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Do Spiders Respawn in Grounded? What You Need to Know

Do Spiders Respawn in Grounded? What You Need to Know

Grounded is one of those survival games that have been popping up a lot recently, but it’s done surprisingly well amassing a player count of nearly 13 million users. It’s free on Xbox Gamepass these days and presents users with a macroscopic perspective on the everyday world. But Grounded has tons of pesky critters that bother you a lot, especially wolf spiders, so today we’ll be looking at everything you need to know about spiders and whether spiders respawn in grounded.

Wolf Spiders initially respawned at an average rate of 2-3 days after being annihilated. But after recent updates, Wolf Spiders spawn one day later or even at night. The respawn rate and respawn locations of Wolf Spiders have been particularly buggy in Grounded recently.

If you’ve played Grounded, then you’ve run into wolf spiders. They can be extremely annoying to deal with and serve as the source of many jumpscares. 

Wolf Spiders in Grounded

Do Wolf Spiders Respawn Grounded Wolf Spider

Truth be told, wolf spiders are easily one of the most difficult mobs to deal with in Grounded, especially when traversing the Garden area. Although players might run into tougher mobs throughout the game, Wolf Spiders can be a recurring nuisance.

While these spiders are isolated into their own spawn regions most of the time, there’s a relatively decent chunk of them in the world of Grounded, and truth be told, they travel a considerable distance from their spawn location. So, you might want to keep a lookout for them whenever you can. 

What makes these spiders all the more formidable is the fact that they can take out the player in a few mere hits despite having some decent protection on. You can hear the wolf spider snoozing as you navigate the Garden, so keep your ears open for any audio cues. If you hear any snoring, then a Wolf Spider might just be right around the corner.

You can easily tell the difference between Wolf Spiders and Orb weavers from their proportions and their colors. In contrast to the yellow highlights on the orb weaver, wolf spiders are brown.

Wolf Spider Spawns

Akin to many other mobs in Grounded, Wolf Spiders have been assigned spawn regions by default but they’re found across the Garden area in Grounded as they tend to roam a farther distance in contrast to many other mobs. This is why players need to always keep an eye out for these spiders.

You’ll normally see wolf spiders roaming around the Garden area in Grounded at night, at dawn, or in the late afternoon. But their AI is kind of complicated as they might start wandering farther from their set routes depending upon whatever grabs their attention.

Wolf spiders are kind of bugged as they spawn numerous times or don’t respawn at all when you need to extract resources from them.

Do Wolf Spiders Respawn Grounded
  • Under the Yoked Girth
  • Found under a sizeable rock near the Upper Yard Ascent
  • Near the Roots of the Oak Tree 
  • Near the house and below the Porch
  • Under some leaves southeast of a Fallen Branch
  • Found in a Cave under Plank Cliff
  • Two are found near the BBQ Spill
  • In a Lego Block inside the Sandbox
  • 3 are found under the Oak Tree
  • 2 are found on a Blue Tarp in the Woodpile area

How Often Do Wolf Spiders Respawn in Grounded?

The Respawn rate for spiders has drastically changed with each update. Before a few updates, Wolf Spiders respawned at a particular spawn region 2-3 days after they’d been wiped out but now, players have noticed Wolf Spiders spawning as fast as a day later and some have encountered one within a single night. But the generally accepted opinion is that the Wolf Spider respawn rate goes down as you increasingly farm it.

This new respawn rate has made Wolf Spiders a nuisance to the point players have reported spiders glitching into their towers at least 8 to 9 stories high out of nowhere. Albeit ridiculous and funny, the Wolf Spider Jumpscares are very real and have been seriously affecting gameplay in Grounded.


If you’re looking to farm wood spiders to level up and obtain some extra goodies and resources, then your best bet is to farm under the Oak Tree. But don’t get greedy as realistically, you can only take on one wolf spider at a time.

If you’re gunning to take on multiple spiders, then do it in a team of four co-op buddies. Taking out Wolf Spiders allows you to harvest the following resources:

  • Spider Chunks
  • Spider Fangs
  • Spider Venom

That’s all fine and dandy, but how are these resources useful? Well, you’ll find yourself regularly farming wolf spiders if you want to get your hands on the following unlockables:

  • Venom Arrow
  • Spider Hood
  • Insect Bow
  • Spider Knee Pad
  • Spider Fang Dagger
  • Spider Shoulder Guard

How to Effectively Take Out Wolf Spiders

Do Wolf Spiders Respawn Grounded

So you’ve figured out the basics of a wolf spider’s habits and habitat. What now? Well, you need to know how to effectively put them out of commission.

Wolf Spiders are notoriously weak when it comes to spicy damage so you might want to overhaul weapons with a bit of spice using the Smithing Station or the Spicy Coaltana.

It’s one of the most effective melee weapons in the game and works best on all types of Spiders, whether they’re Orb Weavers, the Hedge Broodmother, or just regular Wolf Spiders. 

In addition, players should also stay on the defensive when going up against Wolf Spiders and avoid any damage as possible. Wolf Spiders can cause a poison status effect that eats away at your health, but there’s a work for this nuisance. Players need to take out 5 wolf spiders to unlock the Poison Immunity mutation. This is a pretty useful mutation as you won’t have to worry about getting poisoned by the many mobs in the game.

Here’s a list of all the effective weapons to take out Wolf Spiders:

  • Spicy Coaltana
  • Pebblet Axe
  • Insect Axe
  • Termite Axe
  • Antlion Greatsword
  • Pebblet Dagger
  • Larva Blade
  • Black Ant Sword

Wolf Spider Moveset

The Wolf Spider Moveset is pretty similar to what we’ve seen in an Orb Weaver. Figuring out the  Wolf Spider’s next move is essential to stay alive especially if you still haven’t unlocked Poison Immunity.


  • Bite
  • Lunge
  • Jump Attack
  • Bite Combo


Now that you know how often Spiders respawn and where they’re usually found, you’re prepared to take them on in Grounded. Or are you? Wolf Spiders have become an increasingly formidable threat due to their random spawns and spawn rate. So, you need to figure out more ways to take Spiders out. And we’ll be glad to show you the ropes.