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How Do You Check Effects In Minecraft?

How Do You Check Effects In Minecraft?

Minecraft’s sandbox experience has innumerable things to keep in mind and is daunting for new players that have begun their fresh journey into this blocky abode. On top of this game’s already expansive creative side, there are many other aspects that alter the way you experience this game, especially if you are one to explore the adventurous and the sea of user-generated content available here.

One such altering aspect is all the different kinds of status effects you come in contact with. These effects are either beneficial or destructive conditions that could impact you or other entities in the game. These effects are applied through different means depending on the effect like eating some food items or being in the range of beacons and conduits, while some are inflicted by getting attacked by special mobs.

In the Java edition of Minecraft, you can check effects by opening the inventory menu. In the Bedrock Edition, you can press Z on a keyboard to access the dedicated menu for these effects.

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Status Effects And How To Check Them

Entities affected by these ailments or buffs are under their influence in a variety of ways with some having multiple levels that govern the intensity of the effect. These effects have varying durations of staying activated on an entity as well. Affected entities emanate spiral-shaped particles to show their infected or buffed state.

You can view the status effects you have accumulated in different ways depending on the version of the game you have where you can see its level and the duration it will last. In the Java edition, you can view this information in the inventory. In the Bedrock Edition, you can press Z to open a separate screen for the same function.

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The different positive and negative status effects that can be inflicted on players and on other enemies are all listed below, keep in mind some of these effects are work in progress while others are unique to a respective version of Minecraft.

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IconDisplay nameEffect
SpeedIncreases walking speed; higher levels make the affected entity faster and increase the player’s field of view when affected
SlownessDecreases walking speed; higher levels make the affected entity slower and decreases the player’s field of view when affected
HasteIncreases mining and attack speed, higher levels increase the player’s mining and attack speed
Mining FatigueDecreases mining and attack speed, higher levels decrease the player’s mining and attack speed
StrengthIncreases melee damage, higher levels make the affected entity do more melee damage
Instant HealthHeals living entities, damages undead, higher levels heal more health and do more damage
Instant DamageDamages living entities, heals undead, higher levels do more damage and heal more health
Jump BoostIncreases jump height and reduce fall damage, higher levels make the affected entity jump higher and reduce more fall damage
NauseaWobbles and warps the screen, simulating being sick
RegenerationRegenerates health over time, higher levels make health regenerate quicker
ResistanceReduces damage, higher levels reduce more damage
Fire ResistancePrevents the affected entity from taking damage due to Fire, lava and other sources of fire damage
Water BreathingPrevents drowning and lets the affected entity breathe underwater
InvisibilityGrants invisibility, making the affected entity invisible though the item they hold or the armor they wear is visible, and reduces other mobs’ detection range for the affected entity, higher levels reduce other mobs’ detection range more
BlindnessImpairs vision and disables the ability to sprint and critical hit
Night VisionLets the player see well in darkness and underwater
HungerIncreases food exhaustion, higher levels cause the player to starve quicker
WeaknessDecreases melee damage, higher levels decrease more melee damage
PoisonInflicts damage over time but isn’t fatal, higher levels do more damage per second and don’t affect undead
WitherInflicts damage over time and are fatal, higher levels do more damage per second
Health BoostIncreases maximum health, higher levels give the affected entity more maximum health
AbsorptionAdds damage absorption which adds more hearts that can not be regenerated, higher levels give more absorption
SaturationRestores hunger and saturation
Glowing‌Outlines the affected entity whereby they are visible even through blocks
LevitationFloats the affected entity upward
LuckCan increase the chances of high-quality and more loot, higher levels increase the chances of better loot
Bad LuckCan reduce chances of high-quality and more loot, higher levels reduce the chance of good loot
Fatal Poison‌Inflicts damage over time and potentially kills
Slow FallingDecreases falling speed and negate fall damage
Conduit PowerIncreases underwater visibility and mining speed, prevent drowning
Dolphin’s GraceIncreases swimming speed, this effect is only acquired by dolphins
Bad OmenCauses an Illager raid to start upon entering a village, higher levels cause a more difficult raid‌, this effect is received by killing the Illager Captain
Hero of the VillageGives discounts on trades with villagers, and makes villagers throw items at the player depending on their profession
DarknessDarkens the player’s screen

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That’s a lot of status effects to keep in mind but luckily for you, you can always view them in the upper given menus. Some of these are amazing buffs while others are annoyances. These status effects can be removed by drinking from the Milk Bucket, using the Totem of Undying to be saved from death or you can travel through the portal in The End.

Either way, these effects inject fun and challenge into an already massive experience.