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Here’s Why You Can’t Find Patches in Elden Ring

Here’s Why You Can’t Find Patches in Elden Ring

Elden RIng is full of secrets and mini-bosses to fight, but there is one in particular that almost every FromSoft player will know about. Yes, Patches is in Elden Ring, and he is just as odd as in the other games as well. Most people don’t know where he is and what his questline takes him, so we are going to answer that for you.

Patches is first found in Mirkwater Cave as the boss once you reach the end and when you almost defeat him, he will surrender and open up a shop for you. If you follow his questline, he will then be at a campsite right next to the Scenic Isle Site of Grace. Once you talk to him, he will then be found at Volcano Manor.

His questline can be very confusing, but once you figure out where he is, you won’t have much trouble at all finding him in his new areas. We actually defeated him on our first playthrough and it locked us out of his entire storyline, which sucked for us. He will surrender close to the end of your battle with him so make sure to not kill him.

Murkwater Cave is also very annoying to get to early on because you need to defeat a very annoying invader before you can enter it. You might not be able to defeat them right away, but it is definitely worth finding Patches for his questline.

Is Patches good or bad?

This is a question that most people ask when they first meet him. He is not a bad NPC, but he does things that will benefit himself and no one else. Yes, he does double-cross you, but that is only for his own gain. He has a shop and he sells you items, but why do people think he is bad? He technically is neither good nor bad.

He is pretty neutral when it comes to selling you items, but when it comes to his own gain, he definitely tries to do whatever he can to get anything out of your confrontations. When you meet him later on, he does apologize for trying to hurt you so he is not all bad. Looking back at the other games, he is only there for his own gain.

He is a very interesting character, and that is why we would recommend you go through his questline because he sells some really good items. You could also just defeat him and take his Bell-bearing to the Twin-Maiden Husk and have his entire shop at the Roundtable Hold. It just depends on if you want to do his questline or not.

All-in-all, he is good or bad when he wants to be. He is not a villain because he doesn’t try to kill you, but when it comes to fighting, he usually likes to run. In the Radahn fight, you can summon him. The downside to this is that he just leaves as soon as he gets there so he is a coward. You can only summon him if you are following his quest.