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Is Gold Better Than Iron in Minecraft? 5 Things to Know

Is Gold Better Than Iron in Minecraft? 5 Things to Know

Minecraft features many logic-defying ores and materials that can help you progress. The unique but expansive sandbox gives you a plethora of choices. However, such choices can sometimes bite you in the back with seemingly pointless decisions.

Each unique block is often a different material and these different materials have different properties. However, there are times when two different materials have properties so unique, that you struggle to choose a superior out of them. 

Gold in Minecraft is quite similar to Iron. However, gold is harder to find with a marginally lower durability threshold. It admittedly looks good on you but that’s all its worth. You can have an easier time enchanting gold however, it still does not make it better than Iron.

With that said, there are certain factors where Gold wins out on Iron. However, you will need to understand the very basics of both elements to reach a definitive conclusion. 

Iron in Minecraft

Iron is generally found in the Overworld caves. It spawns naturally in the form of iron ores and can be dug out and smelted to form Iron ingots. However, certain mobs and creatures also spawn iron. This can make it easier to find as compared to rarer materials like Gold and Diamond.

Iron Gears and Tools 

The following gear and tools can be created from Iron:

Iron Axe251
Iron Hoe250
Iron Pickaxe250
Iron Shovel250
Iron Sword250
Flint and Steel64
Iron Helmet165
Iron Chestplate240
Iron Leggings225
Iron Boots195
Iron Horse Armor

Gold in Minecraft

Similar to Iron, Gold is also found in the Overworld, however, there are ways to obtain gold in the Nether as well. The spawning process is completely natural and resultant Gold ore can be smelted into Gold ingots. 

Crafting from Gold is usually not recommended due to the scarcity of the mineral. However, multiple items can be crafted from Gold nonetheless. 

Gold Gears and Tools

The following gear and tools can be created from Gold:

Golden Axe32
Golden Hoe32
Golden Pickaxe32
Golden Shovel32
Golden Helmet77
Golden Chestplate112
Golden Leggings225
Golden Boots91
Golden Horse Armor
Golden Sword32

Minecraft: Gold Vs Iron 

Compared to Iron, Gold is much harder to find. There is a misconception that a rarer item should be better than a common ore. Unfortunately, such is not the case since the durability of Gold made weapons is extremely low. 

Gold is a delicate metal that can be easily broken if too much force is applied. Minecraft has taken this real-world concept and molded it into the game by making Gold much more elegant but useless.

Uses of Gold

There are certain uses of Gold that an Iron element simply cannot compare to. Sone of these are mentioned below:

  • Bass Music: A gold block can be placed under a music note to create a deep bass note that will be played whenever the note is initiated. 
  • Nether Protection: Piglins do not attack you if you’re wearing Golden Armor in the Nether. This condition can be overridden if you try to mine Gold in front of Piglins. Therefore, be careful and maintain your distance.
  • Golden Apples: These artificial apples provide the best buffs in-game and are extremely useful when fighting against the Wither and Ender Dragon. Alternatively, you can also use it to cure zombie villagers, tame horses, and attract lots of Piglins.
  • Powered Rails: You can create powered rails by placing six Gold Ingots with a stick and a Redstone drop. These rails keep the momentum going for longer periods unlike the regular rails made from Iron. 

Uses of Iron

In Minecraft, iron is similarly versatile compared to Gold, if not more. It can be used to make excellent mid-game tools like compasses, buckets, and minecarts. Furthermore, you can gain Iron a lot easier than Gold. 

If you run out of Iron to extract, ask a zombie and he will show you the way. With that said, here are the general uses of Iron:

  • Railways: The railways system is heavily reliant on Iron to function. Laying down rails is necessary to expand your network, making Iron a necessity for creating such rails. 
  • Trading Iron Ingots for Emerald: You can trade as many Iron Ingots for emeralds. Simply approach novice weaponsmith villagers and sell your Ingots in the trading suite. 
  • Creating Durable Tools: Iron weapons are much easier to create compared to Diamond and Netherite ones. Their durability and low manufacturing costs make them an attractive choice.  
  • Creates Anvil: Iron is the main building block of an anvil. This item grants the ability to repair and rename items. You can also combine certain enchantments with the help of it. 

Iron vs Gold: The Clear Winner

Gold is a highly sought-after material due to its usage in premium Terraria items such as Golden Apples and Powered Rails. However, Iron is useful throughout the game and provides much higher durability than Gold. 

Similar to Gold, Iron is hard to find. However, an Iron Golem farm can pave the way for your early game progression. Therefore, Gold is not better than Iron because the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide. 

If you are going for aesthetics, then even Diamond Armor might not beat Gold. However, there is not much you can do with items and tools whose durability is low enough to be compared to bare wood. 

Iron will be your eternal friend that will help your game progression while seeking nothing in return. Iron can be hard to extract, however, many elegant farm designs are available online to resolve this issue. 

All in all, you can consider iron as a cheaper but better alternative to Gold. However, your call should be to choose the material according to your requirements. Trying to put a square key in a circular lock won’t work. Therefore, try to go for a systematic approach instead.