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Do Trees Grow Back in Sons Of The Forest?

Do Trees Grow Back in Sons Of The Forest?

Trees are a part and parcel of your resource pool in Sons of The Forest and if you’re looking to build walls, craft tools, and a plethora of essentials, then you’ll certainly have to rely on mother nature. But do Trees grow back in Sons of The Forest? And if so, do they grow back in the same place, or do they grow randomly? Let’s walk you through it.

Yes, Trees do grow back in Sons of The Forest. Cut down a tree and saplings will start to sprout around the area. There’s a 10 percent chance a tree stump will take its place. But you can cause a tree stump to grow into a tree by using “regrowmode” in the console commands. This only increases the chance of a stump growing into a tree by 10 percent.

Sons of The Forest Steam Deck (Best Settings)

Do Trees Grow Back in Sons of The Forest?

Trees in Sons of The Forest

Whether you need a source of light to keep yourself cozy in the harsh nights of Sons of The Forest, you’ll definitely have to rely on trees for wood and timber. Fortunately, you won’t run out of trees anytime soon in the game world but like the average survival lunatic that you are, you might be wondering if Trees grow back in Sons of The Forest.

Fortunately, trees do grow back in Sons of The Forest but there are a few catches to keep in mind. Trees won’t grow back in the same place as you cut them down. Instead, you’ll see some new saplings grow around the area where you previously cut down a tree. 

It’ll take a while before saplings sprout and grow into fully-fledged trees. You’ll have to wipe down a whole area until you’re waiting on saplings to grow back.

Trees will grow back as you busy yourself surviving the harsh wilderness of Sons of The Forest. A few day and night cycles here and there and they’ll be back to their full size soon. But there’s a small chance that you’ll run into a stump instead of a tree. The keyword is a small chance because only 10 percent of trees turn into stumps after they’ve been cut down.

Tree Stumps in Sons of The Forest

Trees Stumps in Sons of The Forest

But in the off-chance that stumps take the place of a tree, the best route would be to uproot the stump with an Axe. This will in turn create more room for new saplings to grow. 

With all that said, what’s the best place to cut them down in Sons of The Forest? Normally, you’ll rely on wood and timber in the heavily forested areas in the game. You’ll get ample amounts of wood for your crafting escapades and new saplings will sprout sooner. Thus, you’ll get an endless pool of wood and trees at your disposal.

If you’re still not satisfied with the speed at which they regrow in Sons of The Forest, then you can use a specific console command to speed up your wood-farming. Head into console commands and type in “regrowmode”. This won’t necessarily break the game by spawning trees endlessly. Instead, this command increases the chances of a tree stump growing back by 10 percent.


Trees do grow back in Sons of The Forest albeit in the form of new saplings. It’ll take a while, but fortunately, Sons of The Forest is densely populated with trees, so you won’t be running out of them anytime soon.