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Why Does Crafting Cost Gold in Lost Ark?

Why Does Crafting Cost Gold in Lost Ark?

Since Lost Ark was announced, a lot of people have been wondering why the developer decided to make crafting cost gold. Seeing as Lost Ark is going to be a free game, this move seems very counter-intuitive since most players will not want to spend money on the game just to get started.

Crafting costs gold because Lost Ark’s goal is to be a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. This means it will have a cash shop where players can buy materials, equipment, and other items.

Crafting gold costs makes the available crafting items even more valuable in Lost Ark since they cannot spam them as much as they please whenever they’re out. Lost Ark wants to have a fair cash shop where players are able to buy items that they want but won’t be game-breaking.

Why does Lost Ark have so many currencies? Lost

Lost Ark has gold, silver coins, and tokens in-game. You can have them all, you don’t have to keep them all. Lost Ark also has another currency called Arks Cash that is only used for the cash shop.

Being a Free-to-Play game, Lost Ark will have many microtransactions and that is going to be the way that they make the most money off the game. Lost Ark doesn’t want players to be able to buy their way through the game by buying the best equipment and experience boosts.

Lost Ark will also have a premium currency that can only be bought with Arks Cash and cannot be traded in-game. Lost Ark’s premium currency is where Lost Ark will make the bulk of its revenue.

Lost Ark could have had a subscription-based model but because this isn’t an ideal option for Asian markets, Lost Ark went with the more profitable free-to-play model to maximize their profits.

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Why is the gold distribution uneven?

Lost Ark gives a lot of gold and silver coins to players as they level up and complete quests. They do this so that new players can gear up and learn how Lost Ark works without having to spend any money on the game.

Once their gear is good enough, Lost Ark wants them to purchase Lost Ark’s premium currency Arks Cash so that Lost Ark can make more money off of them.

As Lost Ark didn’t want players to spam crafting materials and learn the basics of the game, they made it so that crafting items cost gold.

What are the importance of life-skills? Lost

Ark’s life skills make Lost Ark a true MMORPG. Lost Ark has survival skills such as fishing and farming, crafting skills such as tailoring and cooking, social skills such as trading and bartering, and combat skills such as hunting and alchemy.

Each of Lost Ark’s life-skills has its own direction that it can grow and develop Lost Ark’s in-game world. The developers can design the world based on each skill and what the players are doing.

Crafting is Lost Ark’s combat-oriented life skill. They wanted to make crafting a more difficult profession for Lost Ark’s harder monsters so that players would have to fight monsters to craft equipment or pay someone gold.