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Lost Ark Vs Path of Exile: Which is the Better Game?

Lost Ark Vs Path of Exile: Which is the Better Game?

Since its release, Lost Ark has been a major contender for the ARPG throne. However, the competition has long been dominated by titles like Path of Exile or Diablo III. The Korean title’s diverse advanced classes invite you to explore a world of unique classes while the dark fantasy of Wraeclast makes you experience true adversity and joy. 

While both titles are free to play and offer a lot in terms of gameplay and content, there can only be one correct answer. With Lost Ark gaining renowned success in the modern MMORPG world, it only feels right to put these two to the test to see how one fares against the other.

Beating Path of Exile is a tall order compared to Lost Ark due to its deep character progression and engaging loot system. 

With that said, Lost Ark is by no means an inferior game, it instead takes some elements of an MMORPG and hones them to their peak. Here is how Lost Ark fares against Path of Exile in different game aspects

Lost Ark Vs Path of Exile

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There is nothing more lovable than the aspect of self progression in an MMO. However, it is not the sole building block that defines a title as “good” or “bad”. Rather it is the general aim of the game and its execution that makes a title enjoyable to play. 

Before letting the titles duke it out till a plain victor is visible, we should understand the basics of how these games work in comparison with how they are intended to work. We will also take a look at the very basics that each game executes correctly and how it correlates to the game being  ‘better’ or ‘worse’. 

Leagues and Events

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The most common method of judging a developer’s dedication to the game is through its released content. Lost Ark features raids with multiple phases which can be pretty standard. However, it ramps up the raid experience with constant changes of sceneries and complex boss mechanics. Each raid seems to have its own story to tell which is uncommon in ARPGs. 

In Path of Exile, you don’t get to experience such moments. However, taking part in a leveling race in a brand new server along with getting to re-experience every part of Wraeclast is a priceless feeling. With that said, there is a unique set of Leagues that run separately from the main storyline, this is a bit dull compared to the excitement that Lost Ark brings. Therefore, we’ll hand over the medal to Lost Ark for this one. 

Wraeclast Vs Arkesia

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Wrareclast is depicted as a dark continent with a brutal environment where you need to face the dangers by yourself. The entire theme of the world is dark, gritty, and somewhat realistic. Wraeclast is beautifully interconnected with multiple environmental challenges. There is always a sense of achievement lurking behind every battle no matter how minor it is. 

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Whereas, the Arkesia is a beautifully crafted continent of wonders. You get to see the light world filled with beautifully crafted mechanisms. In Arkesia, experiences are key, and meeting varied cultures among hundreds of islands can fulfill that quota pretty well. 

However, the world of Lost Ark is intended for traveling-based exploration while Wraeclast focuses more on its dark theme. Therefore, there is no point of contention here, it is up to your tastes based on what kind of world you want to explore.

Combat Mechanics 

Combat Mechanics

Every ARPG follows a click-based mechanic system, pressing the left mouse button directly correlates to your basic movements in-game. However, Lost Ark focuses more on the flashy aspect of it by introducing a plethora of borderline ‘overpowered’ skills. 

You get to chain such skills to do the dodging, sidestepping, and relocating for you. The basic movements can be used, but they feel like a burden in most cases.

Path of Exile focuses on the textbook definition of left-clicking in the early game but soon goes astray from it. As the player progresses further, he / she finds certain skills and artifacts that grant unique active and passive bonuses that let you avoid a fight as much as possible. 

Since left-clicking is not the be-all and end-all for MMOs, we will hand over the trophy to Lost Ark for the diversity it has to offer. 

Character Progression

Character Progression - Lost Ark Path of Exile

Having your character transform from being a ragdoll to a well fleshed-out personification of oneself is one of the biggest appeals of an MMORPG. A good title should enable you to unlock bigger powers, get stronger and form an identity. However, most of the games have certain class limits that refrain them in a certain border that cannot be breached no matter how hard you try. 

In Lost Ark, you need to spend certain amounts of ability points to level up your character’s skills. This unlocks potential modifiers that can be switched. However, there is not much else you can do. Therefore, you are inherently stuck with a prebuilt variant of the class that can be upgraded in terms of raw stats but that’s about all that can be upgraded.

Path of Exile’s approach lets you go wild with your character. Each skill is essentially unbound and can be learned by any class. Therefore, you get the option to customize your skills and combo paths for yourself. The game also features an enormous passive skill tree that is shared by every character in the game. 

You get the option to choose and pick your class’s core specialties while mixing and matching helper skills. The tree itself can be dynamically modified through jewels, adding custom properties, or strengthening and changing the effects of the selected skills. Ultimately, Path of Exile has one of the best character progression systems to date. 

Gameplay and Setting

Gameplay and Setting - Lost Ark Path of Exile

Lost Ark features a top-down gameplay design that lets you view your character in a 2.5 D environment. This angle is generally used in a MOBA like League of Legends or Dota 2 and isn’t considered as pretty as a third-person approach. However, it is much smoother and easier to maintain due to its lower graphic processing usage. 

Nonetheless, walking down in the many maps of Lost Ark is a mesmerizing experience. You jump in a portal and pop out at a different part of the world. Each map holds its own set of questlines and objectives. There are a lot of dungeons and raids to discover in this top-down MMORPG.

Path of Exile features a top-diagonal approach for its camera angles. This makes the 3D pop-out making the world look and feel much better. The camera rotation of the game is as smooth as it needs to be and provides sufficient functionality despite it being such an old title. 

The game systems in Path of Exile feel much more genuine and rewarding than other ARPGS. You can sneak around while being able to go berzerk wherever needed. Ultimately, the gameplay mechanics of PoE feels much more carefully crafted than Lost Ark. 

Loot & Resource Allocation

Loot Allocation - Lost Ark Path of Exile

The main premise of MMORPGs is collecting loot and using it to strengthen yourself. You cannot save the world with lackluster gear and some shabby boots. Therefore, you need to cash in the sweetest loot available in the realm to smoother your game progression. The core performance of your character’s kit is dependent on the stats and loot is the main modifier of such stats. 

Lost Ark feels underdeveloped when it comes to loot and resource allocation. Most of the rewards feel predictable and forced. There is a lack of clarity and diversity among the acquirable reward. Sure you can get a complemental boost in your stats wearing a single armament, but that is all there is to it. 

You cannot expect to sprout wings of destructions or chains of aetherial corruptions out of a single item. While this does not lessen the overall appeal, it can still feel meager compared to established titles like Diablo III or Path of Exile.

Speaking of Path of Exile, it fares much better in providing interesting loot. You have actives and passives attached to almost every weapon in the game along with the typical stat boosts. There is a diverse upgrade tree for every loot item.

ARPGs focus on devastating and valuable items, and Path of Exile follows through. There is a special skill gen system that enables every weapon to be molded into a unique artifact. You can choose to go support or be the main damage dealer for your team, all with the same weapon. 


All in all, both Lost Ark and Path of Exile follow a different priority model. One focuses on natural exploration while the other works on improving the experience. Here are the major main differences between the two games.

Lost ArkPath of Exile
Multi-phase RaidsHigh Re-Experience Value
Better Exploration DynamicsHigher Sense of Achievement
Intricate Skill CallingsTop Diagonal Approach
Travel Based Map MechanicsDivers Character Building System

It shouldn’t take time for you to decide the one that’s more in line with your ideals. Therefore, go for whatever your heart desires, because at the end of the day, the game should bring you joy above all else.