fire element build.

Where can you get the Rogue Imp?

There are essentially two ways to obtain this weapon. The first is to play the game on Chaos Level 20 and find it as a random loot-drop from the open world. Alternatively, and perhaps far more reliably, the weapon can be looted from the Chaos Bunnies that you can trade your collected gems with after a successful Chaos Chamber run.

Circuitous Gyre

image 260

What makes the Gyre weapon so spectacular is its incredible special ability. As you hold down the trigger for this weapon it will start off with a very slow Fire Rate. However, as you continue to keep the trigger held down both its Fire Rate and Damage will significantly increase. With this ability, the Circuitous Gyre can melt through some of the toughest enemies and bosses in the game. It can become available in both an elemental and non-elemental variant. If you’re looking for precision and damage, then the Gyre is definitely for you.

Where can you get the Circuitous Gyre?

This weapon can only be obtained from the Chaos Chamber. You can either obtain this weapon as a drop from the Badass enemies present in the Chaos Chamber or by the Chaos Bunnies. For the Chaos Bunnies to drop this weapon you will have to trade in your gems and have completed a successful run.


image 262

The Cross Blade has a very unique concept the weapon. When the weapon drops it randomly selects two elements. What this does is that depending on those elements the Cross-Blade’s projectiles deal damage to those two elemental types.

This weapon performs incredibly well in a packed area, where there are multiple enemies to attack. This is because of its wide arching X-shaped attack that does wide-sweeping damage. Additionally, this weapon pairs really well with the Stabbomancer class due to various elemental affinities, an extremely good Critical Hit Chance, and the potential Damage over time effect that it can cause.

Where can you get the Cross-Blade?

There are two ways to obtain the Cross-Blade and both of them are exclusively within the Chaos Chambers. The first is as a dedicated drop from the hidden boss Gloopathoth in the Keepers of the Abyss. And the second method to obtain this weapon is by exchanging your collection of gems at the end of a Chaos Chamber run to the Chaos Bunnies.

How to reach the hidden boss Gloopathoth?

  • You can access the Hidden Boss starting from Chaos Chamber runs at Level 7
  • Activate the Blue Rune in the Brighthoof area of the Chaos Chambers
  • Solve the Blue Rune puzzle
  • Complete the Chaos Chamber Run
  • You will be presented with two portals, teleport through the Red portal
  • You will enter the room of the hidden raid boss Gloopathoth

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Last Rites

image 266

This would perhaps be the best shotgun in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands if you could add an enchant to it. However, even without that, the Last Rites is an extremely powerful and useful weapon. This is in large part due to its Ricochet ability that allows for shots fired from this weapon to bounce and attack other enemies in a nearby radius.

Additionally, this is a Cryo-element weapon, which is an element that is extremely powerful in the game particularly due to its ability to pierce through enemy defenses. It is for this reason that we highly recommend this shotgun to all Freeze-builds or Cryo-Builds, as well as anyone going for a Brr-Zerker build.

Where can you get the Last Rites?

The Last Rites can be obtained as a reward for completing the Side Quest Twenty Thousand Years Under the Sea. It is recommended that you hold off on completing this Side Quest until you reach a higher level. This is so that the Last Rites that it drops for you is of an appropriately high level, with its powerful stats.

You can view how to complete this Side Quest from the walk-through below:

Red Hellion

image 267

The Red Hellion is a particularly amazing weapon, but requires some proper planning before attempting to utilize it otherwise it feels quite lackluster. The most unique ability that you will find in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is that of the Red Hellion weapon. The Red Hellion gains a +1 pellet for every 10% stat increase in movement speed.

This is why the Red Hellion does massive damage and can shred through enemy HP bars in an instant when buffed with abilities such as Haste or move-speed equipment. Moreover, the Red Hellion has amazing base damage as well, which allows even sub-par builds to run the weapon to deadly efficiency although not reaching the massive damage outputs of a proper build.

Where can you get the Red Hellion?

You can obtain this weapon by farming the Obsidian Wyvern which is a Obelisk Challenge in Tangle Drift. Simply make your way to the area called Tangle Drift and traverse through it till you reach a wooden house. Cross that location and you will see the Obelisk in the distance, make your way over to it.

Once the Obelisk is active defeat some smaller wyvern enemies until the Obelisk spawns the Obsidian Wyvern. Defeat the Obsidian Wyvern as many times as it takes for it to drop the weapon. Please make sure that you are playing on Chaos Mode whilst attempting this challenge for the weapon to drop.

Reign of Arrows

image 271

The Reign of Arrows has the highest DPS among the Shotguns in the game as of the new Hotfix. With the Hotfix, this weapon has been given a substantial bonus causing it to be one of the best for clearing out mobs and the best at defeating bosses in the game. Its ability allows you to select a particular area and shoot a rain of 6 arrows within that space, dealing massive damage. It also has a really fast reload speed.

However, there are potential problems with this weapon. The most noticeable is that the Arrows have the ability to self-harm. This means that if you run into the area where the shot was fired you will be hit and defeated by your own weapon. So word of advice, don’t do that. Otherwise, the Reign of Arrows is a stellar addition to your arsenal of badass weaponry.

Where can you get the Reign of Arrows?

The Reign of Arrows, like many other weapons on this list, can be obtained from the Chaos Chamber Bunnies. The Chaos Chamber Bunnies release a lot of loot and items after you trade your collected gems with them at the end of a Chaos Chamber Run.

The Hotfix has been a blessing for many weapons as it pulled them out of obscurity to now infamy. Ultimately, this increases the weapon diversity available to players and goes a long way to establishing the longevity of the game. Till next time, Ciao!