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How to Download Minecraft if You Already Own It

How to Download Minecraft if You Already Own It

Throughout the years, Minecraft has shown us why it deserves the praise it gets. From unique open-world bosses to state-of-the-art building mechanics, gamers only naturally go for the title. 

While Minecraft is behind a paywall, you only need to pay once, and the game will be yours to keep forever unless Microsoft decides to make an oopsie. 

If you already own a purchased license of Minecraft, then you don’t need to purchase it repeatedly. Simply head to the Microsoft Store and download the game. Consequently, the same can be done on other platforms as well. 


That being said, every platform has its way of downloading Minecraft. Furthermore, there are certain download restrictions in-between platforms that you should adhere to.

Do You Have To Buy Minecraft On All Platforms?

Before getting on with the download instructions, let’s get the main elephant out of the room. Yes, you have to purchase Minecraft on different platforms. While the game supports cross-platform play, it’s still a standalone version on a specific platform. 

Therefore, you must purchase Minecraft again if you want to migrate from a PC to a PS4 or vice versa. That said, a re-download on the same platform does not warrant purchasing it again.

Downloading Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 

As mentioned, each platform comes with its own unique set of methodologies. While the demands can vary, you ultimately get the same Minecraft you’ve come to love. Therefore, let’s see how the download process works on different platforms.

Minecraft on Android 

The download steps for the Android version of Minecraft are as follows:

  • Open the Google Play Store from all applications and search for Minecraft in the search bar. 
  • Locate the Minecraft application published by Mojang and press the Install button.
  • Once the APK has finished installing, a game icon will pop up in all applications. Open it, and the game will launch. 

Minecraft on iOS

The download steps for the iOS version are quite similar to Android. With that said, here is how you can download Minecraft on your iPhone and iPad:

  • Open the App Store and search for Minecraft in the search bar. 
  • Locate the Minecraft application and press the Install button. 

Once the setup has finished downloading and installing, you can play Minecraft from the all apps section. 

Minecraft on Nintendo Switch

Since the platform is meant for gamers, the Nintendo Switch environment needs a few configurations to download games. That being said, here is how you can download Minecraft on it:

  • Head to the Nintendo eShop application from your device’s home screen and press on it. 
  • Once opened, search for Minecraft and tap on it. 
  • Press the Install button and wait for the process to finish. 

Once the game has been installed, simply head back to the game section to find Minecraft present there; enjoy!

Minecraft on Xbox

The process is the same for all versions of Xbox, so there is no need to search the internet for standalone guides on this. Despite this, here is how you can download Minecraft on Xbox consoles:

  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller. 
  • From there, head to My games & apps and select See all
  • This list will contain all the games you own. If Minecraft has not been installed, then you can simply press select the title to receive a prompt about installing the game. 
  • Click ok, and wait for the game to install. 

Minecraft on PlayStation

Similar to the Xbox version, the game can be downloaded on the supported generations of the console by using the following method:

  • Head to the PlayStation Store and search for Minecraft
  • Once found, hit the Install button and wait for the download to finish.

After that, you can simply head back to your game library to play Minecraft

Minecraft on Windows

To download Minecraft on Windows, you must sign in to the same account you purchased Minecraft. After that, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the start menu and search for Microsoft Store.
  • Once opened, click on the three dots next to your profile to open the options. 
  • From there, select My library and find Minecraft
  • Click on the title and press Install.

While multiple third-party methods of downloading the Bedrock Edition exist, the official one still seems to be a cut above the rest. Your Minecraft experience will go as smoothly as possible unless you also want to download the cursed Minecraft Launcher.  

Downloading Minecraft: Java Edition

Unlike the Bedrock Edition, the Java version is unavailable on multiple platforms. Its reach is limited to the following:


Fortunately, the download process of all three operating systems is rather similar. With that said, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the official Minecraft website and log in with your Microsoft account credentials.
  • Choose the one for your platform and hit download from the list of available versions. 
  • Once the file has been downloaded, install it according to your operating system. For example, the Windows version might give you an installer that can be run to perform a one-time install for Minecraft. The .dmg file on the macOS will only require a simple drag and drop.

You can play the game as soon as the installation process is finished. Consequently, the Java version is known for its newer updates and mod integrations. Therefore, we recommend you try them out if you get the chance.


All in all, Minecraft is a paid game. Therefore, you will need to purchase it once. After that, re-downloading is free if you hold access to the account you purchased it from. Therefore, keep it safe unless you want to pay for Minecraft again.